Chapter 339

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Chapter 339 – Straight into the Castle

I thought it was pretty impressive that Moofy could figure out they were zombies just by headbutting them.

「Good job, Moofy! You really figured that out fast!」


I patted her on the head.

Shiggy popped out of my pouch and complimented Moofy as well.

「Moo mOo!」

Moofy sounded pretty proud about it.


The zombies started to rise up to attack us, so I finished them off.

Once you’re a zombie, you can’t go back. Blasting them was more compassion than anything.

「I should have brought Chel.」


Chel on the other hand, as the Death Lord, could finish off zombies instantly.

We didn’t have time to go back to Mulg, though.

「Leah. Get on Moofy. You’ll be safer there.」

「I understand.」


And after checking that Leah was riding behind Vi-Vi on Moofy, I told Luka,

「Since they’re using zombies, there’s no need to talk over whether to attack or not.」

「Yeah, let’s just blow through to wherever the boss is.」

「Let’s get this over with!」

Yureena said, taking off into the castle.

「Al, we have to keep up.」

Luka said, grabbing me under the arm, and sprinting off after here.

Moofy was right behind us.

「W…wait! Luka!」

「Shut up, you’re just going to bite your tongue. Your knee hurts, so this is the only way.」

「Even so…」

「Femm’s not here, so there’s no other way, right?」

Maybe I should get on Moofy instead.

She could carry three people easily.

But Luka’s and Moofy’s legs weren’t stopping.

「ryaa ryaa!」

Shiggy was having a great time, crying out.

「Well, okay.」

I guess it was no big deal.

「Can you fight like this, Luka?」

「I’ll put you down if it looks dangerous. And…」

Luka looked right ahead.

And there was Yureena was knocking through a group of zombies ahead of us.


She shouted without stopping, while waving her staff left and right.

And with that, five zombies were knocked to the ground.

「I guess all I have to do is run.」

「Yeah, Luka.」

All of the standing zombies ahead of Yureena were mowed down by her.

「It’s been a while since I’ve seen Yureena blowing enemies away.」

「Sure has.」

Yureena’s staff was long and made of a light wood.

I had put magic on it so that it wasn’t easy to break, but even so, it wasn’t a mace or anything.

So I hadn’t put any offensive magic on it so that it would hit harder.

「She’s got some power to be destroying zombies with a wooden staff like that.」

「She should have a hammer or mace.」

「You’re right.」

While we were talking this over, Yureena just kept the zombie destruction going.

And they weren’t all human zombies wither.

There were monster zombies as we went along.

So she continued to mow down the human zombies that came at her.

At the same time, a massive spider attacked Yureena from the ceiling.

Even if it was a zombie spider, it still looked scary crawling towards Yureena after coming down.


She reared back and punched straight into the spider.


The spider cried out in response.

Yureena had punched right through the spider’s stomach as it reared back.

She was covered in spider slime from head to toe.

Even so, she wasn’t fazed…just like a S Rank adventurer should be.

「If it cried out like that, it’s not a zombie.」

「Maybe a pet of this fake Demon Lord?」

「I wonder if you’re right.」

As we were talking this over,

「Are…aren’t you scared?!」

Leah was really frightened by it all.

「Nah, it’s always like this.」

「Yeah, just as Luka says.」


I kind of knew how she felt though.

And so Yureena kept knocking the crap out of enemies with the staff while punching others down with her fist.

Not really the image of a holy priestess.

Her white robes were now almost a kaleidoscope of color of different types of blood and liquids.

「…Yureena…might be letting go of some stress, I guess.」

「…Maybe so.」

It might make her feel better to knock some heads with her bare fists, after all.

As Luka carried me along, I saw the bodies that Yureena was leaving behind.

「There are a lot, but they don’t look strong.」


「But they do look like a lot of human zombies.」

I looked back and could see Leah looked disgusted by all of them.

But she was also checking to see if any were her brother.

I hoped that she didn’t find him among any of them.

He was probably in the throne room, if anywhere.

So we just ignored all the other rooms and ran straight towards the middle.

「Moofy, tell us if you smell anything powerful.」


It seems that we were almost at the throne room.

Yureena didn’t stop, but just kicked the large door open.

And as the door opened, a zombie basilisk charged at Yureena,


She swung the staff at it with both hands and knocked it clear to the back of the room.

The devils in the room were struck by the pieces of the basilisk.

「She really messed up everything here, huh.」

Someone said, and I was a bit unsure about what was to happen.


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