A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part 7 **BONUS CHAPTER**



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

「Yes, I can. While I cannot do anything too spectacular, I do know my way around the kitchen to some extent.」

「I will be counting on you as well then. Can I ask you and Roxanne to make one dish each?」

「Of course!」

「All right.」

With the confirmation that Sherry can also be helpful around the kitchen, I nodded at Roxanne and she happily nodded back at me, and then she patted Sherry on the back. It’s great that she is so approving of her so far, because if she already accepted her as a member of our Party and as her fellow kitchen aid, then maybe she will also be open about letting her in on. . . our various other activities.

「Uhm, Miss Roxanne if I may ask. . .  what was that talk about a bath just now? Did master meant “that” kind of bath when he said that he was going to prepare a “bath”?」

Now what that might be about? What does she mean by “that kind of bath”? I mean, I know that there were many different kinds of baths back in my old world, like saunas, hot springs, cold springs, milk baths and public baths, but are they here in this world as well?

「I do not know what you mean by “that kind of bath”, Sherry, but I can definitely tell you that I am going to prepare an ordinary bath.」

「I,I understand!」

「All right then. Roxanne, Sherry, I will be taking my leave and be on my way.」

I said, finishing my preparations of the Warp portal on the wall of the living room. Now that I will be running away to do some shopping, maybe my absence will help keep Sherry’s mind off of asking all sorts of problematic questions that I would have trouble answering.

「I heard that only the members of the royalty and aristocracy can afford to take baths. Is master secretly someone important like that?」

I heard Sherry asking Roxanne such a question when I was with one leg through the Warp portal already.

「I do not know about royalty or aristocracy, but what I do know is that master is an amazing person.」

Oh, stop it Roxanne, you are going to make me blush! Besides, I am not all that great of a person. I am simply an enthusiast of taking baths with beautiful girls. That is all.

「Have a safe trip, master.」

「Yeah, I will. I am heading off then.」

Roxanne and Sherry bowed their heads to me, and then returned to their talk about baths. I knew that Roxanne ended up liking them as much as I do after all the times we played with each other during our soaks, but who would have thought that Sherry would have such a burning passion for baths herself? Maybe convincing her to join our soap play is actually going to be easier than I have initially thought it would be?

I warped to the Adventurer’s Guild and then made my way to my first stop: Armor Shop. The first thing that I wanted to take care of was a small upgrade of my own set of equipment. Up until now I was using a set of Leather Armor, Leather Boots, Leather Gloves and Leather helmet that was made form a simple, unprocessed leather. The things that I bought right now were a step above that, but only for my footwear and headwear, so now I had a set made out of Processed Leather Helmet, Leather, Armor, Leather Gloves and Processed Leather Boots. Of course, before picking any of them up I made absolutely sure that all of them came equipped with their own Empty Skill Slots. A while ago when I was discussing the matters of equipment with Roxanne she insisted that as a master and the leader of the Party I should have the best equipment possible on me, but I feel like only taking a better boots and helmet for now should be more than enough to take care of my defensive needs.

Now as, for the armor that Sherry is going to be using. . .

Just like when I bought Roxanne, Sherry did not have any shoes on her feet when she was passed on to me. She was barefoot. It would seem that this is one of the customs of how slaves are treated in this world. If Sherry’s purchase was not such a last minute decision, then I would have prepared a pair of shoes or sandals beforehand so that I could give them to her as a kind of a welcoming gift. Now that I think about it, if I wanted to buy things for Sherry, then maybe I should have taken Roxanne with me as well so that we could turn it into a surprise gift for her? But then again, leaving her in our house all alone would have been a really dickish move, but if I took her with us to do shopping, then I am sure that it would have taken ages and then some to buy all of the things that we would want to buy because of Roxanne’s habit to analyze and overthink every purchase that she is involved with. So yeah, I am here by myself, so I will simply have to do my very best to pick up something that is going to be both practical and affordable, so I guess I am going to be buying something made from leather or processed leather, just like I did for myself. For her hands, I think a pair of Leather Mittens should be more than enough, and as for the shoes. . . will Leather Sandals do the trick? Hmm, actually, maybe it would be more practical to give her my old Leather Boots instead of selling them or throwing them out? Yeah, let us do that. And while I am at it, I will also buy some new footwear for Roxanne as well.

(Man, shopping really does go by in a flash when I do it by myself, huh?)

That was the thought that was going through my head as I made my way to the counter in the shop to pay for all the items that I have bought just now. After that was done, I simply went back home without making any more additional detours.

「Hey, I am back, sorry for the wait!」

「「Welcome home, Master!」」

「I finished shopping and brought some new equipment with me. Roxanne, these Processed Leather Boots are for you, and Sherry, you will be getting my old Leather Boots.」

「Thank you very much, master.」

I then took off the Leather Boots I was currently wearing and handed them off to Sherry while changing into the Processed Leather Shoes that I bought.

「You have my thanks as well, master. But. . .  is it really okay for me to be wearing this kind of armored footwear?」

「Yes, because for as long as you will be coming to the Labyrinths with us, wearing such a protective gear is pretty much a necessity.」

「Yes! I will do my very best not to let you down, Miss Roxanne, master!」

Okay, that means that all of us are now properly equipped with new pieces of gear: I have a new Processed Leather Helmet and Processed Leather Boots, Roxanne has new Processed Leather Boots as well and Sherry is going to wear my old Leather Shoes and Leather Mittens. That way, everything we were wearing up until now is going to be of use without the need for us to throw it away or sell it for just a few measely coins that would not even come close to making the selling process worth it.

「Now, are you fine with wearing a Leather Jacket of the same kind that Roxanne is wearing, or would you prefer a Leather Armor instead?」

I took out the Leather Jacket that was placed in my Item Box and presented it to Sherry. Leather Jackets are more expensive than Leather Armor, but on the flipside Leather Armor should provide better protection, so if I were the one to make the selection, I would definitely make Sherry wear Leather Armor, but ultimately it will be her decision to make.

「C-Certainly, since my chest is so small, I could wear the Leather Armor without anything getting in the way of it.」

Sherry turned her head down, and her face became very cloudy. Oh crap, oh fuck! No, Sherry, I did not mean it in such a way! Not sexual harassment! What I was aiming for here was definitely not sexual harassment! In case of women such as Roxanne, Leather Armor tends to fit too tightly, emphasizing her big boobs as a result.



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