Volume 11 Chapter 1 Part 9

「Well, since this is supposed to be an introduction, then I guess that’s fine. Since it’s an introduction.」

I fell like this matter is going to be important, so I’ll just have to get it over with.

「Yes, a formal introduction. I am indebted to Lord Michio in more ways than one, so it is only natural for me to express my gratitude by inviting you and your companions for a meal.」


He’s actually saying the truth. It’s a valid reason, so it’s hard for me to say no when there’s really no room for argument.

Help me, Gozeraemon. Where are you when I need you the most?!

「How about tonight’s dinner?」

This is going way too fast.

He’s hasty as ever.

「I need time to make preparations….」

「There’s no problem even if you attend in normal clothes. There’s no need for preparations.」

「Even if you say that…」

「Then tomorrow? No, it won’t be possible since I have plans for

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