A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 1



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

Chapter 4: Master Smith

Player Name: Kaga Michio

Current Character Levels & Equipment:


Explorer Lv.34

Hero Lv.32

Mage Lv.33

Monk Lv.33

Alchemist Lv.6



Leather Helmet

Leather Armor

Leather Gloves

Leather shoes

As you all should already know by now, the enemy native to the seventh floor of the Vale’s Labyrinth are Escape Goats, the bastards who tend to run away if not enough damage is being dealt to them fast enough, so naturally the time when they can be fought is extremely short. That is why the best course of action when stumbling upon them is to surround them in such a way that would prevent them from escaping, and even if they do manage to break through your attempts at stopping them from doing that, everything is going to be fine as long as you kill them with magic before they manage to get too far away from the location of your Party, where chasing after them further is ineffective, because there is always a possibility that they might be leading you into a trap or a larger group of monsters that is just waiting for you beyond the corner. At first it was difficult to establish the proper strategy that would work most of the time, but a after a few dozen tries we managed to come up with something that worked out pretty nicely for us, and most importantly, something that was not putting Sherry in any kind of unnecessary danger while she was fighting in the vanguard. Because of that, I began to wonder: should I keep Sherry’s Job as a Villager, or should I switch it with something else, I mean, she already reached Villager Lv.5 and unlocked Monk and Swordsman Jobs, but Master Smith continued to elude her, so if there is no guarantee that she is going to get new Jobs by obtaining higher levels of the Villager one, then there really is no reason for her to be keeping it any longer. Then again, what if the condition that has to be satisfied is actually to have the Villager Job at Lv.10 instead of Lv.5?

Normally I would have switched her Job back to Explorer Lv.10 because that his the Job with he highest level for her, but I do not want to do it, since if she ends up gaining even one more level in it, turning it from Explorer Lv.10 to Explorer Lv.11, that might mean that her chances of gaining Master Smith Job will be gone forever. However, since Explorer Job has access to the Item Box, then she might find out that I changed her Jobs without asking her for permission first if she tried using it one day and she found out that she was unable to use it. One option that I could try is equipping her with the Shrine Maiden Job, the second one that she tried to obtain and failed in the same way she did with Master Smith. But if I wanted to do that, it would probably mean that we would have to go back to the first floor so that she would not get obliterated by the enemies here on the seventh floor, and that would be such a pain in the backside after we have already made it this far. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The biggest disadvantage of fighting on the seventh floor of the Vale’s Labyrinth is that when you happen to encounter a group of enemies that has Escape Goats mixed in with other monsters, there is always a possibility that when Escape Goats make a run for it after being dealt enough damage, they might attracts other Escape Goats or other monsters towards the group that you are already fighting, making the resulting battle even longer and that much more difficult. Thankfully we did not have too many of such incidents, because now that Sherry is with us, she and Roxanne are taking care of all the opponents within their melee range while I am raining down magical punishment on any of them that try to attack them when their backs are turned towards them or if they try to flee for their lives. As long as Roxanne is in the vanguard to guide Sherry with her instructions and fight all of the monsters swiftly with the combination of her sword prowess and godly dodging skills, it feels as if nothing will be able to threaten us, and that feeling enabled me to approach every incoming battle with that much more confidence. On that account, I can proudly say that Sherry has finished her first day as the official battle member of our Party with a relative success.

Naturally, in order to celebrate that successful first day of hers we decided to have another bath, which of course led right into another night of fun bedroom activities. And since it was such a special occasion, I decided to equip my Sex Maniac Job in order to see if its Skill, Enhanced Vigor is going to work when applied to the sexual activities instead of purely battle-related ones. I know, I know, it was just today that I decided that this Job and its Skills were essentially useless and that I am going to be sealing that Job away, but that was in the Labyrinth, where the Sex Maniac’s Active Skill: Abstinence Attack does indeed royally suck major ass. But the bedroom though. . . . . . . . . that might turn out to be an altogether different story. I mean come on, the Job is literally called Sex Maniac, so it would be pretty strange if it did not have some sex-related abilities that would serve as performance enhancers, right? Exactly. Therefore, I think that giving it a chance in different circumstances is the least thing that I can do. If I did not run at least one test with it too see if it actually works or not and later learned that it did indeed worked and I missed out on all the additional fun that I could have thanks to it, I would have never forgiven myself as a man.

My expectations were originally pretty low. . . . . . . . but when I actually tried it, I have to say that, as crazy as that might sound, I was really able to spot the difference in my performance. Normally I would not be able to muster any strength to continue on and just lie down on the bed completely spent and breathing out ragged, exhausted breaths, but with Sex Maniac set as my First Job, its Enhanced Vigor Skill worked like a charm, and it turned out to be a hell of a lot effective, enabling me not only to do it with Roxanne and Sherry immediately one after the other, but I noticed that I did not felt as tired like I would usually feel after doing them both in quick succession, but I was also fired up and raring to have a go at it for another round, which I totally did, much to the girl’s surprise.

As a result, Sherry was now lying on the bed, breathless and out cold. Yeah, looks like she is not going to be able to go another round even if she tried. It might still be a while for her to get used to this kind of thing, but since she is always doing her best no matter what, then with enough training I think it will be possible to make her last for three, or even four consecutive rounds. But for now, she has learned her rest, so I will just leave her be. And by the way, I think that the same logic can be applied to me. It is entirely possible that the Enhanced Vigor Skill might get stronger when the Sex Maniac Job is going to earn more levels. But in that case, I think that I should definitely start thinking about aquiring more female slaves in the future in order to not be too rough on both Roxanne and Sherry, who do not have this amazing Skill.

「Master, today you loved us so violently as well.」

As we were resting after our finished second round, Roxanne said that to me quietly while she still tried to catch her breath.

「Yeah. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  I guess I did, huh?」

「It. . . . . . .  it was really amazing. . . . . . . master.」

Sherry slowly lifted herself up from the sheets and also commented on what we just did, which honestly surprised me. I though that she is going to be out cold, sleeping, but apparently she managed to recover herself enough to at least remain conscious.



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