A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 2 Part 8



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

That is why saying that Leather Armor might be ideal for her was like saying that she has no boobs at all right to her face. But you know, it is not like Sherry’s chest is nonexistent. I mean, when compared to Roxanne’s huge knockers, of course they would be inferior, but they are not “mosquito bites” small, you know what I mean?  The clothes she is currently wearing might be concealing them to some extent, but they are big enough for me to see that they are clearly there. To be honest, I am looking forward to seeing how they are going to look like once they will become “unpacked” from all the clothing when we will be taking a bath and playing around in bed, because id my estimations are right, then she should still be pretty sizeable, probably enough for them to fit perfectly into the palm of my hand.

「Please, do not be mad at me, Sherry. I did not want to belittle you or make fun of your body with what I said.」

「It is fine, really. I know they are not that small, but I just cannot help it to be a little self-conscious about them anyway.」

「It is perfectly okay, so do not worry about it, Sherry! Besides, when you boil it all down, breasts are nothing more but a decoration that does not do anything to help you fight against the monsters in the Labyrinths anyway!」

Roxanne said that to comfort Sherry, but with her boobs pretty much dangling in front of her and hitting her in the face, I think she might have achieved an effect opposite to what she was aiming for. Roxanne, no matter what you might say, it will not change the fact that your boobs are a very attractive decoration. My god, why is it always that erotic girls with bombshell bodies do not seem to realize hoe erotic they really are? Not knowing how to respond to what Roxanne just said, I just handed the Leather Jacket To Sherry, who was giving me and Roxanne an increasingly cringy look. And honestly, I cannot blame her for that. For better or worse, Roxanne seems to be more than a little airheaded when it comes to sensible subjects, so she might have ended up teasing (or even roasting, depending on how you choose to look at it) Sherry for being small-chested without even noticing that herself, which is going to make any encouragement she might have wanted to give Sherry counterproductive, because she is simply going to think that she is patronizing her.

Now that Sherry has finished putting on  her new equipment, I decided to make a quick additional run to the Weapon’s Shop so that she could buy a weapon for herself. As soon as we entered it she stopped sulking and dragged me into the corner where the hammers and mallets were being sold.

「So this is where they are holding every blunt weapon they have available for purchase, huh?」

Hammers, morning stars, maces, clubs and the like were all gathered in this one place right next to one another. they all varied in sizes form small, medium and large to what I could only describe as extra and ultra large, and my guess is that each and every one of those weapons would weight at least a ton.

「They have a pretty wide selection of these, I have to give them that.」

「Yes, that they do indeed. And it looks like this right here is the cheapest club they have available right now.」

Sherry showed me the club that she was talking about

[Two-Handed Blunt Weapon: Club]

Wow, this thing is a club? To be honest, it looks more like a log of wood or a tree trunk with a handle attached to it rather than anything else. Something like that obviously could not be used for any kind of blacksmithing purposes, but I guess it would flatten just about anything that would have the misfortune of being hit by it without any issues. For the timebeing, let me look for the one that comes with an Empty Skill Slot. . .  ah, there it is!

「Sherry, the ones over here look like they are especially sturdy, so choose one of these.」

「Oh, you are right, they do look like they are slightly more durable than the others! Thank you for the suggestion.」

「Do not mention it.」

「As expected of master! Your eye when it comes to choosing equipment is as sharp as always!」

Roxanne praised me as well.

「They all look pretty reliable, but I think I am going to go with. . .  this one right here!」

Sherry exclaimed, happily grabbing one of the clubs that as about as tall as she was with ease and raising it high into the air to inspect it.

「Yup, this looks like a pretty solid pick, and it is great that you chose that you are familiar with.」

「Thank you very much.」

Now then, if I want my Thirty Percent Discount to kick in, then I guess I should start looking for something that I could buy either for Roxanne or myself. We already have a Club, so maybe I could buy an upgrade to my Wand or Roxanne’s Scimitar? Or maybe I should buy a spear for Sherry so that she could have a backup weapon in case that something happened to the club? And who knows, maybe I will be able to benefit off of it as well if there is a Job that requires slaying a number of monsters with a spear in order to become unlocked? Like A Lancer, or perhaps a Phalanx? Okay, for the time being, let me see what they have here in terms of spears. Identify!

[Copper Spear, Empty Skill Slot]

This here Copper Spear looks like it could be a pretty solid weapon for those who have just begun their adventure with spearmanship, but on the downside, it only has one Empty Skill Slot available. Even though it is called a Copper Spear, the weapon itself is not entirely made out of copper, because it has a firm wooden handle. The thing that is made out of copper is probably the very tip of the spear.

While I was taking all the other spears in my hand to get a feel for them, Sherry approached me with the Club she has chosen in tow.

「So you have decided to go with this Club after all?」

「Yes, this one please.」

I received the Club form Sherry and handed it out to the shopkeeper along with the Copper Spear. The amount I had to pay for both those items was eight hundred and fourty Nars, and the more expensive one of the two turned out to be the Copper Spear. Who would have thought?

「All right, that should take care of all the shopping I had planned for today. Now then, here you go, Sherry, your purchase.」

I said while handing Sherry the Club that she has chosen.

「A-are you really sure it is all right for me to hold onto it?」

It surprised me how surprised she was.

「Yeah, sure, I do not mind.」


W-Why are her eyes shining like that? Is she that happy that I bought something for her, or perhaps because I bough exactly the thing that she wanted?

「Roxanne? Was. . . was giving this Club to her a bad choice, perhaps?」

「No, I believe that was not a wrong thing to do. I mean, normally, slaves are not allowed to be carrying any kind of weaponry on them unless they are not in the Labyrinth.」

「Oh, so that is an actual rule?」

「Maybe not a rule, but rather a custom that has been established since ancient times. It is because of it that I always return my Scimitar to you whenever we are leaving the Labyrinth, remember?」

「Hmm. . .  oh yeah, that really does happen each and every time, now that you mention it.」

I had a conversation like that with Roxanne in hushed whispers. I never really paid too much attention to it before because I got so used to seeing the Scimitar I have her on her hips at all times, but every morning before we set out and go into the Labyrinths I am giving Roxanne the Scimitar from my Item Box, and whenever we are done with exploring for the day, she always hands it back to me and I put it back to the Item Box. It just became such a routine to me after a while that I have literally stopped paying any kind of attention to it.



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