A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 1 Part 16 **BONUS CHAPTER**



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

Sherry declared her intentions of paying Roxanne back for the brush, because she felt bad about her buying something that both of them would be using with just her own money, but then she had a look as if a lightbulb just flashed above her head and she went like…….

「……. Oh, that is right. I ended up spending all of my allowance. S-So, uhm…. I am sorry for wasting it all on myself! Master! Miss Roxanne!」

So Sherry did end up using all of the five silver coins that I gave her? That is a little unexpected, but I cannot say that it does not make me happy to know that she did what I asked of her. Good for you, Sherry.

「Those five silver coins that I gave you were essentially your pocket money, so you were free to spend it however you saw fit. Whether you spend it all or keep it is up to you and I will not judge you for it. So if you have any of the money from your shopping left, Roxanne, then be sure to keep it for yourself instead of giving it back to me. Who knows, there might come a time where those coins might just come in pretty handy to you.」

「Are you really sure about that, master?」

「Yeah, I do not mind. You are my slaves as well as my precious Party Members, so I trust you to use this money in the best way possible.」

「Thank you very much for putting your trust in me, master.」

I said that because I trust both Roxanne and Sherry, but my decision to allow them to keep the money has a hidden meaning as well. I know that it might be nothing more but a possibility that may or may not come true, but in the unlikely event that we somehow end up getting separated from one another, be it through the effects of some sort of magical trap or through other means, the money they are going to have on them in case of such happening should be enough for them to go back to our home in Quratar on their own.

As I said, I hope that a scenario like that is going to remain nothing more than a possibility, but since this is the world in which you might never know what is going to happen one you enter the Labyrinth, it is better to be safe now than sorry later.

And what about you, Sherry? How did you spend your day off? Did id you read some interesting books?」

「Yes. Since I am going to be working as Master’s Master Smith from now on, I thought it might be a good idea to refresh my memory and read about the effects of every monster Skill Crystal so that I would always remember what are their effects are without messing them up, and so I used the pocket money that I received from master in order to buy a notebook and a writing instrument for myself, so whenever I will hear or read about something interesting from now on, I will make sure to take notes about it.」

So it looks like both Sherry and Roxanne had managed to spend their day off in a meaningful way.

Not having anything else to do for the day we went straight to bed after finishing dinner, and by the following morning the odor of alcohol that was persistently hanging around Sherry has completely disappeared.

I was initially worried about what might happen when she will give me a good morning kiss with the tongue and she ends up breathing the alcoholic fumes directly into my mouth, but much to my relief it looks like the scenario where I end up barfing all over the bed and myself because of it can be completely avoided. While Sherry and I were kissing, all that I could feel was the sate of her mouth without a drop of alcohol smell in it, so I could safely bring my own tongue around every corner of her mouth without feeling uncomfortable at all.

The walls of her mouth and her tongue were moist and slimy like usual, stimulating my senses all throughout our kiss to the moment when our mouths separated from one another. Until then, I made sure to savor every movement, sensation and feeling, and then when I stopped kissing her, Sherry was the one who kissed me back and placed her own tongue back in my mouth, imitating every movement and technique that I have used on her. She was still somewhat awkward when it came to the refinement of her kissing technique, but she was definitely making progress with each passing day. She was entwining herself around me and responding meticulously to each and every one of my own movements, and then she finally let go of me.

「Good morning, Sherry. How does your head feel? Does it hurt?」

「Good morning master. No, my head feels fine, and there seems to be nothing wrong with it.」

I thought that she might be dealing with a hungover, but apparently nothing of the sort has befallen her, most likely because she was only slightly drunk, exactly like she said yesterday.

I think that aside from the Dwarves’ high resistance to alcohol, they might also have their livers work at an excellent capacity, and that might be why even though she ingested alcohol, she is feeling no harmful side effects of it… But that begs the question: if Dwarven livers really work so well, then is it possible for them not to get drunk at all? Does it depend on the person and their individual characteristics, or is it something that all of the Dwarves can develop if only they will train their livers and entire digestive systems hard enough…

No, that seems highly unlikely, because even if Sherry claimed that she was not drunk and that she did not have a hangover, she still ended up going to bed pretty early along with Roxanne and myself, and as soon as she hit the sheets, she ended up falling asleep almost instantly and I think that she has slept like a log all the way into the morning, and throughout that time, I do not think that there was anything that could have woken her up from her recovery sleep even if it tried.

But now that I know that Sherry is pretty much highly resistant to the harmful effects of alcohol, there was one more question that began to nestle itself in my mind: how resistant to alcohol is Roxanne, and if she ever got drunk, then what kind of drunk would she be? A happy drunk who gets all clingy with everyone in her surroundings? A gloomy drunk who ends up going through involuntary trips down the memory lane of all the worst memories possible? Or perhaps a sexy drunk, the one who would have her sex drive amplified to eleven as she would push me down and try to have her way with me? Whatever the case might be, I cannot wait to see the day when I will be able to confirm that with my own eyes.

Since it was early in the morning, we went to Quratar’s Labyrinth as usual to do some grinding and farm the materials from the monsters which we then sold at the Adventurers’ Guild, then after we got back home I had Sherry engage in another round of her training as a Master Smith and create two more Misangas (once more without an Empty Skill Slot on either of them, regrettably) and when she was done with that we proceeded to have breakfast.

「By the way, Roxanne told me yesterday that Luke the Broker managed to win a bid for a Mermaid Skill Crystal and he sent a messenger here asking if I would be interested in it. While I cannot say that I am downright disinterested, I would like to know what kind of Skill you can obtain if you fuse a weapon or armor with Mermaid Skill Crystal, and based on that knowledge I will then make a decision. So Sherry, care to tell us what kind of Skill we would get if we got our hands on that particular Monster Skill Crystal?」

I asked Sherry to enlighten us in that matter as we were all eating the food on our plates. 「Mermaid Skill Crystal is one of the Monster Skill Crystals that add an element to the weapon that they are infused with, and in case of a Mermaid Skill Crystal, the added element would be water, giving you the 「Water Sword」 Skill. Alternatively, if you were to infuse Mermaid Skill Crystal with a piece of armor, you would then get a Skill that would increase that piece of armor’s resistance to water-based attacks and magic.」



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