Volume 11 Chapter 5 Part 1

Chapter 55: Rutina

Current levels & equipment:
Dragon Knight Lv.41
Steel Sword
Iron Sword
Steel Plate Mail
Hardened Leather Hat
Steel Gauntlets
Steel Demi Greaves
Sacrificial Misanga

「So, the day has finally come, huh?」

The next day, we entered the Labyrinth early in the morning.

The time has finally come for us to challenge the Floor Boss of the 44th floor. Once we break through this floor, we will be able to go to the 45th floor, where the strength of the monsters we will be encountering will go up again.

「What do you mean by 「This day」, master?」

Roxanne, of course, does not seem to be understanding what is it that I am talking about, exactly, even though it is entirely because of her and her and her saying that we won’t have any difficulties that we have come this far in the first place.

But that should end today.

As I expected, we will not be able to continue going up the Labyrinth

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