A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 5 Chapter 4 Part 13



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When he finally opened the box, I saw that inside of it was a transparent gemstone with a color that looked like a mixture of orange and yellow, with a slight tinge of black to it. Yes, this is amber. Not a pearl, definitely amber. This is such a distinct color that there is no way for anyone to mistake that gem for anything else.


「It is so beautiful…..」

Roxanne and Sherry expressed their amazement at the sight of amber from both of my sides. Just like any other girl in the world, they seem to really like beautiful, sparkling jewelry.

「A small amber gemstone like this can cost from a thousand to several thousand Nars. A necklace made from amber can cost tens of thousands of Nars. The price of the necklace right here is fifty five thousand Nars, while the one here is fifty thousand Nars. As for why the price of the both of them is so high, it is because large grains of amber, which are pretty rare in and of themselves, have been used to make them. So, how about it?」

Perhaps it was because he immediately smelled a possible business opportunity, but the cat-eared merchant immediately recommended the necklaces to Roxanne and Sherry after seeing how lively they reacted to the piece of amber that he shown to us. *Sigh* merchants will be merchants no matter where you go I guess.

「No, we….」

「Well, I see no harm in looking at them, so feel free to do that if you want.」

「Understood. Then, we would like to take a look, if it is not a problem.」

I urged Roxanne and Sherry to check out the Amber Necklaces if they wanted. Roxanne took the one that was worth fifty five thousand Nars, while Sherry checked out the one worth fifty thousand Nars.

I also took this opportunity to see from up close exactly how Amber Necklaces are made.

Oooh, I see. So they are made like that, huh? Well, that might be a simple method, but I cannot say that it is not an effective one.

The Amber Necklaces that the girls were looking at now were made from dozens of oval-cut and polished egg-shaped chunks of amber connected via a piece of string that was threaded through the middle of each individual stone. Is that how such a necklace would have been made in modern day Japan as well, or perhaps this method is a little bit old-fashioned? I cannot say with absolute certainty, because I do not really understand jewelry and other types of decorations like that, because in my previous life there was no need for me to bother myself with these things, since there was no need for me to be wearing them when I was spending the days in my room all the time and I did not have a girlfriend who would wear such accessories.

「Necklaces are not the only things that can be made with amber, since it can also be used to make brooches that can be especially valuable if the amber used for the purpose of making them is of exceedingly good quality that can be cut into large pieces. This particular brooch right here had its price set to approximately twenty thousand Nars.」

The merchant said while also passing an Amber Brooch to me so that I could inspect it closely to my heart’s content. A brooch, huh? It looks like one of these fancy ones that you could occasionally see men and women alike wearing while having it attached to their coats and mantles. Until now, I was under the impression that only women and men with specific tastes would be wearing something like that, but maybe in this world they are something that men can wear without worrying about being branded in a particular way by the rest of the society.


But honestly, such accessories are not really my cup of tea, and so I am not interested in them in the slightest.

「Palmasque is a town famous for its arts and crafts, so it might be better for me to sell rough amber stones there, because I heard that a lot of craftsmen prefer them that way because then they can have the freedom of working with them however they see fit. Do you also sell rough, unprocessed amber here?」

「I see. Yes, definitely. Since Palmasque is such a city, then it really might be a better option to bring them rough gemstones to sell, since they will be in much higher demand than the already processed stones.」

「Yes, I think so as well, and that is why I asked about them.」

I already heard all about that from Sherry, who in turn heard it directly from the craftsmen who is going to be making the Palmasque Mirrors for us and the Duke of Hartz, but there is absolutely no need for this guy to know about that, and there is definitely no need for me to reveal every ace that I have up my sleeve.

Sherry was looking at the amber necklace quite intently, which indicated that she was greatly interested in it, even though she was trying her best to look like she was not interested in it at all, but she was doing an exceptionally poor job at deceiving all of us who were here in the room with her, because while she might have tried to control her facial expressions, she could do nothing to control that bright shine that she had in her eyes whenever she saw something that picked her interest. She then exchanged necklaces with the one that Roxanne was holding and was examining it with even bigger interest and attention to every single detail, no matter how small it was, but Roxanne was also looking at the necklace curiously.

「Thank you very much for letting us see the necklaces.」

「Do not mention it. Well? What do you think about them?」

The merchant asked Roxanne when she returned the necklace to him after she stopped examining it.

「Well… these necklaces are unquestionably beautiful…. But to be honest, I would have preferred something with a lighter coloring.」

「Do not worry then, because I have just the product like that.」

Not allowing Roxanne to let this matter go after her words which normally should be taken as a refusal that should end all talks here and there, the cat-eared old guy continued to pressure her by taking out another wooden box and showing her yet another necklace that was inside of it.

「Eh? Eeeeeh?」

「This necklace right here is made out of a highly transparent amber, which gives it a light color that is quite refreshing for the eyes, and it is one of the last few that I have for sale purposes here. Price-wise, it is going to be cheaper than the other two that you looked over because its colors are not as vibrant and intense, but thanks to that it should be a pretty good deal to be had.」

「No, I…..」

Roxanne was even more hesitant than before, but the merchant did not let go his assault. He definitely is a true businessman, not allowing any potential prey to escape once he set his sights on her.

「And what do you think about them Miss Customer?」

「Hmm, let me think… I think that both of these necklaces are good-looking and exquisitely made.」

After the old man merchant spoke to Sherry, she returned the necklace to him as well. She praised the products that he has shown to us, but the tone of her voice was as cold as ice. And that glare of hers…. This is a glare that is very different from the usual one that she is giving me whenever I say some dumb or questionable shit. I have a feeling that I should be uncomfortable looking at her staring daggers at someone like that, but this time… this time that glare of hers caused me to feel good, mostly because I was not on the receiving end of it.

「Does that mean that you like them?」

The merchant asked her, seemingly unfazed.

「Maybe I would have, if it was not for the fact that I am a Dwarf, and the necklaces of this length, which are typically made with humans and the tall humanoid races in mind, making them a more than a little bit too long for us.」

「You are absolutely right. Most of the things here are made with Humans, Elves and other tall races in mind because they tend to like the necklaces of this length, but for the clients who do not fancy the long ones we also have something like that.」



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