Volume 10 Chapter 3 Part 7

「I see.」

「But to think that you have already advanced to the thirty-third floor even though you were only on the twenty-second floor before. As expected of Lord Michio. The speed of your progression is truly astounding.」

Come to think of it, when I met the Duke last time, I was exploring the twenty-second floor of the Labyrinth that he introduced me to where we were fighting the monster native to the twenty-second floor, which was Mabream, after he forbade me from going to the Labyrinth of Nordselm.

Is the thirty-third floor going to be too advanced for us?

But still.

「Going from the twenty-third floor to the thirty third floor wasn’t all that bad, especially since we had the maps with us.」

「I see. That’s how it was?」

「We also manager to obtain some good equipment, which proved to be a very good match for us.」
I hope that’s going to convince him.

「Even so, that is

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