A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 14



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

No, in this case, something as simple as mere worship might not be enough! I have to pay the appropriate tribute to them! And in order to do that, I hugged her from behind again. May the radiance of her holy bulges bless me!



「N-No, it’s nothing…」

Roxanne tried to say something, but I promptly silenced her. Then I proceeded to use my hands to clean her holy peaks of sacredness, and the springy and elastic response that I got form them was simply marvelous. This is wonderful! While polishing their every inch very carefully, I made sure to savor every second of their heavy sensation weighting down on the palms of my hands. I wash them both gently, attentively and ever so carefully in order not to miss any nook and cranny. Oh my God, they are so incredibly soft that this is unreal! I can feel their fluffiness even through the fabric of the wet towel. When I grabbed her gentle hills more firmly, my fingers really started to sink into them. Normally I would have thought that this is all a dream, but this is all too real, and it’s happening to me right in this moment! That is how big and soft they actually are, to the point that a man’s hand is unable to contain them in their entirety. Now I switched to doing rolling motions with my entire hands, which finally allowed me to get a solid grasp of them in their elastic entirety. They have such an overwhelming shape and weight. When I tried to slowly push my fingers into them, they molded under my touch only to bounce back to how they originally were, as if they were trying to assert their existence.

「They are absolutely the best.」

Obviously the whole process took much longer than if Roxanne wiped herself up, but she didn’t protest, so she mustn’t think that it was too big of a problem. And even if she voiced some complaints, I don’t know if I would be able to heed them, in all honesty. I have gone too far down this bunny trail to come back.

After spending a substantial amount of time making sure that Roxanne’s breast were as clean as they could be, I finally released her holy mountains from my grasp.

「So, like… can I also wipe your tail for you?」

「Pardon? N-No, there’s no need for you to do that, master. I can take care of that on my own.」

「Aww, don’t be like that, what’s the harm?」

I move to the next step in an attempt to touch her some more. Yes, I am now going to wash Roxanne’s tail for her! The hair it is being composed of are bristly, and contrary to most of the normal dogs it looks like it doesn’t have a core, which makes it similar to the tip of the painting brush. I have already established that the feeling of Roxanne’s droopy dog ears is irresistible, but the fluffy texture of her tail, which is composed of nothing but soft hair is also quite addicting.

「T-Thank you very much then.」

「So, can you tell me how does your tail work, exactly? Can you move it around freely?」

「Moving it around is actually somewhat difficult. Unless I do this…」

Roxanne shook her hips, and in response the tail between her legs also swung left and right. No, it’s not the tail itself that’s moving. She’s clearly making it move by shaking her hips. She continued her demonstration by moving her waist passionately. Depending on how you look at it, it can be viewed as incredibly erotic, and that’s the option that I’m going with. I feel like I just witnessed something truly nice.

「Hmm, I see, so that’s how it works.」

「Well, also… when I’m happy, or in a really good mood, it happens to twitch on its own.」

「Oh, is that so? Well then, I guess now it’s my job to make it twitch as much as possible, huh?」

I whispered that into Roxanne’s ears. Not the doggy ones, but rather the normal ones at the side of her head.

「Y-Yes. T-Thank you for being so considerate of me.」

Ah, I saw that! Tour tail just shook slightly! 

Next, I took care of cleaning those perfect hips and feet of hers. Knowing what makes her happy is going to be quite a useful perk to have.

「Now, how about trying out a little experiment?」

「An… experiment? What kind of experiment?」

「You’ll see. For now, just lay on the bed facing upwards, but with your head hanging of the edge of the bed please.」

I instructed Roxanne. This little experiment that I want to perform is to see if it’ll be possible to wash your hair. It’s something that I really wanted to try, because I don’t even need a mirror to know that my hair is probably one giant, sticky, greasy mess. After all, it has been more than five days since I arrived in this world, and throughout the span of those five days I haven’t washed my head once, and there is only so much that you can do by simply rubbing your hair with a simple wet towel. If I asked Roxanne about it she would have probably told me that this is just another part of the common sense of this kingdom, and perhaps this entire world, but even for someone like me five days without washing my hair is where I draw the line.

I lifted the basin of the ground and placed it on the chair. I hope the fact that the basin is a little large won’t be a problem here.

「Is this okay?」

「Yes, now keep it up just like this, and try putting your head just above the basin.」


Heeding my commands, Roxanne places her head right where I told her to. I thought that such a position might be harmful for her back, but apparently she was fine with it. The only complaint that I have is that when she got on the bed, she covered herself up with a blanket instead of staying naked. What a shame. I mean, it’s good that she still feels embarrassed, but with how thin the blanket is, it doesn’t really cover anything all that much, so she won’t cover her bulges or body line no matter how hard she tried.

「Are you all right? You don’t have to force yourself if you’re feeling uncomfortable, you know?」

「It’s okay. I’m fine.」

With a green light to go ahead, I scooped some of the hot water and applied it to Roxanne’s rich hair, rinsing them thoroughly with my fingers, after which I hot water on them over and over again. Since this world does not have any shampoos, this is the best thing I can do. Then I carefully proceeded to wash her doggy ears as well. Dogs have very delicate ears, so I have to make sure to be as delicate as possible in order not to hurt her by accident.

「Doesn’t your neck hurt?」

「No, not at all.」

「Then raise your head a little.」

After washing her hair, I told her to raise her head as I held the non-wet towel beneath her, which I then used to dry her hair until all the moisture was gone from them.

「Thank you very much.」

「No problem. I enjoyed washing you quite a bit, so if you’ll ever want me give you a hand with it again just say the word.」

「Understood. Do you want me to wash your head as well, master?」

「Please do.」



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