A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 12



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

What is also important here is that the information that Luke told me just now was in line with the prices stated by Laurel, and since I remember the amounts of Nars that he stated, I also know that Luke was not lying about them in an attempt to set me up. Five thousand two hundred Nars, that is the current price of the Kobold Skill Crystal.

「Okay, enough about buying for now. Let us assume that now is not the best time for buying and move on to the selling.」

「As you wish, sir. What would you be interested in selling?」

「A set of six Copper Swords of Obstruction.」

「Oh, was the young lady here responsible for making them?」

The broker looked at Sherry with a glint of curiosity in his eyes. So he was able to tell that she was a Dwarf, and not just a young or young-looking human. I thought that it would not be all that obvious, since she does not look all that different from humans except for her short stature and thick hair, but apparently these characteristics were enough of a giveaway.

「That is right. Her name is Sherry.」

Since he was already able to tell who Sherry was there was no reason for me to hide her, so I simply introduced Sherry to him. I thought that Sherry was going to do that herself, but throughout this entire exchange she remained silent, so I had to do it for her. Does she not know how to greet people properly? No, since she received her education at the Slave Shop that cannot be the case. Maybe she thought that she should not be speaking herself when I was in the room since she is my slave then?

「I see. Moving on, in case of the process of selling items via an auction, there are two option you have available for you: sell the item that you want to get rid off immediately, or leave it to me to inform you when will be the best time to sell a particular item, a service that I will charge a small fee for.」

「Can you really do that for me?」

That is one of the things that I did not talk about with Laurel yesterday. Is it going to be advantageous for me to leave the decision for the time of the selling to a broker, or should I stick to deciding that for myself? If I do leave it to him, then I will not be able to do anything with the items until the time is going to be right. Also, what would bring me more money, a weapon with 「Chant Delay」 or perhaps the one with 「Chant Interruption」? However, if I end up being beaten in an auction, none of these are going to matter and I will lose the advantage that I could have gotten otherwise. Also, I should not be expecting the items to be bought at the same rate and price as when the middleman puts the items on sale.

「I most definitely can, but do bear in mind that it will not always be possible to determine the most opportune moment to sell every item, so if you want to sell something in a hurry, you should not wait and go for the immediate sell option.」

「Go for the immediate sell if I am in a hurry, huh?」

I guess that makes sense, since keeping an item on me and waiting for the moment where I will be able to sell it for a really good price might not always be possible. If I want to strengthen the equipment of all the members of my Party as soon as possible, then I am going to need as much money as I can get, as fast as I can get, so an early selling of the set of six 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」 would definitely be a good investment. Even if it would mean selling for not as much money as I have originally intended, selling them early would still be better than not selling them at all because I waited for a good business opportunity that never came my way or holding onto them and letting them collect dust in my Item Box.

「As you probably know, 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」 are weapons that are often used in the Labyrinths as a countermeasure against the Skills used by the Floor Bosses on the lower floors. If you want to sell a set of full six pieces of them, then you can be sure that the demand for them is going to be high, because there are always going to be the people who will be in need of them, like newly minted Explorers and Adventurers or the Knight trainees.」

「The Knights? I thought that the Merchants Guild did not have such connections?」

「But now you know that we brokers have our ways of establishing such connections, which makes me wonder if it would not be a better idea to sell the swords that you are offering right away? Because I would be more than willing to buy them off of your hands.」

If what this broker is saying is true and he would really have connections to the Knights who would be willing to buy 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」, then there would really be no need to go through the process of handing them off for an auction if he had someone who would be willing to pay for them right away. But there was also one additional development that this offer of his was proving: that he is aware that normally the Merchants Guild had no connections to the Knights, and that the one he mentioned was most likely his personal one, since he used the words 「we brokers have our ways of establishing such connections」instead of 「The Guild has ways of establishing such connections」. And by presenting me with such a relatively risk-free offer, it was his way of appealing to me and showing his honesty. After all, if he is someone who can establish a trade connection with the Knights without the Merchants Guild officially having one, then that only serves to prove how excellent a broker he is.

I glanced at Roxanne and Sherry, but neither of them looked like they had any particular objections to the idea of going along with his offer.

「So, if I was willing to sell the 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」 to you, then how much would you be willing to offer?」

「Let me think. . . . . . . . . . hmm, if you were selling them alone, then I would offer fifteen thousand Nars per sword, but since you are offering to sell a full set of six swords, then the price has to be increased accordingly. How does. . . . . . . one hundred thousand Nars for all six of them sound?」

So he is offering the same price as the broker from yesterday. That would mean that he would be paying around sixteen thousand six hundred Nars per sword. Could it be that this is their usual market price when you sell 「Copper Swords of Obstruction」 as a set? That is definitely not a bad deal, but I wonder if I could raise it just a little bit higher?

「How about giving me eighteen thousand Nars per sword, one hundred and eight thousand Nars for a full set?」

「I am afraid that I cannot pay that much for them.」

Figures. But it is okay, not all hope for a bigger profit is lost just yet. Let me try lowering the price for a bit more. . . . . . . . . . . . .

「If eighteen thousand per sword is too much, then how about seventeen thousand five hundred?」

「Better than your initial offer, sir, but if I am to buy those swords off of you in bulk, then the best I can do is seventeen thousand Nars per sword.」

So that is going to be his final offer, huh? Not too much of an improvement over the initial one, but I guess one hundred and two thousand Nars is always better than one hundred thousand Nars. I really wanted to try haggling some more, but I guess it cannot be helped. I take what I managed to get for myself and be happy that I managed to get it in the first place. The last thing that I want to do is to get needlessly greedy with a broker whom I just met.



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