A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 3 Part 13 **BONUS CHAPTER**



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

I wonder if she asked that because she dislikes taking baths and that was her way of being subtle about it because she did not want to hurt my feelings after I poured so much time and MP into preparing this bath just for us? Even if she herself does not want it, then I guess just this once it would be okay for me to use my authority over her as her master to order her to do it. It would leave a foul taste in my mouth, but that might be the only way here. Unless…

「You don’t want to take a bath with me, Roxanne?」

When in doubt, always ask directly instead of taking wild guesses.

「It’s not like that, master. Usually the only ones privy to taking baths are nobles and aristocrats, and you told me that I should wait outside instead of going in with you when you were still pouring water, so…」

「I only did that because I didn’t want you to get sweaty because that whole room is now filled with steam. You saw how sweaty I was when I walked out of there, right?」

「Is that so? And here I was thinking that this bathtub was another  special thing that you wanted to keep a secret from everyone else and that’s why you wouldn’t want me to look at it and use it.」

Did you thought I would be so petty as to do something selfish like that? Oh Roxanne, my sweet Roxanne. I really think that she is still taking our master-slave relationship way more seriously than she needs to.

While returning the washcloth back to her, I gently stroked her doggy ears.

「Well, you’re right about it being special. This bathtub is special to me, because I ordered it with the thought of the two of us taking a bath in it together.」

「Oh, uhm, well… in that case, I guess there is no reason for me to say no to this proposal, is there?」

「Yes, I definitely want you to enter it together with me, Roxanne.」

「Yes, of course. Thank you, master.」

Good, my persuasion attempt turned out to be successful. Looks like Roxanne is going to bathe together with me of her own free will. If she refused me to the very end, then she would not know what kind of luxury she was missing, so I am glad that she made the best choice possible in this situation.

After finishing all the work for the day and eating dinner, we could finally take a bath. Admittedly, the water inside was a little bit too hot for comfort, so I used a few Waterballs in an attempt to cool it down for even a bit, but I can already see that precise adjustments of the temperature with magic alone will be quite difficult. At times like these, I really am missing the greatness of the modern-day technology.

I put my hand into the water and began to stir it in circular motions. Will this be enough to help cool it down a bit? I don’t know about here, but usually it tended to work with the bath I had at home back in Japan.

I also figured out how long it would take to make hot water, so from the next time onward, I will be able to save time by heating the water in the tub directly with Fireballs, which should make things a little easier for me. But just a little. Will it be a little easier if my level goes up? Hard to say at the current moment, honestly.

Lemons are also floating in the bathtub after I threw some of them there. I don’t know if it’s exactly the same as the lemons I am familiar with, but they are probably lemons because their name was translated as lemon. I would have preferred the yuzu fruits instead of lemons, but in a pinch they are a nice enough substitute. They have a nice scent, and it should not be possible for them to be dissolved in water.

Roxanne sets a lantern in the corner of the room and begins to undress herself. She washed herself lightly, and then she finally entered the bath where I was already waiting for her in anticipation.

It feels good.

Warm water wraps itself around my whole body as I lazily spread out my limbs.

Because of how big this bathtub is, it feels like I am in an actual hot spring.

It’s not a cypress wood one so it doesn’t have a mellow woody scent, but it’s still wonderful nonetheless.I placed a towel on the edge of the basin, put my head on it, and laid down with my eyes closed. Roxanne also laid down next to me. She stretched out her arms and hugged herself briefly before assuming a totally relaxed posture. Her thin and supple body is right next to me. Thanks to their buoyancy, I was able to see her breasts floating above the hot water’s surface and have a nice long look at her seductive legs.

Roxanne’s skin is so wet and silky smooth when she’s wet, just by looking at her like that I could feel a certain part of me getting hot and bothered already.

「Aaah, this is the best.」

「Yes, soaking like that does feel really good.」

I feel like we both meant different things by what we have said just now, but Roxanne seems to be happy about this, so I guess it does not matter all that much.

Then, I felt something rubbing against the inner sides of my thighs. What a comfortable feeling. Curious to see what it was, I grabbed it with my hand.

It was Roxanne’s plump, shapely butt, and her tail that grew out of her back slightly above it. The hair that made her tail is spread in the water like some kind of exotic aquatic plant. She rubbed herself against me, and in turn I also slid my hands around her soft body that was flushed pink from the heat of the water that surrounded us.

This is truly a surprising discovery.

「Roxanne, your tail is really pleasant to the touch.」

「Is that so? Thank you very much for the kind words.」

To show her appreciation, Roxanne started moving her butt and tail right next to me, sending a series of gentle ripples along the surface of the bath’s water. I never had a dog myself, but I am sure that this ticklish feeling is how it feels to have your pet wag its tail against your skin. It was a fluttery feeling that calmed the heart.

Since she possesses certain dog qualities like her droopy ears or the tail, I thought that she might try to avoid getting those parts of her body wet, but apparently it didn’t bother her in the slightest.

Taking a bath with her is even more wonderful than I could have ever imagined. It’s a shame that we cannot do this every day because of how butt-hurtingly long the entire process is, but if at all possible, then I would like to do this with her every ten days… no, once a weak… no, every five days! Or you know what, screw it, make it every three days!

She continued to gently rock her body to the sides, causing her tail to brush against the entirety of the lower half of my body, sending jolts of pleasurable sensations all throughout it. In the meantime, I continued to use my fingers as a comb to keep the hair of her tail from getting all tangled up with one another.

At one point I have submerged myself in the water entirely and then quickly emerged back while pushing my wet hair back with my fingers.


「Ahh, there’s no better feeling than getting your hair nice and wet when they get all sticky and dirty. You should try it out as well, Roxanne.」

「Yes, gladly.」

And then Roxanne lowered herself down into the water, submerging herself completely. Since a bit of her hair were sticking out above the surface, so I stretched out my arms towards them and washed them for her together with her doggy ears. The feeling of the hair on her head was vastly different in comparison to the fur of her tail, but it still got entangled with my fingers in the hot water like normally.

(Shouldn’t she be out to catch her breath right about now though?)

I didn’t measure it down to every last second, but by my rough estimations Roxanne has been submerged underwater for about a minute now. But just as I was about to start seriously worrying about her, she emerged from underwater with a loud gasp, splashing water everywhere around her, and her two bountiful hills were displayed right before my eyes in their full glory.

「Puaaaaah… you were right, master. That felt truly refreshing!」

Baths are truly great. No, great is too small of a word to properly convey how amazing they are. The baths are well and truly the best thing under the sun!



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