A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 13



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

When we finished eating and thanked for the meal, we have returned straight to our room.

「It was a really good meal. Thank you.」

Thanking me for treating her was the first thing Roxanne did when we got back upstairs.

「I’m glad you enjoyed it.」

「Yes, I found it very enjoyable. And to add to that, you even allowed me to eat at the same table as you when I really would have been fine just eating on the floor.」

Sigh, and she’s still going on about that?

「Have you seen anyone else eating off the floor? Exactly. If you did that, you would have caused a scandal for sure.」

「Maybe so, but I thought that this is the kind of place that won’t allow slaves to eat at the same table as their masters.」

Ah, so that is how you have interpreted this?

While I was having difficulties with finding the right words to retort to this, the Innkeeper came with hot water and lit lanterns. While we were having dinner, the sun has indeed set already. He placed the items we ordered next to the door and them immediately left.

「Now that we have hot water with us, can I ask you to wash my back for me, Roxanne?」

Since we are sharing this room and there are two of us, we agreed that when it comes to the matters such as washing ourselves we would help each other out, and now the time for that has come.

Okay, you can do this, me. Just keep calm and keep your wits about you at all times. If you’re going to get all flustered now, then you will embarrass Roxanne as well. First, I undress myself. Fully, pants and underwear included. What is there to be embarrassed about anyway? All human beings are born naked after all, making us all equal in that one regard. I place the lantern on the desk, and sat next to the basin with hot water.

「Alright master, here I go.」

Roxanne then proceeded to wipe my naked back rom behind. Okay, so far so good, I’m successfully managing to keep my head cool and composed. When she was done with wiping my back, she dowsed the towel in water, squeezed it, dowsed it again and passed it onto me so that I could wipe myself from the front.

「By the way, can we use this?」

I grabbed the Kochi fruit sachet that we bought earlier and showed it to Roxanne. In order to do that I had to turn around, so I ended up showing my little Durandal to her, a fact that I have realized all too late. But something like that shouldn’t be that much of a problem, right? Right?!

「Hmm, I do not think that people use it to wash their bodies all that much.」

I thought she was going to be at least a little embarrassed, but she didn’t react in any exaggerated way. This lack of reaction makes me feel really lonely and defeated. My little dude is in perfectly good condition! I know that better than anyone, because when I went to the toilet earlier I was able to bust a nut without any problems!

「I thought as much, but still, that’s kind of a letdown.」

「I don’t know how it is back where you come from, but in this kingdom people usually just scrub themselves with wet towels, and that’s pretty much it.」

「What about taking baths then? You’re not taking those here?」

The word bath got translated into Brahim without any problems.

「Only aristocrats are able to afford those.」

So that pretty much confirms that bats are something of a high-end luxury in here. Both the Somara village’s mayor’s house and this inn didn’t have one, so that pretty much confirms it.

「Right. And how do you use those?」

「Like that, and you have to remember that they have to be kept away from the water.」

She showed me how to use the them, but it looks like I’ll still have to rinse my mouth with water afterwards. I’ll have to make sure to do it later.

After I finished cleaning myself, I put on my Pumpkin Pants.

「Okay, you’re next, Roxanne.」

I tried to be as calm as possible when saying that, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. And thinking about it, it actually is. Just like she helped me clean myself up, now it is my time to return the favor.


Roxanne squeezed out a quiet response, and began to take of her tunic. She turned around and squatted in front of the basin.

「Okay, I’m ready.」

I turned towards her, but from here I couldn’t really see anything, so I just doused the towel in water and squeezed it again.

「Uhm… I am a Wolfkin, so some parts of my body might be a bit hairy. I apologize for that.」

「Oh really?」

She might be claiming such things, but I’m sure it won’t be that bad. Finally, she undid the last button of her tunic, and with that action her marvelous body has been set free, looking all the more beautiful in the weak light of the lantern. Her breasts violently erupted from the gap between her clothes and her arms as if they were a pair of cannonballs. It was so erotic that it was almost unfair. They look so big and soft, to the point where my fingers would probably sunk right into them if I tried to squeeze them. It feels like they are no longer simple breasts, but rather a pair of lethal weapons of mass destruction that would annihilate any male who would look at them with the ultimate happiness.

「The truth is, my back…」

Noticing my line of sight, Roxanne covered herself up and turned her back towards me. What a shame. If you ask me she didn’t have to hide them, especially since they are so big that even by turning away she was unable to hide them completely, but if she wants to do this then I shouldn’t forcibly stop her. All I can do now is to approach her with a towel in hand and clean her up the same way she cleaned me.

Looking at Roxanne’s back, it was covered with hair all the way to her waist. Or maybe it was not hair, but fur? And I don’t mean it in a 「her hair were so long that it reached her waist」 sense, since it was too short for that. The best way to d3scribe it would probably be that the entirety of her back was covered with a light-brown, few milimeters long fur. Kinda like a crew cut hairstyle, but except its even shorter than that.

Next, Roxanne removed her pants and underwear, setting the tail to hang freely between her legs. One thing particularily worthy of noting is the fact that only her tail was covered with fur, while the rest, by which I mean her butt, was deliciously smooth. I stroked Roxanne’s back hair with my right hand which was free from holding the towel. I thought the fur is going to be more on the rough side, but it was surprisingly supple and soft, and very pleasant to the touch.

「It’s so bushy and soft, I really like it.」

「T-Thank you very much.」

I gently wipe her back from top to bottom, tracing my movements along her bodyline.

「No problem. The pleasure is all mine.」

「Uhm, well…don’t you feel inconvenient, having to wash a body like mine?」

「Why would I be? Besides, it’s faster that way.」

That is only half of the reason why I’m doing this. With the position I am currently in, I can see the two mountains of her chest from above. Two sacred summits, waiting to be claimed by the brave explorer. Roxanne wiped the front of her body herself, but with the movements that action required, she is not able to cover herself up all the time, allowing me to sneak a more direct glance here and there.

Hers are truly the breasts worthy of worship. I want to worship them… no, I will worship them from now on! Praise be to Roxanne! Viva la Roxanne! Amen!



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