A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 6 Chapter 1 Part 8



Translator: DarkHeartedAlchemist Editor: Weasalopes

It is not dead after one strike, so I use 「Rush」 on it again. *Tch!*, This shit is much stronger than I expected. I am genuinely surprised. To think that there would exist someone in this world capable of taking two 「Rush」 attacks without dying! Even two Rush attacks could not get rid of this Rub Shrub. While it begins to launch another attack, I swing my sword from the side and use a third 「Rush」. Only then the Rub Shrub finally collapses.

Three 「Rush」 attacks to defeat just one monster, when one 「Rush」 can take out a Lv.11 monster? How can a monster be three times stronger with a difference of only two floors? I wonder if the difference of strength between monsters of the eleventh and twelfth floors is great as well. So, in other words, are monsters of the eleventh floor small fries in comparison to the ones from the twelfth floor and higher? Well, I guess that means that the service period is over now. If they are only going to be a few enemies, I guess I can make do with Durandal if things are going to turn out really bad. For now, we can hunt some more on thirteenth floor. I will give them slow death, if that is what they want.

「How many planks do you need, Sherry?」

「Five to six should suffice for now.」

Six, huh? We have collected three of them so far. Alright, I am ready to hunt three more of them, so let us commence forth.

Another Rub Shrub comes out and attacks us, so I attacked him back with magic. It is comparatively more difficult to take it out while using Durandal. Magic attacks seem to be working better on it.

This time, I will turn it to smithereens without fail!

「Annihilate without a trace! 「Gamma Ray Burst」!」

I call for forth 「Gamma Ray Burst」. It is another Bonus Spell that I have beside 「Meteor Crash」. Whether it is classified as Fire Magic or not, I do not know. But what I do know is

that the enemy that I a fighting right now is a Lv.13 monster, so I have to use powerful Spells I order to get rid of it, but……

But nothing happens.

Do I still not have enough MP for 「Gamma Ray Burst」 to work, even though my levels are all fairly high? Does it need even more MP than 「Meteor Crash」? Well, even 「Meteor Crash」 took almost all of my MP, so it is probably going to need only slightly more. Oh well, I guess I will just use 「Meteor Crash」 for now then. Sparks scatter as red-hot meteorites strike the ground again.

Wow! How wonderful! Look, Roxanne, Sherry… see the beautiful fireworks that I can produce?!

「Are there only Rub Shrubs on this floor?」

At the moment, we are fighting Rub Shrubs on the thirteenth floor of Tare’s Labyrinth, but so far we have only seen Rub Shrubs and no other monster besides them, so I asked Roxanne about it. But I do not think that would be the case though, because that would be pretty stupid after all the other floors that we have went through.

「Well, that seems to be the case for the small groups to which I am guiding us at master’s request.」

「So it is like that after all, Well, That is fine then.」

「I can smell a monster we have not fought yet. I think it is the monster from the twelfth floor.」

「Information about the twelfth floor of this Labyrinth wasn’t available in the Explorer’s Guild back when I went to check it out.」

Sherry does not know about it either. I could have asked the Explorer at the entrance about it, but I did not care about it that much then, and as it turns out, it might come back to bite me in the ass right now.

Maybe I should have done that after all? Yeah, it would have probably been for the better.

「I smell a Collagen Coral ahead.」

「It’s the monster from the tenth or eleventh floor then.」

Did the Explorers Guild only possess information up to the first nine floors of this Labyrinth? Man, now I am glad that Sherry is such an intellectual type with a penchant for looking up information. It is also good to know that most likely the enemies from the ninth floor are not going to be making their appearance here.

「Are there just a few of them?」

「Yes. I think there might be just one or maybe two at best.」

「Take us to them then.」

「As you wish, master.」

I should try fighting some monsters from the lower floors. That way, I will be able to see if the Rub Shrubs require three 「Rush」 attacks, because they are Lv.13, or just because Rub Shrubs themselves are so absurdly tough.

After moving for a while, we get to the Collagen Coral Lv13. The level seems to go up like normal, even for monsters from the lower floors. I prepare, and then use 「Rush」 on it.

And then I use another one straight after the first one. The collagen coral is defeated after two 「Rush」 attacks.

Two 「Rushes」, huh? One 「Rush」 is enough for the monsters from the eleventh floor, so that is probably a normal increase. It is also possible that I could defeat it with one 「Rush」 and a Durandal swing, so it means that it is not unreasonably stronger. Two 「Rushes」 were not enough to defeat a single Rub Shrub. Is the strength of monsters from the twelfth floor onward one and a half or two times times more than the lower floor monsters?

I am going to need to check that more thoroughly.

「Can you find the monster from the twelfth floor? It can be in a group because I am going to use magic on them anyway.」

「Okay, it shall be done as you ask, master!」

I asked Roxanne, and she took us to the monster whose smell she had not previously smelt.

Pig Hog Lv.13

Two Rub Shrubs and a Pig Hog appeared. It is not a monster from the first eleven floors, so it must be the monster from the twelfth floor. It is a pig the size of a piglet. It has grown tusks, but no whiskers. As expected of Roxanne, excellent job tracking the monsters down like always!

「Great job, Roxanne! Now let us get to it!」

「Thank you very much, master!」

I thank Roxanne for a job well done and then use 「Meteor Crash」 on them right away, and the two Rub Shrubs are defeated immediately, while the Pig Hog is not. Is 「Meteor Crash」 classified as fire attribute magic after all?

I switch weapon from wand to Durandal and run towards the piglet. My MP has not been completely depleted, but it is getting close to the red zone, so I have to replenish it quickly before it gets too low.

As expected, the Pig Hog did not use any range attacks and simply rushed towards me, aiming for a purely physical confrontation, so I got as close to it as possible and then blasted it with 「Rush」, but it did not fall after being hit with it just once, instead just brushing it off like it was nothing.

Okay, no need to panic just yet. I calmly dodged the Pig Hog’s headbutt and then countered with yet another 「Rush」. This time, it did fall for good, turned into a cloud of green smoke and disappeared. Finally.

It took two 「Rush」 attacks to beat a single Pig Hog down, huh? The monsters from the twelfth floor onwards are definitely stronger than the monsters from the lower floors. I am not sure by how much, however, since I was cautious and used 「Rush」 in order to dispatch it as soon as possible.

If I consider that 「Meteor Crash」 is an example of Fire Magic that does double damage to the Rub Shrub that is weak to Fire Magic, then that would explain why the Pig Hog did not fall from it, because it is not weak to Fire Magic. The Collagen Coral Lv.13 took two 「Rushes」 to kill, so do monsters from the twelfth floor and higher have twice as much strength? Is 「Meteor Crash」 only barely able to kill a Rub Shrub? Does 「Meteor Crash」 only have the same power as two 「Rushes」?



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