Volume 10 Chapter 4 Part 2

「For people who enter the Labyrinths, this is common sense.」

「I-I see. So magic can’t be used continuously because the chants interfere with each other, well, that doesn’t really matter to me.」

I look away from Sherry, and let her think about it on her own.

「As expected of Master.」

Roxanne offers me the warm words of praise as usual.

Hearing them is quite comforting. Yes, I want to call you the soul mate of my heart, Roxanne.

「It’s still at the experimental stage, so I’ll continue testing it a bit more.」

Now that I managed to patch things up, I kept testing the Jobless Job. Now that I know that it can definitely be used, the time has come for me to test the continuous magic attacks.

I covered the next three enemies, the Cape Carps, with a sea of fire.

「Did it, desu!」
One of them got petrified by Miria’s attack, but it got destroyed along with

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