Volume 10 Chapter 3 Part 3

After repeating that several Times over, the door to the Boss Room didn’t open before us the next time when we arrived in the Waiting Room.

「Are they closed again?」

「Most likely because there is an ongoing Boss battle inside, which probably means that maybe there is a Party that likes to repeat the Boss battles as much as we do.」

「I see. In that case there’s nothing that we can do about it, since this overlap is not our fault.」

I talked about it with Roxanne.

If there are two or more Parties that repeat Boss battles, it’s only natural that we’ll be kept waiting in the Waiting Room until they are either finished or dead. And since they will probably come back by using 「Field Walker」then there is not much difference in the methods that this other Party and mine are employing.

It’s actually a small miracle that we didn’t have something like

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