A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 1 Part 3



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Huh, so what? Just because I did not get back at the mayor when he was talking shit about me because I though that it was going to be too much effort to do so, it makes me a tolerant person now? Because I do not think that this is what being tolerant should be all about, but okay, whatever Sherry and Roxanne think is best for them, I guess. If they want to think that I am a tolerant guy just because I do not pay attention to the trash-talking that comes my way, then I am going to allow them to keep believing that.

We kept on walking for a while as I tried to calm Roxanne down, by directing the conversation away from the xenophobic inhabitants of Tare village, and after a while we arrived at the entrance to Tare’s Labyrinth.

「How far has the exploration of the Labyrinth progressed?」

I ask the Explorer who was standing at the entrance to the Labyrinth, and while I was asking that question I was a little apprehensive about whether on not I was going to get a legitimate answer to it, because I noticed just a little bit too late that the Explorer here was also an Elf.

「The highest that the exploration managed to progress is up to the thirteenth floor.」

He answered without any animosity towards me in particular. Does that mean that he does not care about me being a Human?

「And which monster is the one native to that floor?」

「The monsters native to the thirteenth floor are Rub Shrubs.」

The Explorer answered the second one of my questions without batting an eye. As for the monsters native to the thirteenth floor of this Labyrinth, I have already heard about them before. This monster’s Drop Item when killed are planks, and planks are exactly what Sherry needs in order to move on to the next stage with her Master Smith training. Man, the timing of their appearance could not have been better!

「All right then, can you take me up to the thirteenth floor then?」

I took out the Emblem of Hartz Duchy that I received from the Duke and showed it to the Explorer.

「Are you a member of the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy?」

「I am not their member per se, but a related party.」

That is what Gozer told me to say once I get to the Labyrinth. That phrase, when spoken to the one standing at the Labyrinth’s entrance who was responsible for all of the teleportation services should allow me to partake of said services without having to pay a single coin for them because of my affiliation with Gozer, who said that he instructed those who would be staying near the entrances to the Labyrinths that whenever I happen to go to the Labyrinth, they are supposed to treat me in exactly the same way as they would have treated the members of the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy, which means a ride to the highest floor that is being explored right now absolutely free of charge!

However, a good moment has passed and the Explorer at the entrance just continued to stare at me in absolute silence. Huh? What is wrong there, buddy? Was me saying that I am a party that is related to the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy actually not enough?

「Umm… since you already have two people in your Party, then why do you not try to add me to your Party as well? Because if you do not do that, then I will be able to take only one person with me.」

「I understand.」

Ahh, I see. Now I get it. So the Explorer was simply waiting for me to add him to my Party.

Because we are only two people, there will be no problem with adding him to my Party….. but wait, why did he only say two people, when actuality we have a third member of my Party right here with us: Sherry. Anyway, once I add this guy to my Party, we should be able to go directly to the thirteenth floor of Tare’s Labyrinth. I just do not understand why is it that when the Explorers are forming their Parties themselves, they are only capable of taking only a single person with them. Without thinking about it all that much, I went ahead and added the Explorer to my Party so that we could enter the Labyrinth without any major difficulties

The Explorer went first through the portal that he made, while Roxanne and I follow closely behind him.

「This is the thirteenth floor. Unless you intend to go back outside, you can now remove me from your party.」

「Ah, no, we will be going back.」

Although I wanted to say we will not be going back, I ended up saying that we are going to do so anyway.

Now that I think about it, thanks to that guy we were able to move directly to the thirteenth floor of this Labyrinth, but does that mean that we are going to have to visit all of the previous floors separately if we are going to want to go to the lower floors at any given time? Or is it that now that we have moved to the thirteenth floor in one go, we will be able to move to the lower floors of this Labyrinth because the game’s system already counted the as cleared for us?

Let me test that real quick now.

We went back outside of the Labyrinth where I removed the Explorer from my Party and we tried entering the Labyrinth again. After thinking about going to the eleventh floor of Tare’s Labyrinth I tried to conjure up my own portal in order to get us there, but unfortunately nothing happened, much to my displeasure. So next, I thought about wanting to go to the first floor of this Labyrinth, and the game allowed me to go through with it this time, so it seems that right no we can only choose to go either to the first or thirteenth floor of Tare’s Labyrinth, because these two floors are the ones that we have visited personally, with the first one being a default one, and the thirteenth being the one where the Explorer took us.

Without doing anything else in Tare’s Labyrinth for today, we moved from Tare’s Labyrinth to Quratar’s Labyrinth, but we are only going to be staying there with Roxanne for as long as it takes me to recover all of my lost MP, while in the meantime Sherry is going to go check things out at the Explorer’s Guild where we will rendezvous with her later. Once that business of MP recovery was done, we left the Quratar’s Labyrinth as well.

At Quratar’s Labyrinth, you are required to pay money when you are entering the Labyrinth. But the same thing does not apply to when you are leaving Quratar’s Labyrinth. Because of that money collection detail, the city is probably earning astonishing amounts of money every single day, but that also caused a certain habit to occur: since they have to pay the same amount of money every time to enter Quratar’s Labyrinth, most Adventurers tend to go inside in the early morning and stay inside for as long as possible in order for such an excursion to be absolutely worth every goddamn coin. And because people are going in and staying for so long, it would not be unusual that the Knights responsible for collecting the money would not recall every individual who entered the Labyrinth on a given day.

When we left Quratar’s Labyrinth, we joined up with Sherry at the Explorer Guild’s building.

「Did you manage to find anything at the Explorer’s Guild?」

I asked Sherry as soon as we were reunited.

「Haruba’s Labyrinth has been cleared up to fortieth floor. End-of-Exploration Notification has already been issued for its lower floors. The exploration of Tare’s Labyrinth has progressed up to the ninth floor, but the End-of-Exploration Notification for its lower floors has not been issued yet. There is no information regarding Bode’s Labyrinth.」

「Is it because it has only just been found?」

It will definitely take some time for them to gather the new information on all of the Labyrinths. It is of course impossible for information of a Labyrinth found in Bode just yesterday to be available in Quratar’s Explorer’s Guild today, because that information is still much too fresh.

And the exploration of Haruba’s Labyrinth has already progressed to forty-first floor? Woah! Talk about having a killer tempo!

「The monsters native to the eleventh floor of Haruba’s labyrinth are Minos, and Green Caterpillars appear on its fourth floor, so I would suggest going to that Labyrinth next.」



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