A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 2



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes   


Roxanne: Female, 16 

Beast Warrior Lv6

So her name is Roxanne, huh?

She is very pretty, no, beautiful, no wait, words cannot describe how much of a hottie she is! She’s on a totally different level than the models and idols I knew from the Internet and TV back in Japan. Unlike them, who are basically made to look and act the way they are for the sole purpose of making men flock to them, she feels like something truly genuine, untainted by the corruption of show business (thank God that they don’t have it here!). I mean just look at her! Truly an angel unfit to walk this dirty soil!

She has gorgeous pale-red lips and a pair of big, shining eyes, and her hair, colored like the finest of chestnuts look so irresistibly fluffy that I just want to bury my face in them! And she even has that typical maid hat… looking… thing!

「Here you go, sir.」

She placed a filled cup in front of me. When she was doing so, her rich breasts, clearly too majestic to be contained by the dark blue dress she was wearing under her maid apron were visibly swaying back and forth. Dayum girl, who would have thought that you’re going to have such a nice pair of bazongas on you? Also, today is such a great day!

「Thank you very much.」

I answered simply.

Maybe that’s just me not paying enough attention, but most of the clothing in this world seems to be rather loose and bulky, which makes it somewhat difficult to properly appraise the size of a woman’s bust. But in Roxanne’s case? Every article of clothing was tightly sticking to her body, as if they were made that way on purpose.

This is a shocking, quite shocking discovery indeed, wouldn’t you agree, my dear reader?

Even when she finished bending over to place the cup in front of me and returned to her normal, graceful standing position, her breasts continued to sway and jiggle, drawing my eyes to them as if they used some kinda hypnosis spell on me!

「As I said before, the entrance to the Labyrinth has only been discovered about two days ago so it hasn’t even been fully explored yet. We currently don’t know exactly how big it is nor how long will it take to clear it.」

「Uh-huh, I see.」

Whatever the merchant was talking about came in through one of my ears and immediately left through the other, because the entirety of my attention was focused on Roxanne’s chest. Height-wise it looks like she’s the same as me or a little shorter, so about 160 cm. I couldn’t tell exactly because of the clothes, but if how tightly they fit her is any indicator, she shouldn’t have any excess fat on her, except for her marvelous breasts of course. Like seriously, they must’ve absorbed all the nutrients from her meals in order to grow this large. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that, as pointed to by her Job, she is not a human, but a demi-human or beastfolk of whatever non-human species are called in this world? It does not look like she has a tail or a pair of animal ears on her, but those may well be hidden from view by her uniform.

Oblivious to everything that was happening inside my head, Roxanne walked to the table at which Alan-san seated himself, gave him the cup and poured him the same drink she poured me. He picked up the cup and slowly raised it to his lips.

「Oh please, Michio-sama, don’t mind me. Have a sip yourself.」

「Ah, right, sorry about that.」

Since he said it’s okay for me to have a sip then I guess I’ll do just that. But it would be nice if it was just some herbal tea and not something that has alcohol mixed into it, since technically I am still just a minor, although by Japanese standards. If I’ll have some free time on my hands I’ll have to obtain information on what is the drinking age here. And maybe the age of consent while I’m at it.

Urged by the Slave Merchant, I put the cup to my mouth as Roxanne leaves the room.

「So? What do you think?」


He asked me that, but I barely managed to drink any of the cup’s contents, so I had to make the answer up on the fly.

「It’s not a bad drink, to be honest. I’ve never tasted anything like this in my life so far.」

「No no no, I’m talking about the girl. Looks like she piqued your interest.」

Who, Roxanne?

「Oh, her? Well yes, she’s certainly an eye catcher, that one.」

「Right? Out of all the slaves I have in my inventory right now, she’s probably among the best ones. And the one I would recommend the most.」

Ah, now I see. I understand what it was all about. So Roxanne is not a servant. She’s a slave as well. One of the best ones, huh? I definitely see why he would want to do that. And I guess it makes sense. After all, Alan-san is a Slave Merchant, so why would he recommend anything else but slaves to a potential customer such as myself?

「Allow me to cut right to the heart of the matter, Michio-sama. If you’re going to set your sights on exploring the Labyrinth, buying a slave would be the best course of action for you.」

In that case, would I be able to buy any one of his slaves? Even the beauty such as Roxanne?

「What I mean is, you’re going to need to form a Party, since tackling a dungeon like a Labyrinth on your own would be nothing short of suicide.」

Debatable, seeing as how I have my OP Durandal with me, but let’s assume that he’s right for now.

「…. Keep going.」

Of course, that Party stuff does not interest me all that much. All I really want to know is if I really want to buy Roxanne as my personal slave? 

I suddenly feel very hot, like all the blood has rushed into my head. I wonder if my face is red right now? This is not good, dude. Calm down, just try to calm down before you do or say something stupid! I might still be a kid, but that does not mean it’s okay for me to do and say everything I want, consequences be damned. Come on, me, think with your head, not with your dick!

「With a Party of your own. You’ll be able to hunt monsters and earn money more efficiently. Of course, there are Adventurers who prefer to go solo, but all in all it is more beneficial to have a large Party, up to six members total.」

「Y-Yes, of course.」

So Party’s can consist of up to six members? That information might prove to be useful in the future. Being free as a solo player is my preferred option for now, but having someone to share my travels with might not be such a terrible idea either. We’d be fighting together, eating together and sharing the stories of our lives while doing it, make a name for ourselves as famous Adventurers and sleep in the same room at an inn to cut costs… wait, sleep together? Sleeping… together with Roxanne… if I bought her…

「Naturally, the problems begin when it comes to splitting the loot obtained from adventuring, like magical items or platinum coins. The Labyrinths are mysterious structures that we don’t know everything about, but we do know that by  clearing it you can get rich very fast at the risk of injury and quite possibly death.」

So I assume that a platinum coin is worth even more than a gold coin? I could probably easily buy Roxanne with one of those babies in my purse….

But wait. If Labyrinths really are filled with such treasures, then what about a situation in which one member of the Party decides that he wants to hog it all for himself?

「What about disputes over items and money? Do they happen often?」

「Thankfully not that often, but there were times when some Adventurers desired some items to such a degree that they were willing to turn their blades on their fellow Party members.」

「And how were such situations resolved?」

「Simply and effectively. Eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. In the Labyrinth, if a Party member attacks you with an intent to kill you, you are legally allowed to defend yourself, by any means necessary.」

「I see.」

The most logical option here would be to continue to go solo in order to avoid such flaming messes, but if I do that, the possibility of buying Roxanne might be forever out of my grasp! Ugh, this is so frustrating! I know I shouldn’t think about it, but I just can’t get that thought out of my head!

What do I do? What the fuck should I do here?! To buy or not to buy myself a slave, that is the question! But the right answer to that problem is nowhere near in sight!



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