Volume 10 Chapter 3 Part 8

Just as I have expected, the level of my Explorer Job did not raise all that much, so it might be more efficient for me to level up Sex Maniac or Farmer Jobs. Even after changing my Jobs, we were still able to beat down on the enemies visciously.

By the way, even after both of these Jobs reached Lv.30, there was now new Jobs unlocked for me. That is honestly a little disappointing, but on the other hand, I never heard of any Jobs that would stem from these two, and even after thinking pretty hard, no potential Jobs come to my mind either.

What even made me want to increase the level of these Jobs to Lv.30 in the first place?

No, there are many ways in which I’ll be able to use these Jobs, especially Sex Maniac at night. That use of this Job is its most important one,

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