Volume 11 Chapter 4 Part 5

The Duke seems to like big breasts just like the late Emperor, and certainly, I don’t think Cassia’s chest can be described as small by any measure.

Nd to top it all off, I think she is the type that looks slender in the clothes that she is always wearing. At least I think so.

「What are you saying? It is a fact that the women with small chests are the best. Good grief, small girls are the best!」

Yes officer, we have a pedophile over here!

「When We were a kid, we used to hide in the corner of the room. Once, the attending maid stepped on us without ever realizing it. At that moment, We got sexually excited for the first time in our life.」

「That is very interesting.」

「That pain felt incredibly good. Ever since that time, whenever We see a woman’s feet, we get excited a little. If possible, we want

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