Volume 10 Chapter 4 Part 4

The first Earth Magic Spell is from Mage’s 「Basic Earth Magic」and the next Fire Magic is from a Jobless’s Skill that has not yet been activated?

Was the first Earth Magic Spell activated by a Mage’s 「Basic Earth Magic」, and the next Fire Magic Spell exploded by the Jobless’’s magic that had not yet been activated yet? Makes sense to me.

I guess this means that the Spells really are activated in the order of the Jobs that you have equipped first. There is also the problem of what happens when the level of the equipped Jobs is the same.

As for the order of the Mage and Jobless, it is better to put Jobless as the first one. If I do that, then I won’t have to worry about the order of magic at all.

By the way, changing Jobs didn’t seem to reset the Jobless’s Skills and Effects, so you can’t

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