Isekai Dorei Harem Volume 1 Prologue Part 3





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【Prologue, Part 3】

(Sarcastically) Day 6524: rations running low.

I’ve been clicking and clicking and clicking for so long that my right hand went totally numb. And after every single click I made a brief pause to check the value that appeared on screen to be absolutely sure that I won’t miss a good roll. Click, reroll, click, reroll, click, reroll, click, why am I doing this again? It’s been so long that I’m having difficulty remembering. And looking at those tiny digits on screen is such a pain in the ass… I continued my clicking crusade while thinking such thoughts. If nothing else, I have to praise myself for my own stubbornness.

Click, check the value, then click again. This boring, repetitive process continued for quite a while. Just a non-stop sound of clicking, like *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click**click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click* *click*…

It wasn’t until much, much later that the sight I longed for finally appeared on my screen: two digits making a number, shining with a clear, golden light. It took me a long time to get here, but the end result was even better than what I initially wanted. I rolled a highest value possible, probably because there are no three-digit numbers programmed into the system.

A 99. Just looking at it gave me all kinds of satisfaction. After a long struggle, I have finally arrived in the promised land. I did this out of spite and sheer desperation and still managed to obtain it. The days of yore when I just clicked away like a madman already seemed to be nothing more than a distant memory (even though they literally happened moments ago).

I have it. A total stat value of 99. Would I try to roll that again? Oh hell no. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that might never repeat itself if I just let it pass me by, so you bet your ass I’m keeping it. I don’t even care about the game itself anymore, just rolling that was enough of a victory for me. Since I’ll be playing solo anyway, such a roll was the best possible outcome I could have hoped for. There literally is nothing better than this when it comes to rolling stats, so I clicked on confirm without any regrets.

Next was setting up your avatar character and distributing Bonus Points. There was no information on microtransactions, loot boxes or any kind of in-game purchases. Could this be a browser-based game? Looking at the number of my bonus points, there were quite a lot of them. Well, since the game is being so generous to me from the start, I guess I have no choice but to continue playing and seeing how things will turn out.

Bonus Points themselves could be used to increase the values of various parameters on the character creation screen, such as Strength, Endurance, Equipment Load, Bonus Spells Slots and even Bonus Skills and Equipment. Initially I was thinking of dumping all of my Bonus Points into Strength, but that would mean I’ll have no points to spend on other possibly useful things. Hmm, what to do?

Typically, in these kinds of games the benefits of increased parameters could only be felt in the game’s early stages as the end result was dependent entirely on the character’s overall level. Taking that into consideration, should I invest my points into something else? How about Bonus Equipment? I bet that with the right amount of points dumped into it I could start the game with the strongest weapons and armor from the get-go. That would certainly make the beginning stages a breeze. Bonus Spells could also be useful, especially those cool-sounding ones like Warp or Gamma Ray Burst. Oh man, so many things to choose from and not nearly enough points to try out everything that caught my attention.

Normally I could’ve just used the internet to find some tips for beginners, but I got so caught up in setting everything up that I didn’t even registered the name of the game, so I done goofed that up, I won’t lie. Then again, that was kinda the point of what I’m doing here, to dive into it blindly and see if this is actually worth a damn. That, and I don’t want to waste that one-in-a-million chance I got with that godly roll I managed to secure. Ugh, I have to hand it to the game’s developers, putting so many things to choose from and giving you so many points was a brilliant trick, making the decisions harder for me.

While I scanned the entire screen for any potential tips, I noticed that there was a [Reset Character] option at the bottom of the Bonus Skills list. So with this Bonus Skill, redoing your character should be available, right? And if this page is titled [Character Page 1], then it would stand to reason that I can either redo the same page or create another one if I want. That way, I can start playing essentially whatever I want without worrying too much.

I clicked on the Reset prompt to see if it actually works. Bonus Points returned to 98, probably because one point was used to perform the reset itself. The necessary experience value has also decreased accordingly. Of course, I should know something like that is going to be necessary. But right next to it was a skill that increased the value of the experience obtained. But how is it any different? Should I choose both for the time being? Checking the required experience value reduction, the Bonus Points were at 97, and the required experience value decrease was displayed in half of the required experience value. It’s an enhanced version with a reduced experience level, or an evolved version to be more exact.

