A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 2 Chapter 2 Part 1



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Editor: Weasalopes

Chapter 7: Party

Kaga Michio
Levels & Equipment:
Explorer Lv.11
Hero Lv.6
Warrior Lv.9
Swordsman Lv.8

Leather Armor

When I woke up the next morning, the first thing I saw after opening my eyes was the sight of Roxanne hugging into my arm as if it was a dakimakura (TL NOTE: Japanese hugging pillow). In order not to wake her up just yet I slowly tried to free myself from her embrace and lay her to my side, but her grip on me was still tight. Now this is what I can call a pleasant awakening. But wait, wouldn’t it be better to say that I didn’t have a 「pleasant awakening」, but rather that my awakening was pleasant because of what I saw right after I woke up?

Roxanne’s skin feels so good with how smooth and pleasant to the touch it is. The feeling of being hugged by her is also wonderful. I just can’t get enough of that moist, elastic feeling around my arm, but it’s not limited to just that one spot, oh no! Every part of my body that was in contact with her was filled with the pleasant, squishy sensation. Also, even though she was kinda pressing down on my arm with her body, it didn’t feel like she was too heavy or that it was starting to go numb, even though we presumably spend the entire night cuddled like that. I guess that all I can do for the current moment is to hug her gently and stroke her back, enjoying the sensation of her short, fluffy fur.

The only piece of clothing that both of us are wearing are the Pumpkin Pants. Roxanne did not have a brassiere at all. Maybe they do not exist in this world at all, or maybe they are just too expensive for everyone to buy them? Then again, I haven’t seen a single one of them at the clothing store where we got our cloaks yesterday. Well, if it means that I will get to enjoy the feeling of Roxanne’s boobies on my arm every single day, then I guess I have nothing to complain about, do I?

And then suddenly, my lips have been sealed again.

Roxanne kissed me. Did my sudden movements wake her up after all? Yes, that is what I am concerned about the most, not about the act of being kissed in itself, because I was the one who asked her to kiss me everyday before going to bed and after waking up. To be honest, I didn’t really think she was going to go through with such a request, but apparently she is that kind of slave who takes her master’s orders very seriously. Nevertheless, I allowed myself to be fully engrossed in the sweet sensation of her soft lips and slimy tongue. If this is how each and every one of my mornings is going to look from now on, mornings might become my new favorite time of the day.

「Good morning, master.」

After sucking on my lips for quite a while, those were the words she greeted me with.
「Thank you. And good morning to you as well, Roxanne.」

It was still somewhat dark outside so I couldn’t see her beautiful face clearly, but I tried to do my best to pay her back for that wonderful good morning kiss. I have to do it, even if I can’t see her properly!

I slowly inserted my tongue between Roxanne’s half-opened lips. Slowly and methodically I found my way around her inviting mouth until my tongue could envelop itself around her damp tongue once more. I thought she wouldn’t be as passionate about it as she was the first time, but much to my satisfaction she responded to my vigorous caresses with equal enthusiasm. So, since she’s doing such a thing with me, is it okay for me to think that she does not dislike me or those kinds of activities? Well, even if she’s forcing herself to cope with my selfish request, at the very least I do not think the situation is so bad that she would try to escape from me, and if that’s the case, then I want to push her down, but for now kissing was all I was capable of, since I was still tired after last night, and I also wanted to use the chance to have some serious rest now that I was finally given it.

Come to think of it, all I did for the last five days was the same unchanging routine of going to the Labyrinth before sunrise and making the rounds around the slums and the brothel district so that I could search for Bandits in order to obtain enough money to buy Roxanne, so I didn’t even have a moment to truly appreciate how comfortable the lodging here at the Veil Pavilion is, especially in this double room. I mean seriously, last night after we were done I slept so well like I never slept before. I am truly glad that I decided to take this room, and I’m thankful to the Innkeeper for it, but I’ll better keep quiet about it around him. Technically what the guests are doing in the rooms shouldn’t be his business, but one can never be too cautious.

While I was kissing Roxanne, I placed my hand on her head and stroked her hair. After enjoying their smoothness and fluffiness, I finally let her lips go.

「I would like the two of us to go explore the Labyrinth.」

「As you wish, master.」

With a great lot of regrets, I release Roxanne and decide that it is high time to get out of bed. Do not worry, Michio. You’ll be able to continue this tonight. And tomorrow. And the day after tomorrow. Unless Roxanne decides to run away from me of course, which I sincerely hope won’t happen.

As I was putting on my leather shoes, Roxanne approached me from behind and helped me put on my shirt. Oh wow, this feels… unexpectedly good. Kinda makes me feel like a king, actually.

「Sorry for troubling you with this.」

「It’s alright, master. Just let me do this.」

It might be because I’m not used to such a treatment yet, but this is making me somewhat embarrassed. Also, during the process of putting my arms through the sleeves our arms have accidentally collided with one another, probably because our eyes are not used to the pitch-black darkness that surrounds us.

「Do you not handle darkness very well?」

「Well, yeah. I’m sorry to say this but I am neither a nocturnal creature nor can I see in the dark.」

「It’s alright. Just don’t overdo it and make sure not to push yourself too hard.」

「Oh, you don’t have to tell me that twice, believe me.」

All that is left for me to put on now are the pants, which I sadly had to put on myself. I also summoned the Item Box and took the Leather Jacket out of it. Since I bought it, might as well give it a shot at wearing it right off the bat.

「That reminds me: do you know anything about empty Skill Slots, Roxanne?」

I was interested in them ever since I happened upon them, so now might be a good moment to ask about it. After summoning the Leather Jacket from the Item Box I Identified it. Well, what do you know, the Leather Jacket also has an empty Skill Slot. I just hope that Roxanne won’t get confused by how I called them, but I have no idea how else could I describe them. To me, empty Skill Slots are exactly that: empty Skill Slots.

「What about it?」

「I want to know if you can place Skills in the equipment’s empty Skill Slots, and how exactly can I do it.」

「In the equipment? I’m not sure I follow, but wouldn’t you have to place them is special pockets or sockets?」

Thank you for the very insightful answer, but that is a definition of a 「Slot」 taken straight out of a dictionary. Okay, maybe I should try approaching from a slightly different perspective then. Here goes nothing.



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