Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 8 Part 8


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



She can’t let her animal-like little sister make her feel good! Not like this!

Takeru continues to smash her dick against the entrance to Mikoto’s womb, not aware of the inner hardships that Mikoto was going through.

[Ufufu, Mikoto, you feel it, too, don’t, you?] [Noo, you’re, you’re wrong……!]

Mikoto desperately denied Takeru’s words, but in truth her body was feeling more and more pleasure from her violent moves. That pleasure swirls around Mikoto’s womb, coats her clitoris and travels through her spine all over to her head, causing her to see nothing but white stains in front of her eyes. Because her whole body was now overly sensitive, even the tentacles touch was pleasant beyond belief.

[Uugh, kuh…… Kuh, ngaah!?]


Pleasure spreads around Mikoto’s chest.

Takeru, shaking her hips like a crazed animal in heat, enclosed her mouth around Mikoto’s nipples, sucking and biting on it. Mikoto’s nipple grows in size yet again, provoked by this sudden stimulation.

[You little liar. Just look how stiff your nipples have become.]


Takeru continues to lick and suck on Mikoto’s nipples all the while groping her boobs. Her fingers were mercilessly digging into Mikoto’s skin, distorting her slightly flushed breast meat. Takeru’s tongue was relentless and methodical, not missy any space over Mikoto’s bloated nipple.

[We are twin sisters, so why……] [W… what are you saying!? Aah, naah!?] [Why are you feeling so good?]

Under Takeru’s sharp gaze, Mikoto could feel another strike of electricity running through Mikoto’s body.

Were that Takeru’s true feelings? The dark feelings that she was carrying around inside of her heart this whole time, to only say them aloud now when she was drunk on pleasure? Her waist was drawing huge circles around Mikoto’s pussy, coating her dick with Mikoto’s love nectar. Her fingers grope Mikoto’s breasts with all of her might, leaving red stains on her milky-white skin.


Hot electricity was rampaging throughout Mikoto’s pussy. Her love nectar as well as her breast milk were turning into hot and thick lava, accumulating and about ready to explode.

[Stop, it, don’t, Take… ru…… Uuuggghhh!!]

Mikoto was desperately trying to escape her little sister’s grasp. No, please, no more! Let me go! If you continue to do something so pleasurable to me, then I’ll, I’ll……

[Talent as an Exorcist, confidence, feminine body, you’re the one who has it all……! It’s so unfair, Sister!]

Some truly amazing words started to come out of Takeru’s mouth. And then –––

SMOOCH! KISS! SMACK! …… She drew her lips closer to Mikoto’s face and kissed her in the mouth.

She then traces her tongue across Mikoto’s flushed skin, licking the mixute of sweat and love juices off of her.

Takeru then goes lower and lower with her tongue, eventually arriving yet again at Mikoto’s nipples.

Faced with such intense stimulation, Mikoto could feel the currents of pleasure gradually starting to overtake her.

[Don’t….. Ueeeh, doooon’t!!!] [Don’t you “Don’t” me, Sister……! I didn’t oppose you when you were having your way with me!]


Mikoto’s pussy, rammed by Takeru’s angry dick was secreting more honey now than ever before. She was striking Mikoto’s uterus so fiercely as if she was trying to break inside of it.

[Kuaah!! Aah, nhh, fuaah…… Aaah!? Kuuh, nnh, aah, aaaahhhh!!??]

The tentacles that were pretty docile up until that point attacked Mikoto’s anus again. They must have felt that both sisters were feeling good and were now going to benefit off of that.

[Nooo, aaahhh, uuuggghhh!?]

The tentacles treated Mikoto’s ass like one huge sexual organ and were no penetrating its deepest parts. A hot sensation spreads around Mikoto’s insides, causing Mikoto’s hips to spasm wildly in pleasure.

[Uuuuhhhh!? So, so tight…… Mikoto……!!!]

As Takeru kept on screwing her harder and harder, Mikoto’s clitoris got even more swollen than before.

[Good, sho good!!! Mikoto’s, p, p, pussy!!! Mikoto’s pussy feels so good!!!]


Her thrusting motions become more frantic and intense.

The thin space of flesh separating Mikoto’s pussy from her asshole was rubbed intensely from both sides, by Takeru’s clitoris-dick and the tentacles wriggling inside of Mikoto’s asshole, causing the red-headed girl’s pleasure to reach completely new heights.

[Noo, aah, nooo……! Stop it! Please, Takeru! Stop iiittt!]

Mikoto was feeling so much ecstasy that she could hardly even contain herself anymore.

