A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 13



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Well, I guess that means that my work with the distribution of the relief supplies is really over now, so without any more reasons to stay here for more than it was necessary, I went and left the Duchy of Hartz through the 「Warp」portal that I have created on the wall.

「Welcome back, master.」

Since it was still early afternoon when I got back, I decided to go back to our home in Quratar instead of going straight to the Imperial City, and when I walked through the door, Roxanne welcomed me with her usual greeting and her cheerful smile. But today, there was something different about her, and it I was something that I noticed straight away.

She was dressed in her maid uniform! She is a doggy-eared maid! She is pretty! So incredible pretty! And even more erotic than usual!

「Y-Yeah, I am back, Roxanne.」

「Yes. You are back even earlier that you anticipated.」

「W-Well, I managed to wrap up my share of the work a bit early so the Duke of Hartz gave me the go-ahead to go home as there was no need to keep me there when there was no more work for me to be done.」

This…. This is the same outfit that she was wearing on that fateful day when I first met her in the Slave Shop in Vale….. no, wait, actually, it is not one hundred percent the same. Back then, I am pretty sure that Roxanne was wearing a maid’s hat as well, so technically speaking, this is the first time when I am seeing her in her maid uniform and with her doggy ears unobstructed by anything else! This combination of her seductive maid clothes, her cute ears and her big boobies is truly a match made in heaven, no doubts about it!

These droopy ears covered with soft fur! The smile that makes me all warm inside as I instantly forget about the trouble of day-to-day life and everything that was usually bothering me! That bombshell body hidden beneath the layers of clothing, just waiting to be uncovered by me! Oh yeah, that is right! Even though Roxanne is wearing her maid uniform properly, like any good maid should, there was no way in hell that it could ever hope to cover or conceal the presence of her lustrous limbs and well-rounded curves! Ahh, that softness, that elasticity! Just thinking about them is making my blood boil with excitement! And the frills on the sides of the apron that she was wearing only worked to accentuate them even further, stimulating my imagination with their intricate design. My dear frills, you can try to cover Roxanne’s chest from me, but the truth is that I have already seen it enough times for their sight to be engraved in my memory that I can summon back at will at any given moment in time, so to me it makes no difference whether you are here or not, but nevertheless, you are a welcome addition to the collection of fetishes that is Roxanne in her maid uniform!

「So you are saying that you managed to finish your work way before all the other Adventurers did? I should have expected as much of you, master. You are so amazing that no one can possibly compare to you when it comes to how amazing you are.」

Okay Roxanne, I get it. Me finishing my work way before others did is just one more reason for you to be calling me amazing, huh? I mean, I will not deny it if you are willingly offering me a compliment, but… how can I say this? The words like 「amazing」or 「excellent」have a whole new meaning to them right now that I know that the Duke of Hartz also considers me to be an excellent Adventurer, even though I am not an Adventurer at all, so technically that is a praise that I do not deserve, but as long as I am the only one who knows the truth, then ahhh, who cares?

I turned my back to Roxanne and spread my arms, and she immediately took the coat that I still had on me off my back and hanged it back in the closet from which she took it out in the morning. When she was taking the coat off of me, it felt a little ticklish when the material of her uniform was rubbing against my own skin, but it was not the uncomfortable kind of ticklish, but actually the good kind of ticklish, the kind of which I would not mind feeling all the time.

「Thank you Roxanne, you are a great help as always. But if I may ask… then why are you wearing these clothes of all things today?」

「Oh, should I have not wore them? But I thought that this was the traditional clothing that a servant should be wearing when she is cleaning the house or performing various other household chores, and that is also what I have been taught by the personnel back at the Slave Shop. Were the teachings wrong then?」

Well yes but actually no. While it is true that this clothing is usually worn by the maids who are essentially house servants who take care of all the basic chores such as cleaning and cooking in place of their masters, it is nowhere written that they actually have to be wearing these uniforms at all times, so I think that it all boils down either to the master’s preferences, or to the fact that a maid’s uniform is in and out of itself a symbol of a maid’s status and an indicator of her position in the household, and essentially, I think that it would be right to say that a maid without her maid uniform would be in the same vain as a salaryman without his suit and tightly knotted necktie, or like a sportsmen without a proper attire to wear during the times of official competitions, so while her wearing her maid uniform during cleaning is not exactly a violation of any sort, I could still say that there was something very wrong about it, something that made my heart feel not at ease and it hurt my chest in a way that I honestly was not expecting.

「W-Well, as long as it looks as cute as it does on you, then I guess I have no problems with you wearing it during cleaning. I just hope that it is not going to get too dirty, because it would be a shame if it got some stains that would be pretty difficult to remove, right?」

「Thank you very much for your invaluable opinion, master. I assure you that I will do everything in my power to not let that happen.」

「Great. Yeah, great indeed…」

My fucking God, she is so cute! Too cute!! Cute to such a degree that it should be criminal to be this adorable without even realizing it, because if she is going to keep that up, then I am afraid that very soon I will be vomiting rainbows left and right whenever I will be looking at her! That, and it also makes me want to jump on her and have my way with her right here, right now! I want to devour her in all possible meanings of that word and fulfill all of my maid-related desires that I could never have even dream of fulfilling before!

「Ahhh, I knew it! You are the best after all, Roxanne!」

I hugged Roxanne from behind, channeling all of my affection towards her in it. Ahh, the softness! Ahhh, the flexibility! Ahhhhhhh, the elasticity that seems to be giving up under the pressure of my fingers only to go right back to its original shape!

「I do not know if I did anything to deserve your affection just now, master…. But I am glad all the same. Ah, I almost forgot. A messenger from Mr. Luke came while you were way doing the commission for the Adventurer’s Guild, master.」

「A messenger, huh? Well, what did he had to say?」

「Apparently, Mr. Luke managed to win the bid for the Mermaid Skill Crystal, and he was asking if you would be interested in it yourself.」

「I see. Well, I thought that it would be something a little bit more urgent than that, so we might as well go see him tomorrow. Right now I do not really feel like doing anything else.」

「So I take it you are going to have a rest before you go pick Sherry from the library? What do you want me to do in the meantime?」

「Hmm, I do not know…. Just keep being as cute as you are now. Also…」



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