A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 3 Part 14




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「Ow. . . . . khhhhh! ! ! !」

When we arrived on the fifth floor and had to fight against three Cheap Sheep at once, Sherry was once again attacked a few times across the duration of a single battle. It is a good thing that I expected something like that to happen, because otherwise I might have been pretty shocked at the difference in her performance with just one floor of a difference. Cheap Sheep are definitely trickier to fight than the Minos of the fourth floor and I myself had more than my fair share of trouble while dealing with them, so I could definitely emphasize with her struggle.

「Are you all right, Sherry?」

「Hnnh. . .  Y-Yes, I am fine, master. I used to fight against the monsters on the eight floors of the Labyrinths before. . .  so the enemies from the fifth floor. . . are going to be no problem for me at all. . . . . .」

I immediately went up to Sherry and cured her wounds and used Plating on her when the battle was over, and then told her with a patient, but also decisive tone:

「That might be true, but you have to remember that your situation in the past and right now are drastically different from one another, because back then you had a different Party and probably a different equipment as well, so it would be better for you to not think about dungeon crawling in the Labyrinths of today with your past mindset. If you feel like the things are getting too difficult for you to handle, do not hesitate to inform me about it immediately, got it?」

「Master, I am grateful for your concern about my well-being, but I am all right, trust me.」

No Sherry, it is not all right. You might think that you are doing fine, but that is only because you think that you still have your Explorer Lv.10 Job equipped, while in reality the one you have equipped right now is not Explorer Lv.10, but Villager. She managed to level it up from Villager Lv.3 to Villager Lv.4 just now and should be able to hit Lv.5 after a few more battles since when the levels are low they tend to go up a bit faster, but it does not change the fact that her Stats are still lower than those of a Lv.10 Explorer. I am partially to blame for this situation here, because I did not inform her that I changed her Job, but even if I did tell her that, it would not change a thing, because the main problem, her not shifting her attitude in battle to take on a safer approach to every encounter, would still persist. I want to tell her about the fact that as a Party leader I can change her Job without asking her for her permission to do so, but I think that doing so now would do more harm than good, so I have no choice but to wait until I see that she is trusting me a bit more.

「Roxanne, is it safe to continue onward?」

「I do not sense any monsters nearby for now, but if the need arises I can draw the attention of three of them to myself, so I think it should be fine for us to proceed fro the time being.」

I asked for Roxanne’s opinion on whether we could continue our trek through the fifth floor, and once she informed me that we could safely go forward, I nodded back at her strongly. I still had my reservations about whether or not Sherry is going to be able to handle the monsters from the sixth and seventh floors with Villager as her main Job, but if Sherry herself is going to be hell-bent on continuing onwards, then I guess I have no choice but to respect her wishes and simply pay extra attention to her ever time we are going to be engaging groups of enemies from now on.

Like that, we moved on to the sixth floor of Vale’s Labyrinth, where I decided that now might be a good time to test out the Skill of the Sex Maniac Job in practice, but since I was still afraid of letting Sherry fight without the protection of the Alchemist’s Plating, I had to add myself a Sixth Job during the Character Reset in order t fit those two Jobs together along with the rest of the ones that I absolutely needed. There, all set.

「Roxanne, Sherry. Continuing our talk from yesterday. . . . . . . . . . . . do either of you know what exactly do the Skills of the Sex Maniac Job do?」

「I am sorry to disappoint you, master, but I have no idea. How about you, Sherry?」

I felt a little bad for Sherry, because ever since she became a member of my group we were just asking her about a lot of stuff that neither Roxanne or I had any knowledge of, but in times like these she was our only remaining option, since unlike the two of us, she was an intellectual, so maybe I should just make it a habit to ask her about any lore or Jobs related stuff from now on?

「I am afraid that I do not know anything about it either. The only things that I do hear about it is that due to its nature it is not a Job that can be discussed about openly in public, and humans tend to pass down the knowledge about it between themselves in a strictly verbal manner.」

But it looks like not even Sherry knows a whole lot about Sex Maniac Job, and honestly, I am not that surprised about it, considering the very nature of this Job and its method of acquisition. After all, only the biggest, most egotistic of braggards(TL Note: or someone who thinks themselves a Gigachad) would go around telling other people that they have slept with two or more girls at once, and while I believe that there are people like that out there, the majority belongs to the category that is going to be keeping such sensitive information to themselves so that others would not brand them as hopeless perverts.

Okay, let me see what does the Sex Maniac Job do once more, just for reference.

{Sex Maniac}

Effects: Increase SPI (Medium),  Increase INT (Medium) Increase MP (Small)

Skills: Enhanced Vigor,  Abstinence Attack

So yeah, these are all the Skills and effects that the Sex Maniac Job offers me. I presume that the Enhanced Vigor is a Passive Skill that should increase my overall vigor, sexual or otherwise, and Abstinence Attack must be an Active Skill. I was more than a little afraid that equipping that Job might have some unwanted side-effects like being overwhelmed by the desire to violate every female in your nearest proximity, but now that I have it as one of my set Jobs, I do not feel any such urges, which sets my heart at ease. Looks like I can use that Job without having to worry about doing something that I would not be able to undo later. I mean, let me be honest here, whenever I look at Roxanne and those enormous boobs of her, I always feel the urge to jump at her and to various naughty things to her even when I do not have Sex Maniac equipped, but since that is always the case I learned to control those urges to the point where I can stop myself from groping her up throughout the day and only let myself run wild when we are taking baths and go to bed afterwards. If I were unable to do at least that much, then surely, even without the Sex Maniac Job I would have ended up in prison for good if all I did was to act like constantly horny bastard. So with the level of self-restraint that I am currently exercising, I should still be okay and not end up on the wrong side of the law charged with sexual assault. And if I could not, then what other alternative would there be for me? My guesses are either castration, which is absolutely out of the question, or retreating myself to live an ascetic life of a hermit deep in the mountains, where no earthly temptation would be able to lead me astray from the path of righteousness. Well, that being said, people like that are probably quite rare in this world, because throughout the entire time I have spent in this world so far, I have never Identified another human being who would be labeled with that Job. But then again, if it is something that cannot be talked about openly, then maybe humans found a way to keep it hidden from others?



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