A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 17

In the end, I used 「Overwhelming」 again and hacked away at it until the Floor Boss finally

「Sherry, what kind of monster can we expect to encounter on the fifteenth floor?」

「The monster native to the fifteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth is Grass Bee.」

「Grass Bees again, huh? Then we don’t have to waste our time on trying to fight against just one of it. Roxanne, find if you could go and find groups of monsters, please.」


We proceed to the fifteenth floor and encounter a group of monsters made out of two Grass Bees and two Hat Bats.

「「Breeze Storm」.」

So I just take them out in six Wind Magic Spells. Six Spells huh?

The enemies are growing stronger with each new floor, and now it truly begins to show with the increased number of Spells that I have to use to defeat the groups of them. This time it was easy because I needed to use only Wind Magic, but what if Fly Traps start to get mix with the other enemies as well? Although higher floors are going to be more difficult for us, I can’t stay on lower floors forever. I have to level up my Explorer Job as quickly as possible.

The Job structure of my Party is also a problem, because none of the members are pure supports of my Mage Job. Roxanne is a Beast Warrior, Sherry’s a Master Smith, and Miria’s a Diver. All of these Jobs have no bonuses to the INT stat.

If there was more Jobs with 「Increase INT」 Skill in my Party’s Jobs, then wouldn’t it become easier for me to fight by using magic? Should I change Sherry’s job to Monk or a Shrine Maiden in order for that to happen?

If I do that, however, it’ll become difficult for when I use Durandal because the bonus to STR stat from Sherry’s Master Smith Job will disappear, increasing the risk of me sustaining damage due to prolonged battles. Because I have to be in close quarters to use Durandal, I can’t afford for them to drag on for too long, so in the end I decided to carry on exactly as I was.

Asked Roxanne to guide us to a group of enemies made out of carnivorous plants, and she found us a one made out of Fly Traps and a Grass Bee. I defeated it with Wind Magic and then defeated the rest with Fire Magic, but the battle that we fought just now was our longest one to date. After all, it seems that the number of shots and strikes needed for victory will increase in the long-term battles of her, and to top it all off, both Miria and Sherry also got injured.

「Since battles are now taking longer to end, you may receive attacks. Will you be fine with that? 「Medical Treatment」.」

I ask the girls while healing their wounds.

「I’ll be fine.」

「Are you sure? 「Medical Treatment」. 」

「Yes, I’m sure. If it’s to that extent then it shouldn’t be a problem.」

「For a battle in the Labyrinth, I think this is actually rather light.」

「I’m also fine, desu!」

「Alright then. 「Medical Treatment」.」

Both Sherry and Miria assure me that they’ll be fine.

「Isn’t it very difficult to fight when Fly Traps and Sarracenias show up together?」

「Shall I guide us to the places where there is less of them then? Although finding a group like that now might be rather difficult.」

「So fighting just one Sarracenia or one Fly Trap is a no-go now, huh? What are our other options then?」

「It might be a good idea for us to go to the sixteenth floor already.」

Roxanne made a suggestion, and Sherry nodded her head to express her support of what Roxanne was saying.

「What monster are we going to find on the sixteenth floor?」

「The monster on the sixteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth is a Bitch Butterfly, and Wind Magic is its weak point. Since master can also defeat Hat Bats and Grass Bees with Wind Magic, then it may be easier for us to fight on the sixteenth floor now.」

So that’s why Sherry proposed it. How rational of her.

The Bitch Butterfly is the demon that appears on the sixteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth. The Grass Bee is the demon from the fifteenth floor, and the Hat Bat is the demon from the fourteenth floor.
So, Wind Magic is the weakness of the main three monsters that appear on the sixteenth floor, huh? The chances of Sarracenias and Fly Traps appearing also decrease a lot after the fifteenth floor, so using mainly Wind Magic should make a trek through that floor relatively easy, right?

「That’s fine. We’ll see how well we can handle the fifteenth floor for a while, and then move onto the sixteenth floor.」

「I think that’s a good plan of action.」

It’s dangerous to go suddenly, so we’ll take our time. It’s okay to go to the sixteenth floor tomorrow morning or whenever we’ll feel like it.

「The monster of the sixteenth floor of Quratar is, as I said yesterday, Bitch Butterfly. Wind Magic is its weakness, and It is resistant to Fire Magic. It might also try and use its paralyzing Skill when you approach it.」

「It has the paralyze skill? It’s good that we prepared Sherry’s weapon in time.」

「Yes, I’ll do my best.」
Sherry holds her spear to her chest with great care. I’m glad she likes it so much.

We then step into the sixteenth floor. The Bitch Butterfly is a huge moth more so than a butterfly. It flies about noisily, and even though it’s elegant it isn’t pretty. It’s a worthless, crappy monster. Its movement is also a little slow, so I was able to hit it with 「Breeze Ball」 without any difficulties.

「Roxanne, Wind Magic really is effective here. Can you guide us to places with only Grass Bees, Hat Bats and Bitch Butterflies?」

「I think so.」

It seems like we’ll be able to go according to Sherry’s plan, so for the time being, why don’t we try fighting in the sixteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth?

In the morning, we hunted the monsters on the sixteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth. It can be said that the battles were tough overall, but I think that in the end we’ll still be able to manage the fights quite well. At the very least, I still don’t feel like that battles in here are particularly life-threatening, but it still doesn’t mean that I’m just going to lower my guard down and become complacent now of all times. The battles in the Labyrinths are always the ones that are being waged to the death, and if my judgment about the strength of any of the enemies that we encounter here is going to be half-hearted, then all of us are going to pay the highest possible price for my stupidity.

I just have to keep reminding myself that the chips that I’m using to bet on in the Labyrinths are not my money or any of my resources, but my own life. However, even with that in mind, I think it’s still possible for us to do quite well on the sixteenth floor.

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