A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part 10



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「Oh? You were wondering about that, master? This is not just my own feature, but a peculiarity that all of the Dwarven women share.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. Dwarven men have beards all over their faces, hence their characteristic looks that the entire race is famous for. On the other hand, Dwarven women do not have beards at all, but as a tradeoff the hair on our heads can grow quite long and it is somewhat rougher in comparison to the hair of the women of other races.」

「I see.」

Yeah, Sherry’s hair were definitely rougher to the touch than Roxanne’s hair, but not in a bad or unpleasant way. How should I say it. . .  comparing their hair would be like comparing the fur of a dog with that of a cat. Technically they are both the same, but when you get down on it, each of the two has subtle differences to it that makes them both their own thing. For example, Roxanne’s hair did not react in any kind of way when I placed the Leather Helmet on her head, but when I did the same to Sherry, moving the helmet around caused her hair in their entirety to move around. If I stuck a brush in it, I wonder if it would get stuck or rather slowly sank into it like any other normal brush would do?

「That being said, I always gather them to the side and try to cut it regularly, but they do not always want to listen to me, no matter how hard I try to stylize them the way I want to.」

That is most definitely a cute thing to say, but if I were in Sherry’s boots I would have really tried to watch what I say. If her words just now were heard by someone bold or having trouble with hair loss, she would have become the number one enemy of all the hairless people around the world in an instant.

「All right, everyone ready? Then let us be on our way.」

I finished putting on my new equipment and Durandal as well, and then we were off to our MP Recovery destination: the fifth floor of the Vale’s Labyrinth.

「Okay now. Roxanne, use your nose to guide us towards the groups of enemies that all consist of the enemies of the same type.」

As you wish, master!」

We came here to the Vale Labyrinth’s fifth floor because the monsters here are still weak enough for me to kill them with a single blow from Durandal, which makes it a perfect place to restore my MP and earn a somewhat good amount of EXP at the same time. While being here, we can slowly accustom Sherry to our way of fighting without throwing her into the deep waters of the seventh floors right off the bat. Also, there is one more benefit to us being here: no one can deny that being able to kill monsters with a single blow is pretty cool, right? And since it is cool, then I want to use that chance to show off as many of my good points to our newest Party member whenever I can. Being adored by a beautiful girl for your fighting prowess and incredible swordsmanship is the best thing ever after all, and now I have not only Roxanne, but also Sherry to impress and earn myself some brownie points with them.

「Ah. . .  uhm, this place here is. . . ?」

「About that. We are currently on the fifth floor of the Labyrinth in Vale.」

「Master, a group of identical monsters should be right nearby in that direction.」

「Good. Lead the way then.」


Roxanne points in the direction of where the monsters that I wanted her to track were supposed to be, all the while Sherry kept on looking confused, most likely because I have yet to tell her that unlike Field Walker, Warp also enables us to teleport ourselves directly into the Labyrinth’s without having to go through their entrances each and every time.

「By the way, I have heard that some of the Wolfkin are capable of detecting monsters just by their smell alone. Are you capable of this feat, Miss Roxanne?」

「Yes. While it is not as perfect and accurate as I would have liked, I can detect nearby monsters just fine to be of use to master’s needs.」

「Wow, really? That is amazing!!! (TL Note: Finally someone uses that word to describe someone other than the MC)

Crap, looks like Roxanne was able to show off her own coolness before I was able to do it, so if I try to act all cool now, it might be seen as me just ripping her off. Well, there is nothing that can be done about it now, so I should just stop worrying about it and focus on the task at hand. . . but I cannot deny that it stings, even if just for a little bit.

「Here we are. The monsters you wanted me to find are straight ahead, master.」

Thanks to Roxanne’s excellent sense of smell, locating the first group of monsters: Cheap Sheep only took us a short while. These will be perfect targets to fulfill both goals of our trip here.

「Oh,  we really found them rather fast. So fast. You are so incredible, Miss Roxanne. . .」

「You ready to do this, Roxanne?」

「Ready whenever you are, master!」

「Then let us go!」

Now, Sherry, make sure to watch closely so that you could burn the image that you are about to see into your eyes and learn as much as you can from what you are about to see. Even though you are only a Lv.10 Explorer, now that you have the two of us, a duo of experienced Labyrinth dwellers, with you, there will be nothing for you to worry about. Sooner or later you would have probably decided to go to the Labyrinth on your own to make for a living, and it would have quickly showed you that going to the higher floors on your own would be impossible without reliable companions by your side, trust me on this one. I know what I am saying, because when I first started going to the Labyrinths myself, I was exactly like that. Before I met Roxanne, I thought that just because I have OP stats and weapon there will be nothing that I will be unable to handle by myself until I was proven wrong in the worst way possible. After that one Trap Room incident, I knew that going to the Labyrinths solo is going to be the death of me sooner or later, and that is what prompted me to start searching for Party members. That plus my fear of being I this new and strange world all alone. Before, I would have been afraid of fighting more than one enemy at a time, but now that I know that I have a reliable backup with me, I feel like groups of enemies will not be a problem no matter how many of them we are going to be facing. What I am trying to say is that I am grateful to Roxanne for going to the Labyrinths with me and risking her life in order to help me, and I want Sherry to see the power of the bond that has been forged between the two of us after hours upon hours upon hours of this dungeon crawling.

「Roxanne, I am going to take care of the ones on the left, so you make sure to deal with the ones on the right, okay?」

「On it, master!」

The two of us went towards the enemies side by side, breaking apart only when the Cheap Sheep were already withing the melee range of our weapons. The first Cheap Sheep that I have chosen to deal with charged towards me with its horns facing me, but I dodged it and brought Durandal’s blade down on its neck, causing the Cheap Sheep who sheepishly thought that it can take me on to fall down

Sherry, behold my amazing way of controlling the sword with the absolute minimum of the movements required for the first Cheap Sheep to be cut in half like a log of rotten wood and disappear with a puff of green smoke.

Cool. My appearance right now has to be so cool that it might actually be too cool for my own good! It is a good thing that we do not have mirrors in here, because I would have surely ended up falling for my own coolness if I saw it right now!



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