Volume 11 Chapter 4 Part 10

「Alright, desu.」

「Then, I’ll leave rest of the cooking to Miria.」

「Yes, desu!」

After leaving rest of the dishes to Miria and putting the luggage down, I leave for shopping.

I buy bread, eggs and vegetables.

When I return home after buying the cooking ingredients, Sherry had just woken up.

「I’m sorry. I seemed to have slept.」

「It’s alright. There’s no problem, right?」

「Yes. After sleeping for a while, I feel refreshed. I’ll help Miria with the cooking then.」

Sherry doesn’t snuggle to me like she did earlier. She goes to Miria curtly. Her dere phase seems to be over.

I have Vesta help me with the cooking. While Vesta makes the bread crumbs, I fry the lean tunas and the shrimps.

It’s going to be a tuna cutlet. Although it’s fish, it tastes like meat.

After deep frying for a bit, I boil water in a pot, then add wine, fish sauce and dragon skin. I put the tuna cutlet

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