If you click on the required experience value 1/2, the Bonus Points will drop down to 95, but the required experience will change to the 1/2 of the normal required value. Doing so again will change the required value to 1/3 of the original and repeating the process one more time drops the Bonus Points to 91 but changes the required experience value to 1/5. Doing so yet again will drop the Bonus Points to 83 but changes the required experience value to 1/10.

The number of my Bonus Points has been reduced. It would appear that the value of the Bonus Points required keeps on doubling. Clicking on the required experience value of 1/10 resulted in the Bonus Point total becoming 67 and the display changed to 1/20 of the required experience value. Quickmath time! 83 minus 67 gives… wait, how do you count to 16 again…. Oh yeah, 16! So the value is doubling after all!

Now, what if I uncheck the required experience value of 1/20 and click to return the Bonus Point to 83 and the required experience value of 1/10, and then to the 91 Bonus Points and the required experience value of 1/5 and the once again to return it to 1/3. Ok, so this time I’m going to choose the increase in the acquisition of exp.

When I increased it, the Bonus Points became 90, and the display of the increase in the acquisition experience doubled. Is this the same pattern? When I repeat the process once more, the Bonus Points became 88, and the earned experience value changed to triple the normal amount. When I clicked a third time, the Bonus Points became 84, and 3 times the earned experience value changed to 5 times the earned experience value. I think I will go with that.

Other than that, there was also an option to pick a Second Job. This would no doubt prove to be useful. Normally, in a job-based game, each job can use its unique skills and spells . If you have a second job, you can use the skills and spells of those two jobs at the same time. It’s strange that here it’s treated like a Bonus Skill. If you don’t set a Bonus Skill, you’re going to lose its slot permanently. Fucking game choices, man. This reeks of a shit-game mechanic, but I guess we have no choice. Once I picked that up, the value of Bonus Points decreased to 83. Two jobs at the same time will probably be all I’ll be able to get at the start of the game, so if I decide to switch it for something else I can always reset at any given time.

Right next to the Second Job skill was a job settings skill. So I’m guessing that if I won’t choose it, I’ll be stuck with some lame default settings, huh? Let’s leave it for now and check what other options we have. Increased Recovery Speed and Shortened Spellcasting Speed may also be skills that can be useful, but since I don’t know whether magic can be used from the beginning I’m skipping this for now. Discount Negotiations and Lowered Prices… that might be useful when I’ll have to buy a lot of things.

As for the rest…

I think I’ll pass any Bonus Spells for the time being, because some of them blatantly asked if you’re okay with performing suicide attacks. Big nope for me. I’m not going to use suicide attacks, no matter how OP they might be. Not in a million years.

Let’s go back to Bonus Equipment for now. As far as the beginning of the game is concerned, this is going to be absolutely crucial. Wearing anything other than your starting equipment should be enough to ensure that you will not be pwned during the beginning stages of the game. I clicked Bonus Equipment and then Bonus weapons, decreasing my number of Bonus Points to 82, changing my initial loadout simply called Weapons to Weapons II. So that’s the pattern that Bonus Equipment is following? Okay, fine by me. I clicked on it 6 times, expending a total of 20 Bonus Points to get myself a set of Weapons VI. Next I clicked on Bonus Accessories until my Bonus Points total was down to 17, and as a finishing touch, I increased the Lower Experience value to 1/5 of the normal total and increased the amount of EXP obtained 5 times.

After all was said and done, the number of my remaining Bonus Point was 1. What should I spend it on? Identify Skill, or maybe put one more into Bonus Weapons, just for the hell of it?

Nah, I’ll go with Identify after all.

I have no Bonus Points left now. With nothing else left to do, I clicked OK to finish the character creation process, when all of a sudden, the screen has changed.




The hell is this? Yeah, yeah, as long as I don’t have to pay for it, I don’t care. Just let me click yes and begin playing for fucks sake!

I click yes without a second of hesitation.




Annoyed at the game’s persistence, I clicked yes like a madman.

Huh? But wait a second… wasn’t that message kinda disturbing now that I… think about… it… Fuck………… what have I gotten……… myself……… into……



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