A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 4 Part 3



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist

Originally I was planning on stopping buy in Quratar’s shops for a little bit first to buy some more things for Sherry in the early afternoon, but I ultimately decided against it and continued through the Labyrinths as it was. We can always do the shopping later when we will finish our exploration for the day, but for now, let us put all of our attention into taking care of the Floor Boss, Rapid Rabbit. If we successfully clear the Floor Boss fight now, then we are going to be able to proceed to the eighth floor on today’s evening or in the early morning tomorrow, so no matter how we choose to tackle it, it should all be good.

There were people waiting in front of the Boss Room, so that means that the previous Party that tried challenging it has to still be inside. So it is the same like everywhere else even here in the Labyrinth of Vale, where there were supposed to be only a scarce number of people. But I guess that makes sense. For the people of this world who have to challenge the Floor Bosses in bigger Parties, Floor Boss battles, which are supposed to be a grade above in terms of difficulty in comparison to the normal enemies on crawling around any given floor, will always take a long time. And that time is only going to grow even longer, because it is daytime now, and daytime automatically means more people than in the evening or night hours.

The Party that was now standing in front of the Boss Room’s door consisted of six members. Initially, all that I wanted to do was to Identify them to see what Jobs each of them had, but then I noticed that all of them were looking at us with suspicious gazes that clearly telegraphed that they were up to no good. No, I should be more precise with my words. They were not looking at us, at my Party as a whole. Following their lines of sight, I saw that they were all focused on one, singular point. . . . . . . . . . .  all of their ugly mugs are blatantly faced towards Roxanne! And they are not even trying to hide that all of their vulgar gazes are focus on Roxanne’s rich chest! I know that her boobs are out of this world, but just because they are so big does not give them any kind of right to be looking at her lie she was just a piece of meat to be consumed! Only I am allowed to do that as her master! They are simply oogling her right now, but those glints in their eyes and smirks on their faces were a clear enough indication that their thoughts were already much, much more ahead in their fantasies of what they would have done with her. These barsatrds. . . . . .! Since there is no one else but us right now, then maybe I should turn them all into nothing more but specks of rust in Durandal’s blade? That would definitely teach them a lesson not to direct their swine-like eyes towards the girls that belongs to me and me alone! I mean, no one would hold it against me if I put them in their places, right? Because they are the ones who started by staring at my girl, and with my weapon and Stats, disposing of them should not present that much of a challenge. . . . . . .

Unfortunately, before I could have done anything with these scum, the battle in the Boss Room has ended, and the door opened themselves automatically, letting this garbage of a Party inside, but they entered only after stealing one last glance at Roxanne’s breasts and smirking widely. They were also talking about something amongst themselves, but I was not able to hear what that was exactly, but maybe that was for the better.  If I were able to hear them, I am pretty sure that I would have torn them to shreds right then and there.

「These trash. . . . . . . . . *Tch!*」

「Every last one of them. . . .  they were all. . . . . staring at Miss Roxanne. . . . . . . Every. Last. One of them. . . . . . .」

I clicked my tongue in disgust, while Sherry hanged her head down, looking pretty depressed. Well, makes sense since neither one of the guys who entered the Boss Room just now even bothered to look towards Sherry, because. . .  let us face it, Sherry’s boobs were infinitely smaller than Roxanne’s. I guess I will have to comfort her about it later.

「The expressions on their faces. . . . . .  . . . .  . . they were pretty nasty and unpleasant.」

Roxanne commented on the scum’s behavior as well. Well, they were so blatantly obvious about what they were doing that it was virtually impossible to miss where they were staring and what their intentions in doing so were. But the fact that she was aware that they were eyeing her down as if she was just an object with boobs attached to it made this whole situation that much more infuriating.

「W-Well. . . . . I know it might be pretty hard to do, but try not to mind what just happened, okay? Scummy guys like that do exist after all, and as unfortunate as it is, there is pretty much nothing that we can do about it except ignoring them.」

Believe me, I am even more frustrated than you are, but as I just said. There is pretty much nothing we can do about behavior like that, or at least nothing that we can do that would not end up with us getting on the wrong side of the law.

「Yes, master.」」

Since we have some time before it is going to be our turn to fight against the Floor Boss, I used that time to equip myself with Durandal and handed some Medicine Pills to Roxanne an Sherry respectively, just in case that they would end up needing emergency healing. Then, I have Sherry a Copper Spear.

「Sherry, I know you feel much better with a Club, but trust me, I think that a spear is going to be of much better use in this particular Floor Boss fight.」

Okay. Uhm. . . . . . . . . are we. . . . . . . . .  are we really going to challenge the Floor Boss like this?」

「Yes, that is the plan. Do any of you know what the Floor Boss of this floor is like, exactly?」

「The enemies on this floor were Escape Goats, so the Floor Boss should be Pan: a half-human, half-goat monster that primarily uses magic. Supposedly it is the strongest Floor Boss of all the lower floors of the Labyrinths, and its Area of Effect magic attacks are so powerful that I think even miss Roxanne is going to have difficulties dodging them. The Party that entered the Boss Room before us, as disgusting as they were, is probably testing their skills against it. Also, when challenging Pan, it is a common practice to prepare equipment that has 「Chant Delay」added onto it.」

I kept on nodding my head while Sherry was continuing her lecture. I see now. I have to say, it is pretty nice to be learning the information about the enemy we are about to face before we are actually going to fight it, and it is even nicer to have someone who actually has such information and is willing to share them with us. I cannot stress enough how useful that is.

Even though the levels where they show up might be different depending on the Labyrinth, the monsters that appear inside of them are always the same ones, so now that we have information about the Floor Boss here in Vale’s Labyrinth, we will know how to deal with this Floor Boss when he shows up in a different Labyrinth on a different floor. It makes me feel awfully stupid about my attitude thus far, where the only approach that I thought to be right was to continue storming through the Labyrinths without even stopping to think about analyzing the enemies we have encountered thus far. . . . . . . . . . . . . .   but it is not like I can really help it, now can I? I could use my Bonus Skills to make gathering information about the monsters we have encountered a breeze, but doing so would inevitably come with a risk of the information about me getting revealed to the public.



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