A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 3 Chapter 4 Part 6



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

But even then we have no guarantee that it’s going to work…. Ugh, that’s a tough nut to crack, but thankfully I am not alone in this. Let’s ask Roxanne what she thinks we should do.

「What do you think we should do, Roxanne? Should we take the carpet that you’re holding?」

「I think that is the best one out of the ones we’ve seen so far, but let us look around some more first.」

「All right, sounds like a plan.」

It’s good that she made such a suggestion, because if we decide to buy a second carpet in addition to the one she has already selected, then I should be able to use my 30% discount Bonus Skill. So, while Roxanne searched one part of the shop, I moved to the other in search of something that would catch my eye.

「Roxanne, how about this one over here?」

「This one?」

After noticing a carpet with a dark brown and orange checkered patterns on one of the back stands, I beckoned Roxanne to my side to show her what I found. I don’t know what’s her opinion about it is going to be, but personally it looks so interesting that I ended up liking it almost immediately when I laid my eyes upon it. And since it is not in the front of the store I am sure that its price should be relatively affordable as well.

「Ahh, I see this one caught your interest, sir? Excellent choice. Although the designer responsible for making this one is still young, they are already considered to be an up-and-coming genius in their craft, and we in this store wholeheartedly recommend their works.」

A genius, huh? I wonder if it is because that person’s skills, whoever they might be, are that advanced, or is it because he or she is crafting such quality products by using the limited technology available to them here in this world?

「I think it’s a good carpet. It might mot look like it at first glance, but it has been crafted carefully and meticulously. 」

If Roxanne is saying that, then I have no reason to doubt her intuition and sense of beauty.

「In that case, can we get this carpet along with this one right here, the one that my companion is holding onto?」

「Of course, thank you for your purchase. As a special service for buying a product recommended by our store, the price for the two rolls of carpets you want to buy shall be reduced to five thousand six hundred Nars.」


All that talk about “special service” means that my discount worked exactly as I intended it to, making the purchase that much easier. If I did not have that Bonus Skill, then I do not know if I would have decided to buy two of those carpets. Luckily for us, that is no longer one of our concerns.

The female clerk holds both carpets under both of her arms and carries them to the counter like that, and then she waited for us so that we could finalize the payment, which was made by only whipping out my silver coins. The woman then rolled the carpets up, tied them with a piece of string and handed them over to us.

Roxanne and I took one of them each, and I immediately noticed that despite how they looked they were weighting quite a bit. If that woman managed to lift two of them at once like it was nothing, then she must have quite a bit of actual strength in those frail-looking arms of hers.

「Before we leave, I hope you won’t mind me asking about one more thing: ca those carpets be transported with Movement Magic?」

「Yes, it is possible to do so. If you roll them up into a certain size, you will be able to travel with then by using Field Walker. This shop was made with Shield Cement so you will not be able to do it inside of here, but on the back wall in the corner here there is a hanging carpet display that acts as a space that you can cast Movement Magic on. The display itself is also changed every single day, so there won’t be any problems with that.」

Oh, what do you know, so it is possible to move them while using Movement Magic after all. That’s actually quite nice of them to take something not so obvious into account. So according to her, all we have to do is to go to where the display is located, cast Field Walker (or in my case, Warp disguised as Field Walker) and voila, we can be on our way home. And if they are replacing the display every single day, then that means they do not need to be worrying themselves about the possibility of theft, because the way Movement Magic works is that in order to travel between two set locations the portals have to be in the two fixed places. If that condition is not met, then the fast travel will not be possible. Also, I have to admit that it has never once occurred to me that such a countermeasure could be used in order to prevent Movement Magic’s misuse. Maybe I should try employing it for myself from now on?

With out business in the carpet shop concluded, we headed towards the carpet hanging at the display. The female clerk did not follow after us, but simply returned to her original position in the middle of the shop, escorting us with her eyes, which felt just a tad bit uncomfortable, if I am to be completely honest with you. At the very least I don’t have to worry about her standing next to us when I cast the spell, but just to be on the safe side I still did my usual thing where I pretended to move my mouth as if I was reciting the chant for the spell as I casted Warp.

Then, a certain thought occurred to me. The clerk here said that even though the carpets are quite big, you could still travel with them with Movement Magic as long as you roll them up, but she was saying that you could travel with Field Walker, she never said anything about Warp. I know it’s probably because Warp is a Bonus Skill and the NPC might not be aware of its existence, but it does not change the fact that there is always a possibility that something that might be possible with Field Walker might not be possible to do with Warp, as unbelievable as it sounds. But if I won’t be able to travel with the carpet while using Warp to get to our house, then what? And what if it won’t be just when going from other places back to our house, but to the Adventurer’s Guilds as well? That would be the worst disaster possible! There are many Adventurer’s Guilds in this world and they will definitely be a convenient spots for travelling, so I want to continue using them, both when I have something to transport with me and when I do not. The only saving grace to this whole situation right now is that even if my Warp fails, the only one who is going to witness this is going to be this shop’s clerk, and since she is an NPC I really doubt she will go around talking about this to anyone, but on the off chance that she might do just that… I think I might be forced to do some unintentional murderhobo play.

As I was thinking about such things, the black portal of warping appeared on the carpet like normal, so I went inside…. And what do you know, I have emerged at the destination I have set, the living room in our house, without any problems or difficulties. Looks like warping from the portal at the carpet has been successful. Good. It seems that there was no problems with warping even when it is being performed on a non-sold surface. That means that so far there was no accidents whenever I was using Warp to move around, and all the problems that I constantly imagined with it were nothing more than me simply getting overly worried for no apparent reason. Phew, that makes me feel relieved. Anyway, why was I worried about all those things anyway? I had no reason to think something will go wrong, but I ended u doing so anyway. Is getting too worried when I have no plausible reason to another one of my bad qualities that I should work on fixing? Maybe, possibly, but the time for that will be later. For now, since we managed to get back home safe and sound with our carpets, we can proceed to prepare the glue for affixing one of them to the wall.



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