A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 4 Part 11



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In that case, the largest mirror of the bunch is going to be the one that we are going to take for our personal use. It is also good that apart from that table mirror with the stand, the price is going to stay the same regardless of the sizes of the mirrors.

「Since it is only going to the one in the whole eleven mirrors set, it would seem that the stand is going to be attached as a special service at a later date, and it will also be done without any additional charges.」

Wait, so you are telling me that the price of attaching a stand to the table mirror that is going to be added to the largest mirror out of the eleven that we ordered to be made is already included in that fee that Sherry and Roxanne paid? Oh wow. As, as expected of Sherry I guess, and for the second time today no less.

「Great job, Sherry.」

「Oh, I forgot to mention that, but this particular thing has been negotiated by Miss Roxanne.」

「Really, Roxanne?」

「Yes. I asked him if it could be done in such a way and he agreed to do it.」

「In that case congratulations to you as well for you bartering skills.」

Who would have thought? I was convinced that Sherry was the one who negotiated that particular thing as well, but the one whom I have to thank for it is actually Roxanne. She is a girl of many talents besides dodging and smelling enemies in the Labyrinths, it would seem.

「And what about the amber situation in Palmasque? Did you manage to learn anything about it?」

「Yes, actually. In the very same workshop to which we went with the commission. The craftsmen there said that since his workshop is dealing in decorating mirrors as well, he would be willing to buy amber, but he mentioned that he would prefer the rough stones instead of already processed ones so that he could process them freely himself according to his preferences.」

「So that means that there actually is a possibility for us to do some amber-based business in Palmasque, right?」

「Yes, definitely. From what we could gather, amber seems to be quite the coveted resource in Palmasque for the purpose of processing it into decorative ornaments, but amber itself is quite rare in the region of Palmasque, most likely because Palmasque itself is located pretty far from the Northern Sea, where amber is usually being harvested, so I think that if we were to deliver amber to that craftsmen, it might be a lucrative business opportunity for us, because if he really wants to get his hands on amber to use it in his decorations as much as he was saying that he wants it, then he should be able to offer us enough money for it to actually make giving it to him profitable enough for us.」

As expected of Sherry’s knack for information gathering, there is nothing that can possibly sneak past her. That being said, can amber really be harvested from the sea? Because I thought that it is fossilized resin, then it would have to be dug up from the depths of the soil. But if it is not the case, then how is it harvested? Kinda like from an undersea oil rig? (TL Note: *Commits lobotomy via soup spoon* Sigh, I do not know if I should be angry at the MC, author, or both of them, because that is such a 「Pee is stored in the balls moment」). Maybe I should ask Sherry to give me a proper explanation about it later? (TL Note: Yes. Yes you should.)

「If you do decide to sell amber to that craftsmen from Palmasque, then I think it would be good to go to that amber-selling place in Bode that you mentioned the Duke of Hartz giving you a letter of introduction to.」

Yeah, the girls are definitely right about that. Now that we have two Palmasque Mirrors on us, it would be a good idea to deliver them to the Duke’s castle in Bode tomorrow morning. But before we do that, I think it would be best for us to pay a visit to the amber merchant first. That way, I would be able to immediately consult the Duke about it if I am going to have any trouble with that merchant and his willingness to do business with me at all.

「I guess you are right about that.」

「Well then, do you want to come with me next time?」

「We can? Are you sure about that, master?」

「I mean, the two of you were the ones who bought the mirrors and took care of all of the formalities, so I guess that would only be fair.」

Also, Roxanne and Sherry are going to be handling any kind of deals involving the selling of the amber we would get from Bode in Palmasque, because you know, Intelligence Card checks, me not actually being an Adventurer and all of that other stuff that I have already mentioned multiple times.

On a side note though, I would have very much liked to see how exactly would they handle doing business and the prices negotiations with various merchants like the amber one in Bode, since the two of them have apparently gotten some practice at talking to the merchants while they were discussing the details about the Palmasque Mirrors commission with the craftsmen back at Palmasque.

「We understand. Thank you very much, master.」

And so, just like I promised them, I took Roxanne and Sherry with me on my next trip to Bode. We quickly stopped by the castle so that I could ask for the directions leading to Bode’s Adventurer’s Guild, and after that we have made our way to the castle town. When we finally arrived there, I saw that the Duke was definitely telling the truth, and the shop of the amber merchant really was situated right next to the Adventurer’s Guild’s building, so we did not even need to have to look for it, since all that it took to reach the guy’s establishment was a short walk across the tranquil cobblestone road.

It was right next to the sign of the Adventurer’s Guild, which was a motif of the world on a square mark right at the Guild’s entrance. I think that either Roxanne or Sherry explained to me before why is the symbol of the Adventurer’s Guild that one in particular, and if I remember correctly, it was all about the symbolism that Adventurers can go pretty much anywhere they want on this earth.

The building right next to the Adventurer’s Guild looked perfectly ordinary, just like any other building around it, so if I did not know precisely what I was looking for, I would have most likely simply gone past it without looking back. All right, since we are already here, then I guess there is nothing left to do for us but to go inside, huh?

And that is exactly what we did.

「Welcome, esteemed customers.」

A courteous, cat-eared female clerk welcomed us.

Oooooh! Cat ears! Genuine cat ears! They look incredibly good on her. They make her look both playful and cute at the same time. As I thought, Roxanne’s doggy ears have their own unique charm to them, but nothing is ever going to best cat ears in terms of their sheer cuteness value.

「Is this the place that deals in selling amber?」

「Indeed. If it is amber you want, then you have definitely come to the right place.」

All right, so it looks like we are exactly where we needed to be, even if this place is looking more like an office than a shop in a typical sense of the word, not to mention that I do not see any amber on the display anywhere here. Well, if it is really as valuable of a jewel as everybody is saying that it is, then it would stand to reason that they would not be keeping it displayed in the shop proper in order to prevent any attempts at stealing it.

「Forgive me for being too direct, but I was under the impression that you were going to be an Elf.」

「An understandable assumption since Bode and the Hartz Duchy are considered to be an Elven territory, but amber is found near the sea, and it just so happens that the lands where it can be harvested belong to the members of the Catkin race, so it is only natural for the Catkin to run such a shop, do you not think, Mr. Customer?」

She said so in a mild, matter-of-fact voice, after which I felt dumb for speaking so casually about something that might have insulted her.



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