(Something like this, no, please don’t…… Don’t… I’m, I’m becoming…… weird…… Ugh!!!)

Her mind was slowly going blank. Any remaining reason or shame or purpose was being washed away by waves and waves of surging pleasure.

[Uuh, nnh, aaahh! Mikoto, Mikoto! Mikotooo!]


After shouting her sister’s name several time, Takeru’s whole body stiffened. Her expression looked so blissful as though she was going to go straight to heaven.

[Fuah…… Aaah, eeh!?!? It’s not coming out! It’s not coming out! Not coming ouuut~!!!]

Her bliss soon turns into despair and annoyance.

[Oh my, you are unable to release it all? Maybe you didn’t get along with your Sister as good as you may have thought?]
Volume 1 Chapter 8 Part 8

Masumi asked with her usual angelic smile on her face, her tone of voice genuinely surprised.

[You, you meanieee~!!! Let me cum! Please, let me cum! My dick, my dick feels as though it’s about to explooode!!!]

For Takeru, being unable to cum was like a never-ending torture.

Mikoto could also feel it. Takeru’s dick was rock hard and burning like fire deep inside of her pussy. Her dick must have been so full of cum that she wasn’t able to bare it anymore, it must have hurt her and torment her so much.

[Hyii, uuh, hyuuh, uuuuhhhh, uuuhhh!!]

The thicker Takeru’s penis grew, the more pleasure was Mikoto feeling.

As Takeru continued to attack Mikoto’s insides, Mikoto could feel pleasure accumulating deep inside of her womb. The love nectar in her pussy was so hot that it was almost boiling.

In front of Mikoto’s eyes there was a myriad of colorful shocks happening at the same time. Her waist continued to jump around and twitch. But even still, thoughts like that keep on flashing through Mikoto’s mind.

(Youmas, are getting, stronger, if this, keeps, up……)

As an Exorcist, Mikoto had the sense of responsibility and mission carved deep inside of her soul. And by participating in those lewd acts and by raping one another repeatedly, they were only helping youmas to grow stronger. It wasn’t good, no, even more than that! But even though she knew it all, her body was unable to act.

[I’m the mean one here? What an ungrateful sister you are! I thought that because you are twins, you would get along perfectly!]

As she witnessed the twins’ crying and miserable faces, the smile on Masumi’s lips only deepened. She gently stroke the demonic tentacles as she said:

[If you are so cheeky and ungrateful, then you’ll leave me no choice but to get serious.]


A huge number of thick tentacles extend from the demo’s body. Some of them have hooks. Some of them have suction cups. Some of them have barnacles all over them and others that looked like miniature dicks. All of them were getting closer to the sisters while dripping perverted juices from them.

[W, what!? What, what is this…… Aah!?]


The tentacles wrap themselves around their limbs even more, further restraining the sisters’ movements. Then, they latch themselves onto their holes, spreading them so wide that their insides were now completely in the open.


Some of the tentacles come open, and from within their depths a thin longue-like protrusions emerge. They come closer to sisters’ holes, caressing their genitals all over, making wet and obscene noises.

[Heaah, uhh, uuuhhh! Don’t, noo, aaahh!! My dick! Don’t lick my diiick! Aah!!!]

When the tongues come across the sisters’ bloated clitorises, it was like a thunder striking through their crotches and riding across their spines. As if urged by something invisible, Takeru’s waist speeds up its movement, screwing Mikoto’s pussy even harder.

[Yeeeh!? Aaah!? Aah, aaahh, ahh, aaaaaahhhhhh!?]

Mikoto also almost fainted when faced with such an intense pleasure.

Faced with the tongues caress and Takeru’s thrusting, the tentacles inside of Mikoto’s ass intensified their movements as well. The pleasure and intense feelings made Mikoto’s body to squirm indecently, her legs twitched and her toes curled up.

(Don’t, don’t, please…… don’t want to, feel good anymore……!)

Trying to get rid of the pleasure she was feeling, Mikoto repeated those words inside of her head while swinging her red head to the sides.


The tentacles continue to crawl all over her body, slurping and drinking her overflowing love juices.

Countless tongues and mini-tentacles caress her crotch, sending waves of pleasure right into Mikoto’s brain.

[Fuaah, aah, uuuhhh…… Stop, noo~~!!!]

It felt as though baby tongues were licking her all over!

The tentacles movements were giving her so much pleasure that even Mikoto’s bones started to feel good from all of this.

But Mikoto’s arms and toes weren’t the only places that were feeling good.


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