Volume 11 Chapter 4 Part 8

「Th-Then, do you want to try it?」

I ask while handing it to Sherry. You rejected it in the reference room because you were afraid of it influencing your work, right? Just how much did you plan on drinking?

「Is it alright? Isn’t it an expensive liquor?」

「Just make sure you drink it in one gulp.」

「Then, I will accept it with gratitude.」

Sherry removes the cork from the jar and swills the liquor down her throat directly from it. As if I quenching her thirst with water, she chugs it down just like that, as if that was the most obvious thing to do in this situation.


Everyone present, including the Emperor, became greatly surprised at that sight.

In front of the Emperor, Sherry easily downs a jar of Dwarf Killer like it was water. So daring. But my question here is: is she still sober though?

Just how strong of a liquor Dwarf Killer really

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