Volume 12 Chapter 3 Part 3

That is definitely not something that I would call a good thing.

God damn it!

Suddenly I no longer feel all that eager to go meet her.

「This way, please.」

However, it would seem that our time of waiting is now over, and the person whom we came here to meet seems to have arrived.

When the door to the room at the far end of the passageway opened, someone came out and welcomed us

For us, well, the main character of this meeting is definitely Rutina, so wouldn’t it be better if she were the only one to enter there?

「Aunt Cassandra.」

However, right now it is already too late to run away either, so without any other options left for me, I entered into another room together with Rutina, who then greeted the old lady who was waiting for us inside respectfully.

I was expecting someone who would look like a typical shaky or wobbly old

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