Volume 11 Chapter 4 Part 4

「For the sake security, it is necessary to call for people to be cautious and bring problems to their attention.」

「I didn’t understand it well.”

This story got denied by all three of them as well.

「It is alright. When I visit a town, I always keep the emblem with me and have a member of the Knight Order accompany me wherever I go so that there would be no problems.」

So, is at least one of them fine with it?

「In the town, whenever I see a woman waving her hand to a person behind me, I think she is waving to me which makes my heart start pounding as I wave back at her…」

「Still not good enough.」

「I was once taken care of by a woman, who I thought was somewhat beautiful, so I expended every possible valuable I had in order to properly convey my feelings to her. However, she told me

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