A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 3 Part 11



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist  Editor: Weasalopes

I cannot stay in Palmasque’s Adventurer’s Guild for too long, or I may start looking suspicious, so I should better relocate myself to some other place that is not here, and fast, preferably to somewhere where I will be able to spend time actively, because even if this is only going to be an hour, I would definitely die of boredom if I just sat around doing absolutely nothing. I just need to find myself something to do to keep myself occupied long enough for Sherry to be done with her task, and once she is going to be done and on her way back to Palmasque’s Adventurer’s Guild, I will definitely know about it, since as a Party Leader who established his own Party, one of the Party’s Settings functions allows me to know the general location of any of the Party Members that I am going to focus my attention on.

I warped us through the wall of Zabir’s Adventurer’s Guild to Palmasque’s Adventurer’s Guild, as a result of which my MP has really went into the red zone, decreasing more than it did when I returned from Palmasque earlier.

It decreased considerably. It decreased so much that my mood is getting worse…. Oh fuck, it decreased almost completely! I knew it! So the consumption rate of MP does increase when the number of people that are teleporting together with you increases! I should have known! And I should have also known that it was a bad idea to take Roxanne and Sherry with me! If only I had not taken them with me, I would have still had enough MP not to descend into depression like that! Then again, there is also a possibility that there might be yet another thing at fault here: it might be possible that the consumption rate of MP is increasing while going eastward, which would make it the exact opposite of the jet airflow of the earth.

Yet another, even more likely possibility is that my own abilities are simply too lacking to allow me to save enough MP while travelling across wide distances, but I would rather believe in the former than openly admit that I am so incompetent despite possessing so many Jobs and Bonus Skills!

「Okay, I guess I better get going then.」

Just now, when Roxanne and Sherry left Palmasque’s Adventurer’s Guild, I almost ended up following after them subconsciously. Yes, I know that it is because of how much my MP has decreased and affected my mind and thinking processes, so you can stop looking at me with that condescending eyesight as if I had done something incredibly cringeworthy already! I will get around to fixing that real soon, so just give me a moment, jesus! This is exactly why I hate having my MP drop down to the red zone so much: it affects my thinking to such an extent that I do not even realize what am I doing until it is way too late to do anything about it without me either making a fool of myself or making myself look suspicious as heck!

Let me see, how exactly did I arrive in this peculiar situation again? First I went from Vale to Zabir, and then moved between Zabir and Palmasque twice. By doing just those things alone, I have ended up using most of my MP. This is definitely a lesson for me: if I do not want to lose too much of my MP too quickly, I absolutely cannot do long distance warping in quick succession, or at least not without having MP Recovery Medicine on me. Which reminds me…..

I drank a Mana Recovery Medicine as soon as I parted ways with Roxanne and Sherry. I am sure that to whoever was looking at me from the side now, I probably looked like a good-for-nothing husband who has been abandoned by his wife and their daughter, but I do not care about that. All that I am interested in is watching over them until they are going to leave Palmasque’s Adventurer’s Guild to see if there is not going to be any problems while they will be going through Intelligence Card check, but from what I am seeing, nothing like that is happening. Roxanne and Sherry simply approached the checkpoint at the entrance to Palmasque’s Adventurer’s Guild, handed their silver coins to pay the City Entrance Tax, had their Intelligence Cards looked over and were allowed to move forward without any incidents, after which they turned around and waved goodbye at me. I guess that is my confirmation that even those who are officially somebody’s slaves can enter Palmasque without any major issues, and that is one less thing to worry about off my mind. Well, the Adventurer who gave us all of those long-ass instructions before did say that anyone was free to enter Palmasque without any kind of restrictions, but to be honest, I did not believe his words and thought that there has to be a catch somewhere, but apparently there is none.

But…. But if anyone can go there freely…. Then does that not mean that the girls have no reason to come back to me anymore?

Yes, there is absolutely no reason for them to do that. No reason whatsoever. I mean, how could there ever be any kind of valid reason for them to do that? No, there…. There really is no reason.

They probably hate me for being such a terrible pervert of a master who wants to do nothing but screw them until they pass out every single day, and because they hate me with a passion for it, that might want to leave me for good and seek refuge here in Palmasque. They probably figured out why I was so reluctant to go through the Intelligence Card inspection and concluded that this is going to be an ideal place to run away from me! This possibility is so true that it is scaring me shitless right now!

There is no reason for Roxanne and Sherry to follow me forever. Roxanne herself even mentioned before that there is a certain trick to switching masters that slaves could use.

I know I am not an able master because I do not know anything about this world. Hell, I doubt if I ever acted like a proper slave master for even a single moment. Most likely not, since all that I do is to randomly speak whatever comes to my mind, because of which I always end up getting myself in all sorts of awkward situations.

I am always paranoid about everything, and whenever we are faced with a difficult or unfavorable situations, the first thing that I am always thinking about is to tuck my tail between my legs and run away from them, so it is a given that they would lose all semblance of respect that they initially might have had for such a failure of a master as myself.

God fucking damn it, I feel so useless now!

I am overwhelmed with negative thoughts and they are starting to go in a very, very wrong direction, so I took another gulp of the MP Recovery Medicine. Such a waste of good resources for a shitbag like myself, but it cannot be helped! I have to do it to replenish all of the MP that I have lost. And thanks to that, my mind calmed down and became more clear now.

Now that I have calmed down, I know there is no reason for them to not come back to me, and I have faith that both Roxanne and Sherry will come back after they finish the mission that I have entrusted them with. There is no problem at all, and everything is going to be perfectly fine.

Having calmed myself down, I exhaled deeply, and took a look outside of the Adventurer’s Guild. From where I am standing right now, the city feels very exotic, but it also has that…. artificial feeling to it, probably because pretty much all of the city’s buildings were colored the same shade of white, without any exceptions to that rule, and they were also quite small and build at identical intervals and fixed distances from one another. The reason for all of them being identically white is probably because of the use of the Shield Cement in the process of their creation.

It is quite different from the Imperial City and Quratar, and certainly unlike anything that I have seen in Japan.

The closest thing to it that I can think of is that one Greek city on an island off the coast of the Aegean Sea, or perhaps an oasis in the middle of a desert. But even though I said that, there is nothing green in this city. No trees, no forests, no grass, no nothing. However, that does not mean that this place is a complete desert, because there are still weeds growing in vacant spaces between buildings.



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