Inyouchuu ~ Exorcisms of the Lewd School ~ Chapter 8 Part 7




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko



(I, I can’t, breathe…… I’m, suffocating……!!!)

Takeru’s penis was blocking her airways, making it hard for Mikoto to breathe.

But it wasn’t painful in the slightest.

Rather, it was feeling good.

Mikoto’s lips felt so numb from Takeru’s repeated piston that Mikoto couldn’t feel them. Her mouth being violated by her little sister made Mikoto’s mind turn pure white and empty. Just like the rest of Mikoto’s body right about now, her mouth, lips and throat were being turned into huge erogenous zones.

[Nmuh!? Uguh! Muh, puugh!!]

Inspired by Takeru’s movements, the other tentacles began to move even faster, flooding Mikoto’s three holes with unimaginable volumes of pleasure.


Mikoto’s whole body was burning so much that Mikoto was afraid she might burn from the heat. Everytime her body rocks back and forward new waves of pleasure overtake her, and her pussy produces even more juices than before.

(Ahhh, uuuhhh…… Why something so dirty…… Is happening……!)

The aphrodisiac was spreading throughout Mikoto’s whole system and moistening her skin all over. As Takeru’s movements became more violent, Mikoto’s cheeks were puffed, stuffed full of her little sister’s indecent meat. Her eyes were unfocused and almost like a wild animal’s. No matter how much Mikoto was trying to flex her throat of how much saliva she produced, the pain of having her throat raped mercilessly was still there.

(This, cannot be, stop it! Please, Takeru, please stop this madness……!)

Contrary to her thoughts, Mikoto’s tongue was wrapping itself around Takeru’s dick quite nicely. Takeru’s dick secretions were coating Mikoto’s lips. It was so thick and so hot. The taste of it was making Mikoto’s head spin. Her cheeks puffing up, her mouth was making loud and obscene noises as she continued to suck on it greedily.

[Look at just how perverted you sisters are. Aren’t you ashamed of doing something like this to one another?]

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Even though Masumi was ridiculing her, Takeru wouldn’t stop her hips from moving. Mikoto’s saliva was dripping down onto her breasts an stomach as her whole body was turning into one big erogenous zone.


Because Takeru was holding her head in place, her body wasn’t swinging so much anymore, but the tentacles were making up for it with their fierce movement.

The tentacles inside of her holes were still going rampant, stretching her flesh to the point of actually breaking. The tentacle inside of Mikoto’s pussy was rubbing itself vigorously against her G spot, sending shivers up Mikoto’s spine and flooding the back of her pussy with waves of wild pleasure.

[Nhuh, nmuh, ooouuuggghhh!!]

Even though Mikoto’s mouth was stuffed full of Takeru’s dick, she was still able to let out such roars.

(Nnh…… Aaahh…… Dick…… Takeru’s penis…… Nuuuooohhh!!)

There was another group of small tentacles rubbing Mikoto’s anus, as well as the thick and long mushroom rampaging inside of her pussy. The tentacles around her breasts wriggle around them while squeezing them. And the dick which was penetrating her mouth restlessly was also feeling amazingly good. There was no longer any way for Mikoto to stop or to resist this onslaught of pleasure.

[Ufufu. You two are making such wonderful expressions. Let’s give you a reward, shall we?]

Said Masumi while leaning closer towards the demon, as if whispering something into the demon’s ear.

(W, what!? What is it!? What are you going to do to us!? Haven’t you already done enough!?)


The demonic tentacles gradually back away from inside of Mikoto’s cavities. Her insides, stretched to their very limit by the thick protrusions were refusing to back to their original shapes, instead staying spread so much. Mikoto’s love nectar continues to overflow, wetting her pubic hair and dripping onto the reddish ground.

[Npuah! Ahh, uuh, uugh! Nnh! Nngh!!]

As Takeru also pulls back from inside of Mikoto’s mouth, she could the pleasure overtaking her. The tentacles shifted Mikoto’s position yet again, raising her body and bringing her limbs close together.


When everything backed away, Mikoto was starting to feel just how much pleasure she was actually feeling from it all, as it was gradually spreading all across her body. Her holes still spread from the thick tentacles dicks, they were remembering their taste and wanted more and more.

