Volume 11 Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 51: Adventurer

Character Name:
『Kaga Michio』

Current Levels & Equipment:
Explorer Lv.49
Hero Lv.47
Mage Lv.49
Jobeless Lv.42
Cook Lv.1

Rod of Offerings
Hardened Leather Helmet
Hardened Leather Gloves
Dragon Leather Boots
Sacrificial Misanga

I managed to acquire a Priest Job for myself.

After coming to this world from my old one, I now spend my days fighting against monsters in the Labyrinths, where battles are getting progressively more difficult as you advance to the higher floors.

In order to deal with that increasing difficulty level, I said that I want my Party to learn Jobs that can use Recovery Magic.

Considering the current state of our battles against the monsters, being able to completely heal our wounds is a necessary Skill to have, even though we can still fight without having to rely on healing too often.

However, as we continue to climb up to the higher floors healing is definitely going to be needed at some point, especially considering that a certain someone wants

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