A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 6



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

It felt kind of strange for me not to have any kind of reaction to it, but I did not think much of it, thinking that this must simply be how it is after using 「Abstinence Attack」 and expending all of the accumulated lust in order to power up the Skill, so I just continued to do it until Roxanne was squeaky clean. Even though I had her heavy, elastic fruits in my hands like I always do every other day, I did not do a single perverted thing to them. I then did the same thing to Sherry, washing every last corner of her body thoroughly, leaving no place unattended, but just like with Roxanne, it was just for the purpose of washing her, without any sexual undertones whatsoever.

And after the cleaning part was finished and we were soaking in the hot water with our bodies rubbing against each other, I was still completely calm and collected. We even did all of the usual things that we do during bath time: we hugged each other, we kissed each other and we caressed each other affectionately, but neither of these actions was sending my mind into a lustful haze, like it was all those times before. Roxanne and Sherry were nestled at either side of me and they were holding onto my arms, allowing me to enjoy the elasticity of and smoothness of their chests and were showering me with kisses, but even despite that, my perfectly calm mind remained unmoved by the stimulation and the earthly desires. I was still calm. Perfectly calm.

It was the same when we finished bathing and went to bed. I mean, we still ended up doing it, but this time, instead of going until all three of us would pass out from exhaustion, we ended up doing only two times in a row, so in comparison to yesterday when I was testing the limits of the 「Enhanced Vigor」 Skill, it could be said that I was still relatively calm, even more so if you consider the fact that I still had Sex Maniac equipped as my First Job, so 「Enhanced Vigor」 should still be in effect, granting me an increased amount of sexual stamina and the drive to continue shaking my hips inside of Roxanne and Sherry until they would not be able to move anymore for the rest of the evening.

Can all of that be attributed to the aftereffect of using 「Abstinence Attack」, which apparently works like some kind of libido quencher that calms down my sexual urges even though Sex Maniac is still equipped on me? Anyway, in terms of pure attack power, I would have to conduct more tests to see how it compares to other offensive Skills such as Warrior’s 「Rush」.

But for the time being I think it can be concluded that as long as I manage to uphold sexual abstinence for almost an entire day, then 「Abstinence Attack」 can definitely be used as one of my go-to offensive Skills as long as I would need raw power to fight a Floor Boss or a particularly strong or problematic opponent during the time of the regular Labyrinth exploration. And the longer I will be able to keep my abstinence up, then the more powerful that Skill is going to become, meaning that the damage that it is going to be inflicting is going to be even bigger, which would be great.

If almost one day of abstinence was enough to one-shot a Lv.8 monster from the eighth floor of the Labyrinth, then I do not even want to imagine how powerful the 「Abstinence Attack」 that has been charged for as much as ten days would have been. And if that Skill was so effective against a normal monster from the eighth floor, then I wonder how effective it is going to be against the Floor Bosses on the eighth floors.

However…. Keeping myself from doing anything even remotely sexual for at least ten days? Yeah, as much as I would have liked to see what the effect of that would have been, I am positive that in my case something like that is not happening, because for me, while keeping the abstinence for almost a day was not all that hard, then doing the same thing for two days in a row, because if there is a thing that I would never want to deny myself, it would be the option to have sex with Roxanne and Sherry every single night.

Starting from the morning of the next day, I have returned to my usual way of fighting the monsters that does not involve having Sex Maniac as my First Job. Judging by our current pace, I estimated that we should probably be able to break through the eighth floor of the Vale’s Labyrinth, and I was not mistaken about it, because during our morning exploration of it, we already managed to arrive at the Floor Boss’s Boss Room after battling through a few groups of Collagen Corals mixed in with other monsters, and after a short strategic meeting we decided to give the battle with the Floor Boss a shot, because why the heck not?

We have been able to handle regular enemies on this floor with relative ease, so we all thought that there is no way that the Floor Boss is going to be any more difficult than them just as long as we stay calm and continue to work together, and as it turned out, we were absolutely right, because once we got down to it and challenged it, that guy turned out to be a total pushover whom we managed to absolutely obliterate in a matter of few minutes. All it took to secure our victory over it was a few strikes with Durandal while I reinforced Sherry with 「Plating」 as a precaution just in case if some of the Floor Boss’s attacks were somehow able to reach her. Overall, for a Floor of such a relatively high floor, this was one of our easiest victories up to date.

We then advanced to Vale Labyrinth’s ninth floor, which seems to be inhabited by Slow Rabbits, according to the intel gathering that Sherry has performed in the Explorer’s Guild. Thankfully, at this point all of us have encountered them our fair share of times, mainly across our many treks through the seventh floor of the Labyrinth of Quratar so we know both their attack patterns and the speed of their movements, which is just as their name implies: slow, so I do not think that we are going to have any problems with dealing with them, even though they are going to be Lv.9 monsters. In ither words, this floor should be pretty relaxing for us, and it should give us another easy victory.

「To think that there was actually a time where I thought that Slow Rabbits were scary, tough opponents. Heh, feels like so long ago now.」

The first Slow Rabbit Lv.9 that we came across fell and turned into a puff of green smoke after I unloaded six Fireball」 Spells into it.

Six shots of 「Fireball」 in order to bring down one opponent, huh? I knew that something like that would inevitably happen, but it does not mean that I was not slightly disappointed. If that one Slow Rabbit was any indication, then it would seem that if I wanted to fight the enemies on the ninth floors of the Labyrinths with my magic alone, I would have to prepare myself to fire six Spells to defeat a single one of them, and that number would only increase in battles where there would be more than one opponent, so this checks itself out with the general rule of dungeon crawling in this world: as the number of the floor increases, the monsters that we are going to encounter in the are going to get progressively stronger, and I know that at one point the battles that I thought were easy will stop being easy and start giving us trouble, so we have to take advantage of the easy ones whenever we can now.

「I see that the number of times that you have to shoot your Spells to defeat the enemies has increased again, but it is not all that different in comparison to the number of times you had to do it on the lower floors, but I can see that this is not making all that big of a difference to you and that you can still take the enemies out with it with no problems. As expected of master, even the enemies that are getting progressively stronger are no match for you.」

When the battle was over, Roxanne offered me her words of praise for my accomplishment of defeating the Slow Rabbit with Fire Magic alone.



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