(Aaauuuggghhh…… What, is this……!? Aaagh……!!)

The pleasure was swirling all around Mikoto’s ass and pussy, she could also feel it all over her tongue and on her nipples. Her pussy was still dripping wet, not stopping to secrete love honey even though there was no tentacle that would provoke it to do so.

[Fuaahh, nnh, aah…… No, Noooooo……!]

Her body was being brought closer to the demon, with Mikoto’s ample butt facing right against the demon’s eye. Next, Mikoto’s arms were being pulled behind her head, a new wave of pain erupting inside of them.


The tentacles wrap themselves around Mikoto’s legs and crawl up her knees. Her legs get spread apart and both Mikoto’s ass and pussy come into full view of the demonic eye.

(No, don’t, this position is……!!)

The position in which her body was forced right now was beyond embarrassing for Mikoto. Mikoto’s overflowing love juices were in the demon’s full view, as was her erected clitoris, standing straight and twitching slightly. Her breasts spill to the sides and her nipples were so erect that even the air touching them was causing Mikoto enormous amount of pleasure. She was also completely exposed in front of both Masumi and Takeru who watched her closely.

[Ufufu. Do you want your little sister’s dick so badly? ]

But Mikoto’s dripping pussy was telling an entirely different story, twitching and gaping so much as if it was begging someone to stick something inside of it.

[No, you’re wrong…… Uuugh!!]

But Mikoto couldn’t hide the truth.

Her love nectar was spilling out of her like tears, not stopping and staining the floor more and more.

[Mi…… ko… to……]

Looking at her sister drenched ass and pussy, a mysterious light shone in Takeru’s eyes.

She was no longer her usually calm and collected younger sisiter.

Her face was twisted by lust and greed, just like a dog in heat.

[Uuuhh, aaahh!! Huh!? S, stop it, don’t, Takeru! Don’t do it! Don’t! I said stop iiittt~!!!]

Seeing her younger sister drawing closer to her, Mikoto tried to twist her body in an attempt at breaking free. However, because the tentacles were firmly holding onto her arms and legs and breasts, the only thing she managed to achieve was to rock her waist slightly. Her butt hits against the demon’s skin and the barnacles covering it scrapes against Mikoto’s ass.

[Why not? You surely weren’t holding back there. You kept on ravaging me with that dick of yours, Sister. I can still feel it inside of me.]

Throwing her cum-stained glasses to the side, Takeru flashes Mikoto a truly lonesome smile.

[So fierce, so hot, going in and out…… Sis’s dick… Sis’s dick……]

Takeru separates herself from Masumi and latches herself onto Mikoto.


She then presses her bright red glans right against Mikoto’s wet pussy. The rock-hard meat spreads Mikoto’s nether lips to the sides with ease, slipping inside of her with an obscenely wet sound.


Mikoto’s body bounce and shivered from the shock. Takeru presses her enlarged boobs against Mikoto’s face, while she started to swing her hips with full force inside of Mikoto’s pussy, like some kind of wild animal.

[Kuh, uuh, uuuhhh……!!]


Mikoto’s pussy was lonely for just a short while, and now it was taking Takeru’s dick inside of it with joy and pleasure. Her enlarged clitoris continued to rub itself against Takeru’s stomach, which caused Mikoto unspeakable pleasure.

[Naaah! Mi, Mikoto’s pussy is, is, coiling around me so much…… Kuh, uuh, uuh!!!]

Mikoto’s pussy was coiling around Takeru so much because she was still overly sensitive from having her asshole violently penetrated like that. That is why she was clamping so greedily around Takeru’s penis.

(T, Takeru’s, dick, is…… Dick!)

Takeru’s dick was sliding in and out of Mikoto’’s pussy as if it was finely polished and lubricated. She was moving her way around of Mikoto’s insides, tasting every single fold, every single nook and cranny, every single bump that came across her way to Mikoto’s womb. The volumes of hot love juices washing over her only served to intensify her pleasure.

While Takeru kept on enjoying herself, Mikoto was also feeling pleasure, the sparks of it flying from the back of her womb all across her spine, all the way to the brain. The tentacles that supported her also shiver and tremble.

(Don’t! I can’t be, feeling it……)




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