Chapter 26




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「When I got home yesterday, I suddenly remembered.」

We were on the train as usual. Kouhai-chan who was leaning on her usual position said that.

「Last week, we did horoscope and blood type fortune-telling, right?」

「Uh huh.」

「I just thought that there is still other fortune-telling we haven’t done.」

「Hand line?」

「Ah, there’s that too, but rather than asking about it, we could just look at each other hands right? Ah, or maybe senpai want to hold my hand?」

「I don’t want to see, and I have no hobbies in holding girls’ hands.」

Why does the conversation become like this.

「Well, well. That’s where my『today’s question』comes from.」

「What is it?」

「Senpai, do you know about animal horoscopes?」

What is that? I’ve been alive for around 16 years, yet this is the first time I heard that.

「No, I don’t.」

「As I thought…」

Kouhai-chan took out her smartphone and launched her browser.

「When we enter our date of birth at this website, an animal that matches that person’s character will appear.」

She also adds that this is the first time she ever used it in her life.

「Senpai, at what year were you born? Err, since you are older than me by one year, it is 2000, right?」


「Senpai was born just barely before the 20th century, eh.」

「It’s only a few months before, though.」

「How was it, the previous century?」

「There’s no way I will know.」

「That’s right. Yosh. Born on October 27, 2000, a male senpai’s animal character is… pft!」

As soon as Kouhai-chan taps the screen, she suddenly laughs. What? Does a strange animal appear?

「Senpai is a tiger.」

「Tiger, huh.」

I don’t really have those carnivorous animal feels though.

「You seem to be a『reliable all-rounder and a confident leader』, senpai.」

「Only the leader part is the right one.」


Carnivorous tiger.

「Senpai, since you are a carnivorous animal, please do that『I’ll eat you! Rawrー!』thing!」

「Isn’t that a serval cat…」

「Tiger is close with cats in terms of family. Also, senpai likes cats too, right?」


「Those kinds of things are meaningful since girls are the one who do it anyway. It will only be scary if a boy does it.」

I try to escape somehow. Let’s shift the topic.

「Is that so?」


「Then let’s do it. It’s fine even if senpai scares me as well.」

I see. She is blocking my escape route more and more.

But really, I don’t think this can work with a male’s deep voice.

Oh well. If I do it, it will end, right?

I put my hands on the walls beside Kouhai-chan’s face. To put it simply, this is that so-called kabe-don. There’s no meaning for someone who is not handsome like me to do it, though.

「I’ll eat you, y’know?」

Kouhai-chan’s wide opened eyes are very beautiful, making me feel sucked into them instead.

This is dangerous in a lot of ways.

I said「Rawrー」mixed with laughter, trying to make the awkward atmosphere more relaxed.

Her face is completely red. I’m sure that mine is the same as well.

「Let’s stop doing this kind of thing, senpai.」

「Right. It’s dangerous.」

「Yes. I’ll seal it.」

I feel like we sealed a topic like this before as well. Was it the「weak-headed conversation」one?

Since it was a seal, it means that seal might be released in the future. I wonder if in the relationship between us, will that day come in the future?

「But then senpai. Your Chinese zodiac is dragon, your star constellation is scorpion, and your animal character is tiger, eh.」

Kouhai-chan returned the flow of our conversation.

「Somehow, those creatures are strong animals, contrary to senpai’s image.」

「Most of fortune-telling is like that, right?」

I won’t say that it is a total bullshit, but I think people better not believe it too much.

 * *  *

「Kouhai-chan, what kind of animal character are you anyway?」

Ah, what was I? I felt like I looked it up a long time ago already.

「I wonder what.」

「That’s my『Today’s question』.」

It seems like he thought I was trying to avoid the question. I didn’t really mean to mess him around though…

「Yes, yes. I’ll check it, please wait a minute.」

I entered my date of birth in the page I already opened before this time.

「December 12, 2001 is… a monkey.」

「How perfect.」

That was senpai’s immediate reply.

「Senpai is really heartless.」

「Even if you think I’m heartless, the animal who uses its head to make fun of people is definitely monkey, right? Since your Chinese zodiac is also next to mine, so it’s snake? They are matching with Kouhai-chan who is deceitful. Different from mine, yours are really on point.」

I see.

If senpai said it like that, maybe they were really animals which are really similar to me in terms of personality.

But then, to call a girl as 「deceitful」, isn’t senpai’s way of choosing words too heartless?

「Please at least call me as a little devil.」

「Isn’t it alright? The syllables are the same with your first name too.」

「The difference is too different, it’s like calling『Keita』with『Keroro』!」

「Both of them are person’s names anyway.」

Even though I called senpai’s first name for the first time, senpai had no reaction to that. How boring.

「Is it really okay to include Keroro as humans’ name, senpai?」

「Someone might really have that name in reality, and isn’t that character very popular too?」

「Well, that’s right.」

「Anyway, why little devil? Are you just going to normally call yourself with that?」

「I’m just matching with what senpai was saying.」


Senpai said so while looking at me with unfeeling eyes.

「Then, senpai. Please buy me a Koala’s March too today.」

「Again? Why?」

「Because we were matching words, and match sound like march.」

「Only three words are the same…」

We shared it with each other today as well.

Things I knew about my senpai㉖

In animal horoscopes, he seems to be a tiger.




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