A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 4 Part 20 **BONUS CHAPTER**



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

After that, we decided to take it easy for the rest of the day, simply exploring until the end of the evening. The next day, we spend the most of the day gathering Rabbit Furs in Quratar’s Labyrinth so that we could amass as many as we possibly could after clearing our backpacks and organizing the space in my Item Box and then sell them in that clothing store we saw in the Imperial City, and in the evening we switched locations to Veil Labyrinth’s seventh floor where we fought monsters and gained more levels all throughout the evening, as per our usual routine.

When we got back to our house, I came to check how the soap was doing, but much to my disappointment, it was not yet all solid like all those bars of it that I was so used to seeing. I wonder exactly how long is it going to take for it to solidify properly? In the experiment back in junior high, the teacher used the refrigerator to harden it almost instantly, but unfortunately, there are no refrigerators in this world, which means that I just have to wait for it to harden on its own. But exactly how long is it going to take? A week? Month? I really have no way of knowing, and I cannot wait for that long either, so we will have to simply make do with what we already have here.

When we finished eating dinner, we went to the bathroom and began preparations to make the bath. Today is definitely the day when I will wash Roxanne using the soap that I have created!

While we were standing there, getting undressed, I kept stealing glances at Roxanne as she was removing her clothes one after the other. I probably said that a million times already and am just sounding like a broken record, but her bombshell body is simply spectacular no matter how many times I get to look at it. For a girl she is tall and thin, and all of her limbs are slender, not to mention that her chest is something that other girls her age would definitely get jealous of. To top it off, she has thick thighs, slim waist and a really plump butt adorned with her fluffy, adorable tail; in other words, she has practically everything that a normal, healthy guy might want in a girl, and this walking perfection belongs to me and me alone. Huehuehue, I really am a lucky guy to have someone like her as my partner. But enough digressing, it’s about time to move on to the main event of today’s evening.

「Finished undressing?」

I asked, trying to sound as casual about it as possible.

「Yes, I am done.」

「Good. In that case, let us wash each other.」

「Uhm, should I not be the one to wash master first?」

「Normally that would be the case, but not this time. Now that I have made soap, we have to try if it is working as it should be, and for that, we have to wash each other up for maximum effectiveness.」

Roxanne expressed some doubts, but I promptly hasted to quell them. It might be a little bit crude to be saying this, but the only reason why I went through all those trouble of making the bath, finding a way to fill it with water  and now making soap was so that I could have some nice, soapy fun with her, so I am not going to let anything stop me now when I am literal inches away from seeing my fantasy fulfilled.

I want to wash Roxanne as soon as possible. I want to cover her with bubbles from top to bottom, and I want her to cover me in the same way as well. All I have to do now is to push her just a little bit more, and she should have no objections whatsoever about doing this with me.

「So this is going to be another experiment?」

「Yes, exactly. The one meant to test if I managed to create good enough soap for us to be using it from now on.」

Are those words going to be enough to convince her? Technically they should be, since I focused on the practical aspect of what we are going to be doing in a moment, so she has no reason to say no to it. Come o now Roxanne, don’t fail me now!

「Understood. Then… please go ahead and wash me… master.」

Yes! It seems that Roxanne understood what I was trying to say without me having to explain it in too much detail, which is definitely great, but with all of that said, what we are about to do is really going to be a legitimate experiment, because thinking about it for a moment, I have never done any tests to see if this soap is safe for the people to use. What if, for example, it turns out that it is too alkaline to be using on the skin, and Roxanne is going to hurt herself while using it? If that were to happen, I would have never forgiven myself for it, so I have to do everything I possibly can to make sure that such a thing will never come to pass, even by complete accident.

Which is why I have to exercise extreme caution with it.

I soaked the washcloth in hot water and made as much foam as I could by rubbing it together. Before using it on Roxanne, I am going to test it out on my own hand first. The foam and the bubbles form relatively easily, so everything’s fine in that aspect. It is certainly not the amount that I am used to seeing after using shampoos and soaps I had in my old house in Japan, but for the time being this will definitely make do for us. It’s been a good minute since I applied the soap, and the place where I put it is not tingling or burning in the slightest, so this soap probably turned out safe for usage after all. Just to be sure, I applied more of it onto my arm, but there was no problems with it whatsoever. Does this mean that we have ourselves a green light? Probably yes.

「Hmm… it does not sting or anything, so I think it should be safe to put it on our skins. Roxanne, show me your hand for a moment, if you would.」

「I see… okay. Here you go, master.」

Roxanne stretched out her left hand and waited for me to apply the soap onto it, which I did after a short moment of hesitation. I made an ample amount of foam and smeared it over a part of her forearm by making piston-like movements with my fingers. Okay, so far, it does not seem like anything out of the ordinary is happening. Her soap-covered, moist skin feels incredibly good to the touch.

「This is the first time that I have made legitimate soap, so if you start feeling funny or that anything seems to be off, even if it’s just a little bit, be sure to tell me about it right away, all right?」

「All right. If anything happens, I will tell you about it immediately.」

After smearing the soap on her palms, I moved and did the same across her entire arms. Enjoying their softness, I slowly made my way towards the shoulders, and then took a turn to go for her armpits.

「Fufufu~~~… m-master, that tickles… fufufu~~~!」

Smirking at her cute reaction, I grabbed the washcloth and doused it in the soaped-up water one more time, but I am only going to use it to make more foam, and nothing else. This is Roxanne’s body we’re talking about after all, so I want to experience it in its entirety with my own hands. Then, moving on from her armpits I made my way down, all the way to the bases of the sacred mountains. I moved from the bases all the way towards their summits, and then moving slowly, as if I was covering a canvas with paint I dyed them both white, as if it just snowed over them. As I wash them, they shake a little, causing the foamy snow to froth and raise the pinkish peaks even higher. But soon enough the time will come for this snow to melt and uncover the first buds of spring waiting patiently under the white blanket.


This is amazing. The slipperiness of the foam, coupled with the softness of her elastic skin, this sensation is just out of this world.

Master, it feels so good… ever since I met you, I have experienced so many wonderful first times, including this one…」

She pants as I move towards her stomach. Roxanne, That’s so hot!!!

「Since today is your first time using soap, then as a special service I will wash your hair, back and tail for you, but only today. I won’t be doing it tomorrow.」

「Huh? Why not?」

「Because using too much soap can actually damage your hair, and I think we both would like to avoid anything like that happening to us, right?」

「I see, so that’s why.」



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