A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 16

The fourth attack with my magic hits the Hat Bat as well, and after receiving it, it cuts in and approaches me quickly with the intention of attack, but Roxanne managed to intercept it with her shield.

The moment the bat comes to a halt after crashing its body against Roxanne’s shield, I cast a fifth Spell of the Wind Magic variety, and when that fifth Spell catches on to it, the Hat Bat finally collapses.

Five spells huh? That’s not a bad amount, although it would’ve been nicer if it would’ve died after only four Spells. Even if I was fighting with Durandal, I think that I still would’ve needed around five or six strikes in order to bring a single Hat Bat down for good.

The worst Part about fighting a Hat Bat is the fact that it is so small and maneuverable, which makes it that much harder of a target to hit, and also that this time it was alone, which caused me to use only single-target Spells. If only it was a group of monsters instead of one, then I would’ve just used AoE Spells to bring all of them down quickly and efficiently, and on top of that I wouldn’t have to worry about something so bothersome as switching targets.

The next group of enemies that appeared was made out of three Hat Bats and a single Fly Trap, so I launched a 「Breeze Storm」 at them. It doesn’t matter how small you are or how far away you are from me. Since this is an AoE Spell, you’re going to get hit with it either way!

However, that holds true only for my magical attacks. When it comes to Miria, Roxanne and Sherry, the three of them still had a hard time taking them on in close quarters combat due to how small and fast-moving the Hat Bats are.
After the Hat Bats have been defeated by my Wind Magic, I then moved on to using the Fire Magic against the Fly Trap. Since it was by itself, I could use just single-target Spells because Fly Traps are not good at dodging unlike Hat Bats.

What annoys me the most about Hat Bats though is the fact that even if they’re weak to three elements, fire is not one of them which means that it is not going to be possible for e to defeat Hat Bats and Fly Traps at the same speed due to that weaknesses difference.

Hat Bat are such a nuisance to fight, even though it’s just a giant bat.

Fly Traps and Sarracenias have weaknesses to Fire Magic, so if Hat Bats were the same, they could be crushed all at once.

After all, it took a little extra time to defeat the Fly trap. It would seem that using Durandal on the fourteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth is going to be more efficient, so I put it back my magic for now.

Should I also remove the 「x20 More EXP Gained」 Skill after I got Durandal from 「Bonus Weapons 6」?

I don’t know how the Skill that reduces the required EXP works, so it’s best not to move it too much. I don’t know if I have to keep it on from the beginning of the battle or can I only put it on at the very end before killing the enemies if I don’t want the amount of EXP that I can get to be reduced and right now I don’t have any way to quickly verify my hypothesis about it quickly enough, but any mistake that I make here may cause some serious errors and hinder my grinding process, so it’s best to avoid the possibility of something like that happening altogether.

Yeah, I feel like it’s better to leave it on.

When I use Durandal, I just have to not get hit too much, and I don’t need a Monk Job, as the attacks will focused on Roxanne. And even if I do get attacked, Durandal’s 「HP Absorption」 is going to be enough to cover for that.

I approached Hat Bat with Durandal and observe its movement. Even though Sherry and Miria are struggling, I don’t think they’re going to be attacked so easily. As Roxanne says, first look closely at the opponent’s movements, and when they rush at you, you hit them.

I activated 「Overwhelming」. Immediately, the movement of the monster slowed down. I hit it in the front when it tried to rush towards me, then twisted my body and added another strike while I avoided its assault. Is it possible that with 「Overwhelming」, I can avoid enemy attacks just like Roxanne does it?

When the bat returned to the height of the throat in front of me and stopped moving, he used 「Overwhelming」 once more. After hitting with Durandal twice, I then swung for the third time. This should probably be it.

Hat Bat fell to the floor, so I moved on to my next prey, but with 「Overwhelming」 Hat Bats were no longer an enemy to me. My MP was also getting recovered nicely, so there should be no problem with using it some more. It’s not very efficient, but it can’t be helped.


Miria praised me when I annihilated the monsters.

Thank not me, but 「Overwhelming」 for it.

「Thank you, Miria. Sherry, what is the Boss of the fourteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth?」

「The Floor Boss form of the Hat Bat is a Pat Bat. It is an enhanced bat, but it does not have particularly strong attacks. However, it will use a Skill attack that can paralyzes you, so be careful. 」

「Thankfully we have the Anti-Paralysis Pills on us. Only two of them, however.」
「Unlike poison, you won’t die from it, and because it’s a Skill, it can be interrupted.」

Sherry puts her Spear forward proudly. Is it okay because her spear has the Skill to interrupt chanting? Or is it that she wants to use it because she has acquired a weapon with a Skill?

It seems that our strength is steadily increasing. I look forward to seeing it in action.

「Are you feeling up to go to the fifteenth floor?」

「No problem.」

「I think I can go.」

Roxanne and Sherry game me their approval. Thus far, I haven’t received that many negative comments or heard any back-talk from them. Is Sherry thinking that continuing on is the rational thing to do? Or does she really just looking for the occasion to test out her spear’s Skill?

「I’m also okay, desu.」

Miria nodded when Roxanne finished translating for her.

Is she really okay?

Maybe It’s normal to be tough in this world, and I’m just the one who thinks about the safety margins too much? But you know, It’s a little scary to keep going up like that, and since I’m just a human it can’t be helped if I’m feeling scared. But we have to go up as much as possible so that I could keep levelling up.
Should we break through the fourteenth floor and proceed to the fifteenth floor immediately?

In the afternoon, we entered the Labyrinth of Quratar with a map of the fourteenth floor, while Sherry and I both had one Anti-Paralysis Pill.

We followed the map and entered the Boss Room.

「I will clean up the small fry, so keep the big guy busy for me!」

One Pat Bat and one Hat Bat appeared in the Boss Room. Two bats? It would’ve been better if it was a Fly Trap or a Sarracenia, but things are never luxurious like that for me, aren’t they?

Slashing at the Hat Bat, I thought about 「Overwhelming」.

「Here it comes!」

Before cleaning up the Hat Bat, Roxanne’s voice could be heard. A Skill’s incoming but the enemy shouldn’t be able to activate it.

While checking the state of Sherry in the corner of my eye, I saw that she was preparing her body to move so that she could poke it with the spear, and then she hit the monster with a single strike of it.


「Well done!」

「Of course!」

When activating a Skill attack, even the Floor Boss may stop or slow down, leaving itself wide open for attack, and that must’ve been the case here, because it definitely wasn’t moving all that much.

If it didn’t work, I could always go at it with another 「Overwhelming」, but I should probably leave it for the Floor Boss instead of wasting it on small fries like that.

I defeated the small fry and then we proceeded forward and moved to the Boss. If we came this far, then our usual winning pattern should be more than enough for it now that we got rig of the things that were here along with it, so the rest should be a relatively smooth sailing.

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