Volume 11 Chapter 1 Part 3

「Ah, master tried to sound like a monk just now!」

It took a while, but Roxanne understood my intentions and nodded along while using some similar words to what I said.

In any case, Roxanne stand opposite to me on the other side of the corridor.

「You’re supposed to use this weapon in a following way: whenever one of your companions falls asleep or is about to fall asleep, you’re supposed to pat them on the shoulder with it in order to jolt them awake. While grasping the Warning Stick, you should slowly bring it up, and then lower it down back down. At that time, the trick is to shake it while rotating your wrist inwards as if you were squeezing a wet cloth, and stop it right at the same height as the shoulder. Also, make sure that you won’t actually hit your companions with it, because that’s not the

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