A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 16



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

So, in that case, the best possible option here would be. . . . . . . .  .

「Roxanne, Sherry. I will take care of things here, so I want the two of you to go to the western clothing store we have been to earlier and do some shopping there, since it is about time for the three of us to get new sets of clothes.」

「Are you sure, master?」

「Yes, I do not mind. We have some money to spare, so we might as well spend them on clothes and some other daily necessities.」

「All right, as you wish.」

Yes, that is what I wish right now. We would have to buy more clothes sooner rather than later, so this is as good of a chance as any to do so while keeping the girls safe from all those prying eyes at the same time.

After I saw the girls off with my eyes, I turned back and followed the Sex Maniac broker Laurel upstairs as he walked deeper and deeper into the Merchant’s Guild building. As I was walking a step behind him at all times, I began to wonder if maybe I should have Durandal with me when I entered here. I know that the chances of me getting jumped in the middle of the Guild building, and in broad daylight at that are pretty unlikely, but you know what they say, right? Being too cautious of the danger that might be lurking behind every corner has never actually killed nobody.

A short while later, we have arrived at a thoroughly bleak-looking room with only a table and chairs in it. What is this, some kind of medieval conference room?

「I can see that you are wondering about this rooms scarce décor, so allow me to explain. This room and all the other room here on the first floor are used as private spaces for the purpose of discussion and negotiation.」

「Is that so?」

The broker turned his back to me and walked to one of the chairs and sat on it.

「Yes, very much so. Please, sir, go an and have a seat.」

Since I was invited to do so, I sat on a chair in front of Laurel, at the other side of the table. My current position s also good for one other reason: Laurel is sitting at the side of the table that is next to the windows ­– which are all made out of glass by the way, which shows just how much money the Merchants Guild has ­– while I am sitting in such a place that the entrance to the room is almost directly behind my back, so if he tries anything funny with me, I will be able to get out of the room and start running immediately, but that is all under the assumption that he wants to harm me in the first place. I am probably overthinking this way too much and he is just going to present me with some legitimate, honest business offers, but as I said, I am not going to take any kind of unnecessary risks.

「Now, before we start talking about anything related to your business here at the Merchant’s Guild, would it be all right with you if we could talk about a few things unrelated to it?」

「I guess that depends on what kind of thing we would be talking about, but sure.」

「Then allow me to get straight to the point. Those two ladies that were with you. . . . have you been their owner for long?」

「And what makes you think that I am their owner? They might simply be the members of my Party.」

「Let me put it this way: when you are in the broker’s line of business as long as I am, you learn to recognize things like that after nothing more than just a glance at the customers who come here.」

If that is how he puts it, then I guess there is no use in trying to lie to him or convince him that he has judged me wrongly, because that would only serve to worsen my position in the business talks with him that are still ahead of us. So as much as I do not want to admit it like it is a no big deal, I have no choice but to be honest with him about it.

「Sounds reasonable enough. To answer your question then: I am their master for some time now, but it has not been too long since they became mine.」

「I see. You look like a fine young man who is at the height of his life right now, so I would assume that you and your slaves have gotten to know each other. . . .  really close? There is no need to hide it; if I had a pair of female companions such as them I would have done so as well without a second thought. And that is why I would like to ask you. . . . . . . . . . .  would you like to join the Guild made specifically for the like-minded people like yourself?」

「Like-minded people. . . . . . .  like myself?」

「Oh, I am sorry, was that too cryptic of a wording that I chose? Very well then, allow me to rephrase that in a more direct way: would you like to join a Guild made only for Humans who appreciate the pleasures of the flesh and do not shy away from reveling in them at every opportunity they can find while using the Job obtained by indulging themselves in said pleasures in order to traverse the treacherous halls of the Labyrinths in a much smoother way than others?」

Is. . . . . . .  is this guy trying to recruit me to join the Sex Maniacs Guild? And more importantly, such a Guild legitimately exists here in this world?!

To be honest, that proposition of his made me feel nervous and a little bit lost. Then again, I guess that if it is a common knowledge that Humans in this world have something like Sex Maniac as their race-specific Job, then it would be not that hard to guess that someone who has come to the Guild together with two exceptionally beautiful girls, then he must be someone who already managed to unlock that Job for themselves, so I guess that takes care of the question of how did he figured out that I might be a Sex Maniac as well. . . . . . .  . . . . . . but to invite me to join his Guild simply because of that? Something smells fishy here, and I have to get to know what and why.

「Your Guild? You mean, like. . . . . . . .  Sex Maniacs Guild?」

Let me start with a simple, seemingly innocent question.

「Oh, so you know the name of the Job already. Could it be that I am actually talking to a comrade with the same Job that I have?」

The broker leaned back against his chair and smiled with delight while gazing up to the heavens. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  which looked quite strange because here in this room, it made him look as if he was looking at the ceiling.

This whole situation is strange as fuck, but it might also be a good opportunity. If I steer the conversation in the right direction, I might just be able to learn something new about the Sex Maniac Job and how its Skills work.

「No. I am afraid that have not obtained that Job yet, but I did hear some stories about it that managed to pique my interest.」

Oh? Stories, you say? Like what, for example? Maybe I will be able to shed the light on some of the matters that you are interested in, so if you do have any questions, feel free to ask them, and I shall try to answer them to the best of my ability.」

So as long as I have questions about the Sex Maniac Job, he is willing to feed me the information himself? Not gonna lie, that is actually a pretty sweet deal.

「Since you offered yourself, then I am graciously going to take you up on that offer. So I heard that Sex Maniac Job has a Skill called 「Abstinence Attack」. Can you tell me something more about it? How exactly does it work and is it even a useful Skill?」

「You know that much already?」



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