A Harem in the Fantasy World Dungeon Volume 7 Chapter 1 Part 7

It was also good to see that she was so obedient to my words. Cat ears are also good, and it’s good that she was so honest about her own feelings without trying to conceal them.

「Listen up Miria. You don’t have to force yourself to fight now if you don’t want to, okay?」

「Yes, desu! Not a fish, desu!」

What she probably wanted to say by that is that she won’t force herself to do battle against the Hat Bat, because it’s a bat and not a fish. It’s great that Miria understands that she doesn’t have to do the things that she doesn’t really want to do, but I would’ve been even more glad if it stemmed from her own common sense and her caring about her own safety rather than from the fact if the enemy was a fish or something related to fish or not.

We then went and moved from the fourteenth floor of Quratar’s Labyrinth to the twelfth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth, emerging in the small hidden room, the very same one where the Bandits were hiding themselves before they attacked us. The reason foe why I decided to take us there instead of going from the starting room of the twelfth floor is simple: I don’t want to risk getting seen by the Duke, Gozer or any of their men. For all intents and purposes, they’re all thinking that I’m an Adventurer, and it would be strange if they seen me using 「Dungeon Walker」 instead of 「Field Walker」, because 「Dungeon Walker」 is a Skill exclusive to Explorers only, meaning that it cannot be used by someone who claims to be an Adventurer.

Since right now I’m doing a sort of a favor for the Duke of Hartz where I promised him that I’ll be entering the Labyrinths on the territory of Hartz Duchy in order to make their exploration conquest easier for him and the Knights from the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy, the precaution of not being seen doing all of my usual multiple Jobs shenanigans is even more important than ever before. Well, if we were ever so unlucky as to get ourselves found out, I guess I could always weasel my way out of any uncomfortable questions by changing Sherry’s Job to Explorer and telling everyone that she is my Party’s Explorer responsible for getting us between the floors of the Labyrinth, and the people would be none the wiser because none of my slaves had their Intelligence Cards checked by the members of the Knight Order of Hartz Duchy before.

We searched around the room for a bit in order to check where the paths that we didn’t take before were leading, and when we passed through a short corridor into the right-hand room, we emerged directly next to the twelfth floor’s Waiting Room. I guess that means that the Bandits were telling the truth after all, because the Boss Room was just beyond the small room where they were camping indeed.

So it must’ve been exactly like I was thinking after all: the strategy that the Bandits came up with involved directing the weak Parties towards the corridor on the left where they would then ambush them, just like they’ve done it with us, and whenever a strong-looking Party would come along, they would be directed towards the right where they could go challenge the Floor Boss of this floor right away.

We were judged to be a weak Party, but that was the first, and also the last mistake that the Bandits have committed in their crime-filled lives, and all of that because they have been blinded by their own greed and lust after seeing Roxanne and Miria’s chests.

When we walked into the Waiting Room, we saw that there was no one else in there besides us. From the small room where we emerged all the way to this Waiting Room, it seemed that the entirety of the twelfth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth was so quiet as if another bunch of Bandits made another ambush somewhere, but thankfully Roxanne didn’t catch anything up with her sense of smell, so I guess that for the time being we are in the clear to proceed forward without being bothered by anyone else along the way. Part of me was curious to see if there were any traces of blood left in the places where I cut the Bandits down, but since it was as dim in here as it always is in the Labyrinths, and I do not possess Miria’s ability to see in the dark like a cat, then I had no way of telling if there were any traces of it left here or not.

「I remember that the main monster of this floor is a Grass Bee, but what about the Floor Boss? Sherry?」

「The Floor Boss of the twelfth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth is called Killer Bee. We have to be careful because it can poison us with its regular attacks, and the Skill that it can unleash also possess the same quality.」

So it can still use poisonous Skills, and it can also inflict it with its regular attacks? Yup, this is definitely a type of enemy that fully deserves to have the word 「Killer」 in its name, because that combination is certainly going to be murderous.

Nevertheless, we had no other choice but to enter the Boss Room if we wanted to proceed.

The enemies that have appeared before our eyes were the Floor Boss, Killer Bee along with its lesser version, Grass Bee. Due to the poor lightning and the fact that both the enemies were essentially oversized bees that kept on moving from place to place in a rather frantic manner it was hard to keep my eyes on their movements all the time, but that is something that simply cannot be helped right now.
I cannot say if this is another example of luck not being on my side lately as I mentioned before, but even if that was the case here, then now is not the time to be thinking about such trivial matters. The only thing that I have to focus on right now is defeating the Boss so that we could advance, and the first step towards doing that is taking care of the Grass Bee.

I have to keep in mind that Grass Bee also can poison me with its regular attacks, but the probability of that happening should be much lower than in the case of the Killer Bee, but still, in order to be on the safe side as much as possible, I opted for the approach of using the Warrior Job’s 「Rush」 Skill over and over again until the Grass Bee was finally defeated, and in the meantime, it didn’t look like the Killer Bee tried to use any of its poison-inducing Skills against the girls as they were circling around it.

As usual, Roxanne was the one standing in front of the Floor Boss, focusing her attention on herself and serving as the pillar of our frontline offensive. Even though she was in the position that was the most vulnerable for being hit by the enemy attacks, none of them actually managed to reach her. The enemy was the one who could poison us with its every attacks, but for someone like her, who is literally a Goddess of Dodging, that didn’t hold any meaning, since she simply moved out of harms way every time when it would seem that the attack or Skill were about to score a solid hit on her.

I brandished my Durandal once more and then swiftly moved in to join in on the offensive against the Killer Bee, and with my addition, the Boss collapsed onto the ground in a matter of few minutes.

Looks like our winning formula for the fights against the Floor Bosses is still pretty much applicable even against the Floor Boss of the thirteenth floor.

Although I have to admit that having to deal with another monster in addition to the Floor Boss itself can be quite a hindrance, then as long as I have Roxanne with me, then even the Bosses encountered on the higher floors should pose no threat to us.

「What monster can we expect to encounter on the thirteenth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth?」

「The monster native to the thirteenth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth is the Pig Hog.」

「Pig Hog, huh? If I remember correctly, these guys happen to be weak to Water Magic, correct?」

「Yes, that is correct, master.」

When I asked Sherry for the information on the enemies on the thirteenth floor of Haruba’s Labyrinth, she told me that they were Pig Hogs and nodded affirmatively when I remarked that their weakness is Water Magic.

The thirteenth floor is next.

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