Volume 11 Chapter 1 Part 8

And in case of Sherry, her Master Smith Job.

As for 「Field Walker」, since it can’t be used inside the Labyrinth, I can’t ascertain it now. More than failure, I’m afraid of Sherry looking at me with those cold eyes of hers though. But I better try it soon.

Originally, I didn’t plan on using Adventurer except for during Intelligence Card verification. However, now that I have seen the Job Effects that it has, I decided to level it up after all.

Since I can’t get rid of the Jobless, Hero, Wizard and Priest Jobs, I had to add another Job slot in order to be able to select Adventurer alongside them. I also think that it would be good for me to use the Gambler Job for the Floor Boss Battles, so I might actually have to add 「Seventh Job」to the list of my Active Skills whenever a Floor Boss fight

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