A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 4 Chapter 5 Part 6



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「Ah, yes, of course. The monsters native to the eight floor here are Needlewoods, so we should have no problems in dealing with them since we have already fought them in the Vale Labyrinth. As for their special characteristics, they can occasionally use Water Magic, and are extremely resistant to it as a result, so nom matter what you do, make sure that you are not using water magic against them, master.」

Sherry gave me some more information about the Needlewoods. Do not use Water Magic because they are highly resistant to it, huh? Duly noted. That being said. . . . . . . . . . .

「Needlewoods can use magic as well? I have never seen any of them using it, not even once.」

「It is because the Labyrinth of Vale is a low-level one. As a general rule of thumb, only monsters with mid to high levels are capable of using magic, while the low-leveled ones cannot do it. It is also unlikely for the monsters that have Lv.1 or Lv.2 to be using it, since they are supposed to be the ones on which most of the beginning Adventurers and Explorers tend to accumulate battle experience.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes. As I said, monsters basically tend to be using magic and Skills mostly when they begin appearing in the upper floors of the Labyrinths, but when it comes to Needlewoods specifically, they are widely know to be a type of monster that is not that smart, using simple physical attacks as their primary method of attack, but since we are on the eighth floor, then I think there is a chance that we are going to occasionally see some of them casting magic, so make sure to be on the lookout for the signs of them preparing to cast it, okay?」

Yeah, since this is the eighth floor in the Labyrinth of Quratar, then it should be obvious that the Needlewoods in here are going to be different from the Needlewoods I have encountered on the first floor of Vale’s Labyrinth. The ones over there were all Lv.1 and they were really only using physical attacks like tackling and smacking their branches around, but the ones here in Quratar are going to be Lv.8. Sherry said that the higher the floor, the more Skills and magic monsters are going to be using. I just hope that neither I nor Roxanne or Sherry are ever going to find ourselves at the receiving end of their magic and Skills. Well, as long as we kill all of them fast enough, there should be nothing for us to worry about.

「All right. Thank you for another bit of useful information, Sherry.」

「Thank you, master.」

「Please, do continue to support us with the precious information now, and in the future as well. In the meantime. . . . . . . . Roxanne, as usual, please guide us to a place where there are going to be as few of the enemies as possible.」

「Understood, master. It shall be done as you wish.」

Since there is a possibility that the enemies here are going to be using magic, then should I switch back to Durandal so that I could prevent them from using it? Then again, right now I do not know how often they are going to be using it and how powerful is it going to be, so maybe now that we begin the exploration of the eight floor it would be better to wait for a few encounters and then decide based on the outcome of these battles? Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable thing to do. As for Sherry, I think I am going to leave her at Explorer Lv.10, because with Master Smith Lv.2 there is too big of a possibility that she might end up getting herself one-shotted is some of the enemies turn up to be using AoE magic attacks.

We then proceeded to hunt monsters on the eight floor, but, much to my relief, so far none of the Lv.8 Needlewoods we have encountered have used magic. The only one who sometimes had to resort to it was I, and only when the situation was absolutely calling for it.

After a while when Sherry’s Explorer Job has reached Lv.11, I decided that this might be a good moment to switch it back to Master Smith. I had a feeling that if I allowed her to keep fighting as an Explorer she should have eventually reached Lv.12, but I decided against allowing her to do that, because raising your level with one Job too much is not good, because it can be quite troublesome if you get too caught up in it and neglect increasing the levels of your other Jobs.

The first time ever where I saw a Needlewood use magic was when we had encountered our very first group of enemies that consisted of nothing but Needlewoods Lv.8. It happened right after I hit them up with the Fire Storm and was waiting for it to go off cooldown. Three of the four Needlewoods came up to the front while the last one of them went to the back, hiding behind the living wall that the others have made for it. Initially I thought that they have chosen such a formation because since they were plant-based monsters that attacked mainly with their branches in wide swings, a group of four simply did not have enough space for all of them to be performing their attacks effectively because the Labyrinth’s corridors were simply too small, but my gut feeling was telling me that something was about to go down and that we should prepare ourselves for it.

「Roxanne, take care of the two of them, and Sherry, you go for the other one!」

By now, I have already launched three Fire Storms at the Needlewoods. And now that Roxanne and Sherry rushed in to confront the three Needlewoods in the front, I also launched a fourth one.

「Master, here it comes!」

As soon as I activated the fourth Fire Storm, Roxanne’s warning reached my ears. And in the very next moment, a blue magic circle has appeared under the feet of the Needlewood that was taking cover behind its buddies. Eventually, it managed to finish the chant, and a ball of water was formed above its head. Is this something similar to my Water Ball?

Unfortunately, I had very little time to ponder about that some more, because that Needlewood fired the spell at us almost immediately after it was done forming it, and I have to admit that the damn thing was pretty fast.

It has been shot quickly and went forward in a straight line. My impression was that it is somewhat slower in comparison to the magic that I am firing whenever I am, using it, but at the same time it felt completely different to be on the receiving end of the magic that someone was shooting at you, as opposed to actually being the one raining down magic spells at your opponents one after the other. It has that feeling of. . . . . . . . . . . intimidation, like. . . . . . . like you know that you have to dodge it or else something really bad is going to happen to you. Even now, I can feel that my legs are slightly trembling, or that it is somewhat harder for me to move due to the uncertainty of who this Water Ball is going to target.

As it turns out, that someone was Roxanne. And just as I expected it of her, she avoided that fast Water Ball by doing something so simple as twisting her body ever so slightly to the side, causing the spell to fly right past her without even a single droplet of water landing on her. Instead, the only thing that this magic attack managed to hit with a loud splash was the wall behind her. Heh, I knew that Roxanne was a real goddess of dodging, but I thought that she would only be able to do that with regular physical attacks. Who would have thought that magic is going to not pose any kind of threat to her whatsoever as well? If I was the one who was targeted by that Water Ball, I probably would not have been able to dodge it at all due to how fast it was in my eyes. But anyway, after regaining my composure after seeing yet another instance of Roxanne’s magnificent dodging abilities, I readied my wand and launched the fifth Fire Storm at the Needlewoods. The sparks that it generated flew right to where all four of them were and then engulfed them in a magnificent fiery explosion that caused all of them to fall over and die.



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