A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 2 Part 8



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It is a very good thing that normal Green Caterpillars do not have the poison spit Skill up their repertoire as well, otherwise I would have probably been pretty much boned back then. And also….

「I never realized that White Caterpillar would have such complex attack patterns.」

「A lot of people do not realize that until it is too late as well, but actually, many monsters have those kinds of combination Skills, and the higher the floor, the stronger and increasingly more complex they can get.」

Oh, is that so? Then I guess that is all the more reason for us to be especially careful from now on. It would be pretty bad if we were to happen upon the enemies who would be spamming those types of combination Skills that would result in all of us getting caught in them without the ability to do anything to counteract them, and for this particular floor, it would seem that an anti-poison medicine or pills would be the best thing for us to obtain, since there is a pretty high possibility that we are going to be seeing the poison-inflicting enemies on a regular basis here. I thought that we will not be seeing such a status-inflicting monsters until much later, but apparently we are just out of luck when it comes to that, eh?

Well, no matter. Now that Sherry informed us which enemies have the probability of inflicting poison, we can come up with the appropriate strategies to work against them. When it comes to Spi Spiders, I can always have Roxanne deal with them, since because of her godly dodging abilities, the probability of her being hit not only by the poison-inflicting attack, but also any attack at all is extremely low, so she can just proceed with them how she always did up until this point, and when it comes to the White Caterpillar’s Skill attacks, they can always be cancelled with my Durandal.

「It is amazing that you know so much about monsters thar are using poison, Sherry. I did not notice it at all until this point.」

Roxanne praised Sherry for her extensive knowledge. It is a good thing that I told Sherry to be gathering intel on the monsters whenever she could find a spare moment. Now the information that she managed to obtain are really going to come in handy.

「There is nothing for you to be worrying about, Miss Roxanne. Out of all the monsters on the floors that we have been on so far, NT Ant is the most dangerous monster type that has status inflicting attacks, to the point where they can be said to be the representatives of such monsters on the lower floors of the Labyrinths. The scariest thing about them is that they can inflict poison with their regular attacks, and they also possess Skills that can do the same.」

Damn, so that means that they are doubly as dangerous as I initially thought they are going to be, huh? Couple that with the fact that the higher the level, the more frequently the monsters are going to be using the Skill that they have on their disposal, and you are going to have a truly deadly mixture for yourself. And now that we have arrived on the ninth floor of the Labyrinths, the enemies are sure to be using their Skills much more frequently than they did back on the eighth floor or the seventh floor, and as much as I do not like it, then I guess there is genuinely nothing that I can do about it other than accepting it and learning to roll with it.

「All right, I am pretty sure that I understand what happens when you get poisoned, but  just to give ourselves a refresher, could you tell me what is going to happen to me if I get inflicted with it, Sherry?」

「When you get poisoned, the toxins from the venom that has been injected into you are going to gradually be making you weaker and weaker, until you are eventually going to die from it.」

You are going to die if you allow poison to accumulate in your body for too long? Yup, that sounds like the poison I know and love from all the other RPG games.

「Understood. And can this poison ailment be cured with the Anti-Poison Pills and Anti-Poison Medicine?」

「Yes, these medicines are the primary method of removing poison from your body without using ailment curing magic or visiting a temple so that they could cleanse it off of you.」

「And after you clear the poison off of yourself, are there any lasting aftereffects of it?」

「Not in the way that you might be thinking, master. However, even after you remove the poison from your system, it does not change the fact that the damage that it has inflicted upon you still remains, so in order to get yourself back to full health, it is going to be necessary for you to use wound-curing medicine or Healing Magic on yourself if you have access to it.」

All right, so even if the poison itself seems to be a pretty serious and troublesome ailment, then at least the methods of removing it are aplenty and it is not going to be leaving any effects that are going to be permanently unremovable, which is very good to hear, even more so since it can be removed with Healing Magic, which is even better, because with that, there is absolutely no way for me to have any sort of problems with dealing with it.

「Okay, now let me double check….」

I said while summoning my Item Box and rummaging through its contents for a while, until I found what I was looking for.

「…… right. I have some Anti Poison Pills in the Item Box, so if either one of you ever gets hurt, be sure to come to me for treatment right away.」


「As you wish, master!」

In order to make the eventual process of removing poison quicker, it might even be good for me to get the Anti Poison Pills out of the Item Box and place them in my backpack for a much easier access. Right now Sherry also has her own item Box, so I was thinking whether or not I should give some to her as well, but in the end I decided against it, because if she ever wanted to take the Anti Poison pills out of her Item Box, she would have to recite a full chant for the Item Box first, while I can do it without it, giving me pretty much instantaneous access to my Item Box’s contents….. but maybe I should come up with some kind of contingency plan in case that I will be rendered immobile and will not be able to give Anti Poison Pills to either Sherry, Roxanne or myself in time? Not for the battles with the mobs in the Labyrinth, because at this point we pretty much have all of them covered nicely, but the Floor Bosses might be another thing entirely. So, with that in mind….

Sherry, open up your Item Box. I am going to give you some of the Anti Poison Pills just in case. I hope the need for you to use them will never come, but just in case it does, I want you to use them in an emergency.」

I had Sherry open up her Item Box and handed her a part of the Anti Poison Pills that I had in my own Item Box. The capacity of Sherry’s Item Box is essentially the same as the one possessed by a Lv.10 Explorer, meaning that it held ten times ten spaces where the items could be placed, so it should be enough if I gave Sherry ten Anti Poison Pills in total.

We then proceeded to begin the exploration of the ninth floor with Roxanne acting as our guide, and the first enemy that we happened upon was our very first NT Ant. I do not know what it was that I have expected when I heard the name NT Ant, but it turned out to be a large ant. There was nothing distinguishing about it, really. It was just a huge-ass regular ant. And when I say huge-ass, I do not mean, like, for example, an ant the size of a small dog. No, when I say that NT Ant was huge-ass, I meant in in a literal sense of the word. It was HUGE, and absolutely massive, almost strangely so. It was that kind of big where we did not even need Roxanne to be telling us beforehand with her sense of smell that this enemy was around, because both Sherry and I could see it perfectly way from the distance in the corridor.



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