A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 1 Chapter 2 Part 8



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【Chapter 2: Veil, Part 8】

「I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging, but this city is the best one out of all the ones built in this region.」

The merchant says.

Aside from our own, several merchant wagons were gathering near the ramparts, making a queue that was coming and going in and out of the city. The city of Veil had a main gate, but there was no gatekeeper to guard it and no one was conducting any kind of checks or inspections.

「Is everyone free to enter the city as they please? There are no restrictions whatsoever?」

「But of course. The walls themselves are not high since this is not a castle town and they won’t be able to stop those who posses the Movement Magic or other means of teleportation so everyone just stopped being bothered with such procedures.」

Movement Magic, huh? So they even have such a thing here? Truly, if this world possesses such methods of travelling then upholding the checks at the gate that pretty much everyone can bypass would really be a futile effort.

Huh? But then… what is that wall even here for? If a war was to ever break out, I’m sure that the soldiers could be transported magically over it, without any need to come out of the city on their own feet. Also, if there is something as convenient as movement magic here, then why did we waste our time with coming to Veil by a wagon in the first place? And do they have any countermeasures against the monster attacks?

「Hoo boi.」

I had so many things that I wanted to ask about, but for now the best course of action would be to wait until we will get ourselves into the city proper. 

A few minutes later we had passed through the walls and found ourselves in the city.

「We will pay a visit to the Slave Merchant first, then we will go to the station of the Knights Order so you could turn the Intelligence Cards in and then we can go to the Weapon and Armor shops so you could buy yourself some new equipment. Is that okay, Michio-sama?」

「Sure, no objections here.」

We proceeded through the town along the wide, cobbled road. The buildings on both sides of it were all well-kept and about four-five storeys in height. For a civilization where goods and building materials are not as easily accessible like in modern day Japan everything looked to be relatively advanced. The streets were busy and filled with lively, energetic people, but not to the point where you could call this entire place chaotic. Quite the opposite, actually. All in all, this place seemed like a good town.

I activated my Identify Skill out of curiosity and saw that the people who were walking past us were a mixture of various professions, like villagers, farmers, peddlers and even warriors. To think that such a menagerie could actually coexist in peace.

「If you keep going straight along this main road you’ll reach the city’s center, but for now we’re going to take a right here.」


And the wagon turned right at the nearest intersection.

「A fair word of warning: the neighborhood where the Slave Merchant is located is a place where it’s best to be on guard at all times if you don’t want to wind up involved in some… shady situations. There are also brothels and sex shops nearby, but I wouldn’t recommend using their services if this is your first time in a city like that. Besides, and don’t take it the wrong way Michio-sama, but you look a little bit too young to be partaking of the services offered by the prostitutes.」

And he looked at me like I was some kinda kid who needs to be babysat at all times.

「I’ll be sure to take that under advisement.」

He probably thought I didn’t even know what a prostitute was. Haha, joke’s on you asshole, because I know very well what a prostitute is and exactly what kind of services they tend to provide. Granted, I have never visited any brothel and used said services, but I saw many movies pertaining to the subject, so I have all the theoretical knowledge I might need, so maybe, just maybe the time for me to get rid of my useless V-Card and enter the forbidden, dazzling world of adult, sensual fun.

After all, since this is a medieval setting, then the demand for the prostitutes must be quite high and there are bound to be a lot of them. However, with the poor security around the walls and the unrestricted entry to town it is possible that most of them will either be nestled near the slums or they are going to be controlled by gangs or other criminals, just like in my own world.

This matter will also need to be investigated in more detail. I mean, it’s a standard procedure, right? In order to get to know the potential dangers of this new, strange world it would be best to experience and clarify them for myself after conducting an exhausting, complex research. Yeah, right, let’s go with that argument. Huh? What’s with that disgusted look like I was a sentient piece of unburnable trash?! This is a survey! A scientific practical survey of another world and the dangers that might lurk in it! Moreover, I have to conduct it personally in order to achieve the best possible results! I can’t just rely on somebody else’s (in this particular case, the merchant’s) words because that someone might be biased against that particular profession, rendering his opinion useless from the scientific standpoint. That is why I am going to JUST DO IT! I WILL MAKE! MY DREAMS! COME TRUE!

As soon as we turned right from the main road, the wagon stopped at the second house. Could this be the Slave Merchant’s dwelling? It sure looks like an ordinary, red-bricked, three story house to me.

「Good morning and welcome. How can we be of service?」

When the wagon came to a halt, a young man jumped out of the doorway almost immediately. A quick Identify revealed that he was a Lv3 Merchant. If his level is so low, then this must mean that he is still just an apprentice.

「I’m here to drop off the criminal who has dared to commit a crime of stealing from a hero. Check the cage at the back of the wagon if you would.」

Going with the merchant’s instructions, the Slave Merchant’s Apprentice did as he was told and removed the sheet that the cage at the back of the wagon was covered with. After that he examined the caged man for a bit and then said:

「Very well. Please follow me inside the store.」

And we followed after him.

「Since I told him you’re a hero, we’re bound to receive a good price for that slave.」

Merchant whispered that to me so that the apprentice couldn’t hear us. Well of course we’re going to get a good price. I mean, I have my 30% Better Prices Skill on and everything, so that is the only result we should be expecting.

「The master will be here shortly. In the meantime, may I ask for the document of ownership necessary for the purchase?」

「But of course. Here you go. And here’s a copy for you, Michio-sama.」

The merchant… I’m going to call him Picker-san from now on, it will be easier that way. Picker-san produced two documents and handed one of them off to me.

「And this is?」

「An official Deed of Slave Ownership signed by the Village Chief.」

Oh, so I even get to have written confirmation of me having a slave, huh? That’s neat, but also a little disturbing at the same time. I continued to look at it while we were guided to one of the rooms at the back of the shop, clearly meant for taking guests in.

Soon after we made ourselves comfortable on the large leather sofa, a man appeared before us. He looked to me in his forties and Identify revealed that he was a Slave Merchant. In other words, he was the owner of this whole establishment. His level, 44, was also the highest I have ever seen since I came to this world. Or could it be that this village where I spawned was a literal stick in the mud in the middle of nowhere?

「I am Alan, the owner of this shop.」

「Michio. Kaga Michio.」

「And I’m Picker, a Merchant from the village of Somara. Pleased to make your acquaintance.」

「The pleasure is all mine.」

We stood up, greeted each other and sat down again. But damn, this sofa is really comfortable. Could it be that this Alan guy could afford to buy such a luxurious item because of how much money he was earning from the slave trading business?

「The main gate looked to be quite lively. Did something happen?」

Picker-san began with a little small talk.

「So I take it that the two of you don’t know yet?」

「Don’t know what?」

He glanced at us and revealed some curious information.

「A Labyrinth was found two days ago.」



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