A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 4



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But… but maybe this time it was actually an honest deal with no trickster strings attached? It would be strange to sell someone so beautiful as Roxanne without having some hidden agenda, but maybe that’s just my damaged mentality speaking again?

「So, why is her being a Beastman so important? Because you seem to be making a great deal out of it.」

「Are you familiar with the saying that elves are the number one non-human race when it comes to their lifespan and longevity?」

「Well, yeah.」

I mean, isn’t it common knowledge that elves tend to live much longer than humans? Or could it be that this is another thing that’s different in this world?

「Then allow me to break it to you: that is just an urban legend.」

Oh really now? That’s interesting.

「Elves are said to be the longest living race because they stay young-looking for the longest. In actuality, the lifespan of Elves and Beastman are about the same.」

「Is that so? I have to admit, I didn’t know that.」

The eleven woman I ogled back at the street shops was supposedly 37 years old when I Identified her, but she looked like she was in her early twenties at worst. But I have to say, when it comes to looks as a whole, Roxanne was even prettier than that elf lady. And her boobs are definitely bigger.

「That’s understandable, so don’t worry about it all that much, Michio-sama. We humans and non-humans have different points of aging and ways in which we perceive the passage of time. To illustrate it with an example, I think you’ll agree that for us humans there is little difference between a two years old dog and the one that is eight years old, right?」

「Now that you mention it, I guess you’re right. I never given it much thought myself.」

「When it comes to Beastman, at the age of 16 or 17 they are no different than us humans, but the older they get, the difference becomes more apparent. Typically, we humans start to show visible signs of aging around 40 to 50 years of age, but when Beastman hit that same mark, they still look as young as they were in their teenage years, so from the perspective of our limited lifespans, the Beastman might as well stay beautiful forever.」

「Ahh, I see.」

Roxanne is one year younger than me and she’s already so beautiful that it was unbelievable. So you want to say that even when she reaches her forties and fifties her looks won’t change much from how she’s looking now?

「In addition to that, there is one more very important factor that sets the Beastman aside from other races, a factor that is held in very high regard by all of the customers.」

「And that factor is?」

「Since they are half beasts, or animals if you prefer lighter terms, they are unable to bear human offspring.」


So people do tend to consider that aspect as important, huh? I honestly didn’t think that anyone would pay any mind to something like that in a world based on medieval settings. Then again, that would mean that I could just go at with Roxanne over and over again without worrying about any pesky consequences nine months later.

「To that end, the dear Roxanne is still a virgin, if that matter is of any interest to you.」

She’s still a virgin? *Smacks lips* Nice!

「Does her being a virgin have any impact on her price?」

「It does, but for a practical reason. With virgins, you don’t have to worry about contracting any sexually transmitted diseases. Of course, we do have proper establishments of the sexual nature in this town, but I wouldn’t recommend using them even if that was the last place of its kind in the entire world. If anyone asked you didn’t hear it from me, but to be honest, instead of listing the diseases the local prostitutes have it would be faster to list the ones they don’t have.」

So I take it this world still has no ways of countering STDs then? Kind of a bummer, but the one to be expected, since the medicine and modern drugs should be pretty much non-existent here. Looks like that puts my plans for an investigation of brothels to a grinding halt. Nevertheless…

「Thank you for the warning. I’ll be sure to remember it.」

「Good. Going back on the right track, Roxanne herself is perfectly aware that she might be used as a sex slave.」

「You don’t say.」

So she’s actually aware of how she might be used by her potential owner?

「On top of being made aware of the possibility of her becoming a sex slave, she has also received all the theoretical knowledge required for pleasing any kind of customer, no matter what his kinks or preferences might be.」


That made me both concerned and aroused at the same time, but all my concerns evaporated without a trace as soon as I imagined Roxanne in a turtle shell bondage. Just that image alone was enough to send my youthful imagination, which I tried to keep in check, running berserk again.

「But that should come as no surprise, because, let’s be honest here, if you weren’t interested in those things you wouldn’t have been interested in buying yourself a young slave girl in the first place.」

「I guess so.」

To be honest, learning that was kind of a relief for me. In this world, just like in my previous one, buying yourself a young female slave seems to have only one purpose, and everybody realizes that, so presumably I won’t be the first one to commit such a (morally) dastardly deed and I sure as hell won’t be the last one. 

「But I have to say, Michio-sama, I am glad that you decided to pay a visit to my establishment on a fine day such as this one.」

「Why is that?」

「After spending as many years in the business as I did I can proudly say that I have a keen eye for judging the customers who walk through the door of my shop, and it saddens me to say that even if many of them do want to buy themselves a female slave, many of them won’t even lay a finger on them due to their 「moral compass」 telling them that it is wrong. To be totally blunt, those are the kind of customers I dislike the most. The way I see it, any kind of purchase, be it a slave or something as simple as a grocery shopping, needs to be done with a leveled head and hefty amount of consideration. You know what they say: haste makes waste, right? And I think we can both agree that wasting money on something you won’t really need is the ultimate waste.」

So people like that are present in this world as well, huh? Lovely. If there’s one kind of person I hate more than bullies and those who wronged me for no apparent reason, it would have to be assholes with loads of money who always buy everything in sight, only to throw it away after realizing that they don’t really need it. Thankfully, I can say with certainty that I wouldn’t treat Roxanne in such a way.

「Well, I guess that’s right.」

「So why do purchases like that keep happening, you ask? Well If you asked me for my opinion, I would have to say that the reason for things being the way they are is simple: inexperience, both at the side of the customer who walks in here without knowing what is he getting himself into and at the side of the female slaves who are not taught proper sexual education. Thankfully, I can proudly say that Roxanne is not someone like that. She received all the necessary education needed to be proper companion for any aspiring Adventurer, so you can rest assured that she will never be a burden to you.」

「I see.」

「And lastly, as an added bonus, she is able to speak Brahim fluently.」

「Oh yeah, you’re right!」

Back when she gave me the cup with the drink I was able to understand every word she was saying, so I guess it makes sense for her to know Brahim, which must be the name for this world’s version of the Japanese language, but I guess I was just too engrossed with the bouncy swaying of her tits to notice that. And honestly, can you blame me?! It was totally amazing! I would love to see it again if I had the chance.

「And that concludes my speech on why I would highly recommend buying my dear Roxanne.」

Great, looks like his sales pitch is finally over.


There is no doubt that she’s the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my life (not that I saw many of them to begin with). Her eyes were so bright and dazzling that just one look was enough for me to feel like I was being swallowed in by them.

Can I really buy someone like her? I bent over my cup to give it one last brainstorming session with a heavy chest. Is that what the weight of freedom and responsibility feels like?



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